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Would you invest your money in any company that has no legal obligation to pay you back?

I never know which editorial I write that will elicit the most amount of response, until it is published to And even then, the ones I think will be the most controversial become the least, while the least become the most.

This is the case with my May 4th and May 6th editorials respectively titled:

100 Days And The Worst Is Yet To Come – May 4, 2009.

I Won’t Give It A Rest – May 6, 2009.

I never thought these editorials would garner nearly the amount of attention they did. For the record, the number of letters I received that supported the editorials far outnumbered the letters I received that were negative.

What was most interesting about the negative editorials, were the arguments that NEVER really defended Obama’s policies. Instead, they continued to slam Bush and the Republicans as if the last 8 years were controlled in their entirety by bush, which they were not.

The ANGRY letters also failed to recall how this mess started way back with ACORN and Jimmy Carter, and was exacerbated with Bill Clinton who was too preoccupied with getting laid in the White House to worry about little things like National Security and the Economy.

But maybe it has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the ANGRY letter writers failing to recall the history of how this financial mess got started, nearly as much as they simply don’t have a clue.

I believe without doubt, that the vast majority of these supporters of the LEFT are absolutely CLUELESS, and/or don’t give a rat’s ass about the truth.

Some of them, I’m sure know the truth, but won’t allow it to get in the way of their own social/political beliefs. The lie is far more convenient.

In one of my responses to a letter-writer who took exceptional exception to my May 4, 2009 editorial, who wrote that it is essentially all Bush’s fault, I sent that person YouTube links that are incontrovertible in describing who is/was really responsible for the financial mess the USA and the rest of the world is in today.

I very strongly suggest that you copy and paste the following links and view them in their ENTIRETY, so there will be no doubts in your minds either.

Also, after seeing these YouTube videos, you will have a super-weapon with which to argue your points against Obama supporters, the hysterical LEFT, and the prevailing perception as to who is responsible for the current financial crisis.

I was reading just this morning (May 9, 2009), how the last Chrysler Investment Holdouts finally succumbed the day before to the enormous THUGGISH pressure the Obama government inflicted upon them.

In essence, Obama just tore-up a centuries old covenant between lender and borrower, by FORCING lenders to take a deal outside of Bankruptcy Court that is contrary to the conditions and the interests of their investors, that guided them to lend money with the understanding of getting paid-back.

Obama all but called these lenders selfish, greedy, predatory, and virtually un-American by insisting on getting paid-back from Chrysler AGAINST what he perceived to be the COMMON GOOD.

This is a precedent that is as bad as every other precedent Obama has set in his first 100 days.


Since who with any money to invest will now be willing to trust it in any business in America with the knowledge that their contractual guarantee to getting paid back is no longer worth the paper it is written upon?

While it is absolutely true that the economy is in really bad shape, with policies such as this, it is all but guaranteed that not only will it get much worse; it will set a negative precedent that will curse investment in US companies for decades to come.

Would you invest your money in any company that has no legal obligation to pay you back? This is the precedent Obama just established.

Or will you invest your money offshore in countries that guarantee INVESTORS’ RIGHTS?

If it was at all possible to write a more menacing scenario about how to destroy the United States of America, than what is actually unfolding before our very eyes, I can’t see how.

Obama and his LEFTIST supporters will do more harm to America, than all of the USA’s foes have been able to achieve (combined) from America’s first day as a Republic (Independence Day) on July 4, 1776.

When its all done, and America is dripping in misery because of Obama, those on the Conservative Right will know why, while those on the Liberal and elitist LEFT will still be blaming Bush.

My great hope is that the Conservative Right will be strong enough after four Years of Obama to save America from itself. And of that, there is no guarantee, since sometimes the damage is irreversible.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Amen I say to you! The talking heads are worried about all the new terrorists who are joining the fray. I say, what an opportunity to get them all in one place to send them all to their reward. But, do our leaders have the guts to do it is the question we need to ask.

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