The Revolution Is On The Way

This catalyst to this revolution is well under way. The question is in what form it will take? Will there be peaceful changes at the polls? Or will there be blood in the streets?

I’ve been trying to write an editorial for the better part of the week. And every time I’ve sat down at the keyboard to put my thoughts to computer, I’ve come away frustrated, not because I’m experiencing writer’s block, but because there’s too much to write about.

My fears for the NEAR FUTURE are very real.

I see little reason for joy, since there are so many bad things happening all at the same time, that we need a scorecard just to keep track.

At a time such as now, when we need brave leadership more than ever, we’re surrounded by political cowards, yes-men, and idiots.

Where we need men and women who really know what they’re doing and have an honest to goodness plan, we’re served instead by rank amateurs who don’t have a clue, and are seeming to make it up as they go along.

Where we need less regulation and much smaller government, we’re being smothered by ever increasing useless regulations and an unsustainably large government that would make the former Soviet Politburo proud.

Where we should be giving every opportunity to small businesses to go forward so that jobs can be created, we’re taxing small businesses to death.

We’re burying business owners in bureaucratic red-tape, while at the same time we’re taking away the rights of business owners who create wealth and jobs, by giving undeserved and reckless rights to unions who create nothing.

The cost of labor and the power of unions will encourage EVERY Company to hire the least amount of people possible, creating massive long-term unemployment.

Companies will be closed because it will be too expensive to operate. More than that, new companies will not be opened.

Where we should be making the political process far more inviting for everyone to get involved, instead, we’re making it nearly impossible for anyone to enter the world of politics who isn’t a political insider.

Because of the unbelievable cost of justice, our court system has priced itself out of the reach of most people. And instead of our judges ruling on issues with common sense, they see themselves as Liberal Social Engineering Philosopher Kings appointed for life.

Instead of celebrating MAJORITY RIGHTS in our North American context, where majorities have created the greatest lifestyle and Freedoms ever, it’s now become all about punishing majorities by giving unjustifiable RIGHTS to minorities who want and get more than what they deserve.

Instead of encouraging assimilation to the greatest society ever, we encourage national division through multi-culturalism. Why is there a Spanish speaking Wal-Mart in the Southern USA? Why is Spanish a second language on all Lowes store signs nationwide?

Instead of our governments in Canada hiring or promoting based upon qualifications, they hire and promote based upon language. Essentially, English folk need not apply.

In Canada and the United States, it is not an advantage to be a White, English-speaking man or woman. Reverse discrimination via Affirmative Action is alive and well.

The ultimate insult to intelligence and the rule of law is the number of ILLEGAL Immigrants, mostly Mexicans who are living in the USA, who are seen as victims by the LEFT.

The number of ILLEGALS who are referred to by the LEFT, as being “undocumented” could be as high as 20 MILLION. No one really knows. But, regardless to their number and astronomical cost, instead of kicking them out, the LEFTISTS want them to be given all the social rights and benefits enjoyed by legitimate taxpaying American citizens and landed immigrants.

We are seeing governments intrude into areas where government does not belong. We are witnessing the socialization of the Financial System and Big Business.

The term Climate Change, which means nothing in itself, has nonetheless become the Holy Grail of the LEFT. Where Global Warming was proven to be a Red Herring, Climate Change has become the new mantra.

And because of this Voodoo Science, our entire way of life is in jeopardy.

The cost of producing food of all description is becoming astronomical.

The cost of transportation to bring merchandise to market, including food will soon be prohibitive.

Because of Cap and Trade, the cost to heat and air-condition homes, offices, plants, warehouses and shopping malls will lead to individuals freezing in the winter and sweltering in the summer.

In addition to the cost of the maniacal Cap and Trade policy, all taxes will go through the roof just to pay the gargantuan interest on the ever-rising government debt and increased social service programs demanded by the Something-For-Nothing Bunch.

America’s abdication as the World’s Policeman under Obama and his LEFTIST Mob is already leading to Global instability. It is ONLY a matter of time until the world blows-up simply because there is no deterrent force.

Because the Something-For-Nothing Bunch has an overwhelming lead in numbers at the polls worldwide, and that they will always push for more from the minority of people who create wealth and jobs, it is very doubtful that true Conservatives will ever get a chance to win a national election until the pain caused by the LEFT is so severe, that it triggers a social revolution.

This catalyst to this revolution is under way. The questions are: How soon will it be before the people rise? And in what form it will take?

Will there be peaceful changes at the polls? Or will there be blood in the streets? If history is to be the judge, the future does not look good.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I wish you and Anne all the best, Howard. You both deserve it. Always look forward to your editorials. God Bless Marlene

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