I Won’t Give It A Rest

GIVE IT A REST has become the mantra from the LEFT.

GIVE IT A REST was one of the many responses I received about my last editorial (100 Days And The Worst Is Yet To Come – May 4, 2009), which slammed Barack Obama for the disgraceful and harmful policies he’s implementing.

Many people who support Obama, and voted for Obama seem to be overly sensitive about the criticisms that are being dumped on their Savior.


When all that he’s doing comes back to bite everyone on the ass, it will be them, his supporters who will be responsible for having put into power a Snake-Oil Salesman whose ONLY resume is at best very suspect. And at worst, reason enough NOT to have voted for him.

Funny thing about the people who are pissed-off at me, because in their opinion, they believe that my Obama assessments are too harsh, unfair, and never-ending – go figure.

Why weren’t they pissed-off by the relentless beating George W Bush took during his eight years in office?

The day didn’t go by when some elitist, intellectual, LEFTIST rag, Hollywood actor, television personality, pro LEFTIST news media, and/or stand-up comic didn’t do or say something to mock and belittle the man who kept America safe after 9/11.

They (LEFTISTS) won the election, yet Obama’s still campaigning.

In just 100 days he’s changed the fabric of America in such a way that it is no longer the America that the entire world used to lookup to and depend upon.

Nonetheless, Obama and his sycophants are still blaming Bush as if Bush was still making decisions.

They want me to “GIVE IT A REST” because they figure that I’m over the top in my constant criticism of Obama. OK – What about Sarah Palin?

Do they think perhaps they went over the top, just a ‘wee-bit’ on Sarah Palin?

The LEFTISTS have been responsible for many first-class political smear jobs, but NOTHING in my memory compares to what they did, and are still doing whenever they can to Sarah Palin and her family.

Bill Clinton cheated on his wife and his nation by screwing a young and impressionable intern in the Oval Office, with his cigar no less. Where was the outrage from the LEFT?

Bill Clinton encouraged Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to lend money with reckless abandon to people who were at best dubious risks. Where was the outrage from the LEFT?

Bill Clinton allowed Wall Street, the Dot Com Bubble and the Banking Industry to run wild with reckless abandon. And in his last days of his Presidency, he pardoned a financial billionaire fugitive contributor (Mark Rich) living on the lam in Switzerland.

Where was the outrage from the LEFT?

When the USA was attacked at home and abroad by Moslems, and Clinton did NOTHING of any consequence to defend the USA, where was the outrage from the LEFT?

It seems to me that the outrage from the LEFT is confined and reserved for people like me, who have the audacity to criticize the One they believe Who Can Walk On Water.

In Hamlet, Shakespeare wrote: “THE LADY DOTH PROTEST TOO MUCH ME THINKS” describing how the guilty over-reacts to accusations leading to a loss of their credibility.

I believe that this is what we are seeing and hearing from those who campaigned and voted for Barack Obama.

In essence, the MASSIVE failure that I believe will result from Obama’s policies will be on them, those who put him in the highest office on the planet.

In our society, which is based upon FREEDOM of EXPRESSION in all of its forms, the last thing one would expect to hear from Freedom Loving People is to GIVE IT A REST when it comes to criticizing politicians, especially politicians at the top.

But GIVE IT A REST has become the mantra from the LEFT.

They don’t want to hear, read, or see criticism of their Anointed One. That kind of scrutiny is only applicable when applied to the likes of Bush and Palin.

The fact that the LEFT is so sensitive about criticism of their Messiah, tells me that they too have doubts.

The difference however between people like them and us (Conservatives), is that they know when it hits the fan, they too will be covered with it through their own fault.

Just for my LEFTIST detractors to know:

When you send me angry letters telling me to GIVE IT A REST because of what I write, I know that not only am I on target, but I’m getting through and making a difference.

If we’re at all lucky, perhaps it will be the LEFTISTS, including their Holy One who will GIVE IT A REST.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Drive down to Louisiana Howard. I’ll take you and Ann to dinner in New Orleans or Baton Rouge (which is actually better) and thank you in person for all your help and advice during my campaign.

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