Obama’s Quest To Destroy Israel

Obama wants Israel to make PAINFUL concessions for the benefit of peace with Arabs and Moslems who want nothing more than to WIPE ISRAEL OFF THE MAP.

I don’t know if Obama’s plans for the destruction of Israel are a vicious premeditated intention, or simply another one of his idiot concepts to feed his insatiable ego. But I have my suspicions.

What’s most important is that we must all believe that OBAMA WILL PERSONALLY SAVE THE MIDDLE EAST with nothing more than the Messiah-like force of his sheer will and personality!

And if not – It will be the fault of Israel.

Prior to Independence Day for Israel (1948), Jews, in what would once again become Israel, were fighting for their lives against a people (Arabs and ‘others’) who were absolutely determined to make certain a Jewish State would NEVER be resurrected in the Middle East.

When I write ‘others’ along with Arabs, those others included anti-Semites from positions of strength in Great Britain and the USA, since virtually no one ‘really’ wanted Israel to re-exist.

But, in spite of multiple wars from 1948, ’56, ‘67, ’73, various wars with the PLO, and the more current ongoing TERRORIST wars waged by Hezbollah and Hamas guided and financed by Iran and Syria, INCREDIBLY – Israel continues to survive.

It ‘almost’ makes a person believe in the Covenant (Exodus 23:20).

After 61 years of hard-won renewed Israeli Statehood, Israel is now facing her most perilous hour since Jerusalem fell to the Romans in 70 AD.

Israel has NEVER faced an enemy as determined and powerful as Barack Obama. WORSE, all Jewish people who wish to live in peace, equality and freedom, have not since the days before World War Two had to deal with Jewish Elitist SELL-OUTS as they are dealing with here and now.


The other day (May 5, 2009), when Vice President Joe Biden spoke at the AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) meeting in Washington DC, many within the room applauded this useful Obama Idiot when he stated that Israel MUST stop building Settlements, dismantle existing Settlements, allow freer movement of Palestinians, and make life easier for the Palestinians in order to have peace with its Arab neighbors.

Why were many within this Jewish advocacy group for Israel applauding this tripe? What did Biden say that garnered any sort of applause other than the usual – IT’S ALL ISRAEL’S FAULT?

Do these Elitist Jewish Quislings REALLY believe that Israel is OCCUPYING Arab land, when even the UN under Resolution 242 (November 22, 1967) hasn’t yet established whose land is whose?

And besides: The Six Day War (June 1967) was a defensive war fought against a combined Arab army that included Egypt and Jordan. Gaza belonged to Egypt. The West Bank belonged to Jordan.

So was the Yom Kippur War (1973) when the Arabs launched a sneak attack that almost felled Israel.

According to the rules of war as are described in the Geneva Convention, any and all land captured by a nation fighting a defensive war, keeps what was captured and is annexed to that victorious country.

This is how it is for the ENTIRE world EXCEPT Israel. Because, if these rules of war applied to Israel as it does to EVERY other country on the planet, there would be no West Bank, and no Gaza, since Egypt and Jordan were both defeated in the Six Day War (1967) and the Yom Kippur War (1973).

But that’s not the way it is for Israel.

Also, why should Israel care about creating a better life for the Palestinians, when the Palestinians do nothing for themselves other than to extend their hands in constant search of global charity?

When the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians figure out that their lives will be better spent learning how to build a functioning HONEST society where people rule, opposed to corrupt leaders and hate mongering Mullahs, they won’t have time, nor will they care about what the Jews are doing in Israel.

They’ll be too busy building a society they can be proud of.

I’ve been to Israel and to the West Bank. Let me tell you that the difference in cultures, attitudes and what is important in terms of community are as different and stark as black and white.

Even in East Jerusalem, which is part of Greater Israel, but mostly Arab, is unbelievable in comparison to mostly Jewish West Jerusalem.

Both communities have access to the EXACT same social and civic services, but East Jerusalem, where the Arabs live looked like a junkyard, while literally JUST across the street, West Jerusalem was like a radiating jewel.


Obama and all the other apologists for a failed Palestinian people can make it up all they want to as they go along, but none of that changes the truth or the reality.

After Israel concluded last year’s (2008) defensive battle against Hamas, Obama decided that Gaza needs $900 MILLION US dollars to rebuild.

Imagine – Nearly a BILLION US dollars for fundamentalist Islamo/fascist Palestinian TERRORISTS. Now isn’t that something, especially at a time when America is begging abroad for nickels and dimes?

There is no question in my mind, NONE WHATSOEVER, that Obama would not shed a tear if Israel disappeared tomorrow. As a matter of fact, I think it would suit him just fine.

As I’m writing this, Obama’s administration is making plans to welcome and subsidize a HUNDRED THOUSAND or MORE Gaza Palestinians into the USA. WHY?

Here’s a YouTube link you can copy and paste to see the future of Obama’s policies for the USA as they are now unfolding in Sweden and throughout Western Europe.

Ask the French what they think of the Islamization of their country. Or the British. Or the Dutch. Or any other country where Islam has taken root in a Western society. Ask them.

I’m certain the vast majority of American people are just thrilled that Obama will empty GITMO of its Moslem prisoners, only to relocate many, if not MOST of them into the fabric of the American mosaic where they can spread their beliefs.

Obama’s FIRST major foreign statement made (January 27, 2009) when he took office was on Arab television (Al Arabiya). WHY?

Obama decided to end the expression War on TERRORISM. Why?

Obama is set to make a Global outreach to the Moslem World from Egypt during his upcoming Middle East visit. Why?

Obama wants to reconcile with the Granddaddy of TERRORIST States (Iran). Why?

But MOSTLY he wants Israel to make PAINFUL concessions for the benefit of peace with Arabs and Moslems who want nothing more than to WIPE ISRAEL OFF THE MAP. I’m pretty certain that I already know why.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. America will never again be anything of value until we remove the Communist fraud we have as President. Most Patriot American citizens expect a Civil war if Obama remains in office and Patriots do not expect to win but will die trying to save our Republic Freedom.

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