Obama’s Message (June 4) To The Moslem World From Egypt

Someone should include in his ever-present teleprompters that the Arabs and Moslems have been doing each other-in for more than 1000 years.

Lebanon will go to the polls June 7, 2009 with the very possible victory of Hezbollah.

Imagine – Hezbollah, an Islamic TERRORIST group if ever there was one, could very well be the LEGITIMATE government of Lebanon.

And if Hezbollah doesn’t win FULL control of the government, it won’t really matter, since they will still have control of the government through intimidation, just as they have it now.

Not much more than a generation ago (34 years), Lebanon was an ultra modern, mostly Christian, Secularly governed French and Arabic speaking gem of the Arab World. But, because of their need for workers to do the menial and manual things, the cosmopolitan Christian Lebanese opened their doors to their Moslem cousins.

The thank-you the Christians received for opening their doors to the Moslems was a devastating civil war that lasted from 1975 to 1990, killing an estimated QUARTER OF A MILLION people while wounding 1,000,000 more.

To say that this war led to the total collapse of this once incredible country is not an exaggeration.

And if you’re at all interested in which Moslem group was MOST responsible for the decimation of Lebanon, including the murders, tortures, rapes and pillages, you don’t have to go any further than the Palestinians.

Especially the Palestinians led by Yasser Arafat, allied with Syria, which attempted to overthrow the government of Jordan in 1970 (Black September).

Today, Lebanon is fast becoming just another failed Moslem State where TERRORIST thugs rule whole areas with a better than even chance of soon ruling the entire country.

As for the Lebanese Christians, many have long ago left their home country to get away from the mess the Moslems have made, especially the best educated, most cosmopolitan and the entrepreneurs.

I write this, because this is the reality of the entire Arab and Persian Middle East. It is also the nature of Afghanistan and Pakistan. And without extreme military control of its constitution that ABSOLUTELY separates Mosque from State, Turkey is as vulnerable as the rest of them.

Hamas is no different from Hezbollah, just as the Moslem Brotherhood that murdered Anwar Sadat and tried to overthrow the Secular ruler of Syria is also no different.

The Middle East is cursed with fundamentalist Moslems who want their countries to be ruled by the obscene laws of the Koran (Sharia), where women are regarded to be little more than chattel. And where any questionning of religious dogma or the word of Mohammed will at best land the blasphemer behind bars, but more likely six feet under.

This is the world Obama wants to reach-out to.

Obama claims that Israel’s beef with the Palestinians is somehow more or less at the root of all that’s wrong in the Arab/Moslem world, INCLUDING Iran’s quest to build a nuclear arsenal are ludicrous.

Someone should include in his ever-present teleprompters that the Arabs and Moslems have been doing each other-in for more than 1000 years. Long before the USA and the rebirth of Israel.

Hardly a day goes go by when a Moslem, be it an Afghani, Pakistani, Iraqi, Palestinian or other does NOT MURDER a group of its own in the name of ALLAH.

Long before Abu Grebe and GITMO, Arab/Moslems had a visceral hatred for the West, especially for the dynamic Secular West represented by the USA.

The Arab/Moslems didn’t attack the World Trade Center twice (1993-9/11) because of “enhanced interrogation” policies. Nor did they blow-up American Embassies in East Africa, the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, or the USS Cole in the Port of Yemen because Israel made them do it.

They didn’t shoot down an American Black-Hawk Helicopter and murder its crew who were on a mission to capture two warlords in Mogadishu because of their love for the warlords.

They didn’t blow-up British busses and subway cars because England restricts the rights of Arab/Moslem citizens or immigrants.

They certainly didn’t blow-up the Spanish trains because of Spain’s support for Israel.

And what about Iraq and Kuwait? Did Saddam invade Kuwait because of Israel and the Palestinians? And did the Palestinians cheer-on Saddam because Kuwait loved Israel?

The Arabs and far too many others in the Moslem World do what they do because that’s what they do. They hate because from an early age, they’re taught to hate everyone who is not like themselves.

The Arab/Moslems are seriously conflicted between their draconian religious beliefs and the Modernity of the 21st century.

In a world that is rushing forward, shucking-off the chains of religious control and dogma, the Arab/Moslems are digging in their heels at the behest of their religious leaders, to live in the past, while being surrounded by the Secular success of the present with great new hopes for the future.

A future their religion and culture denies them. It’s easy to hate what you can’t have.

If Obama has any message the Moslem World needs to hear, it is GET A LIFE, and until you do, LEAVE OURS ALONE.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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