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Maybe I’ll simply say that it’s time for the revolution to begin and take it from there.

Tomorrow, Saturday April 18, 2009 will be a nice day (rain or shine) for me to be speaking at an event in FINCH Ontario, sponsored by the Stormont-Dundas Landowners Association (Ontario) at the Finch Arena.

I’m having a problem with what I’ll be saying, since there are so many issues that are attacking the very fabric of our society, that it is difficult to focus on just one.

Also, there will be several very dynamic speakers who too will be addressing the issues and concerns of Individual RIGHTS.

Randy Hillier will be there. He’s a sitting Conservative Member of the Ontario Provincial Government, who has thrown his hat into the ring to become his Party’s leader.

Hillier’s a strange kind of politician, since he says what he thinks and does what he says.

This type of honesty and strength in conviction will probably doom his candidacy to become the Ontario Conservative Party Leader, since it seems to me that the vast majority of voters prefer to support politicians who will promise anything to get elected, and then do none of what they’ve promised to do if elected.

Instead of reading the polls to know what he MUST say in order to placate the voters, Hillier just says what he believes. Now that’s the kind of guy who should be in office. HE HAS MY SUPPORT.

Nick van der Gragt of CFRA Radio (Ottawa) will also be speaking. He’s somewhat unique; because he actually takes on-air positions on controversial subjects, which in Canada’s Radio Market is taboo, knowing that the CRTC (Big Brother) is always on the prowl for radio people (Conservatives) who rock the boat.

Not only am I looking forward to hearing these folks speak, I’m really looking forward to hearing what Jack MacLaren, President of the Ontario Landowners Association has to say, since he is one of the driving forces behind this grass-roots movement that is working overtime to make Canada’s politicians answerable to the people who matter.

Back to my problem – What am I going to say?

I suppose many of the people will expect me to speak about Language RIGHTS, but that’s just a symptom of a much larger disease that is infecting our society.

I really HATE the Something-For-Nothing Bunch who want to live off my hard work and success. I’d like to speak about them as well.

And what about our governments that FORCE employers like Anne and myself to pay for our employees NOT TO WORK for two weeks (legal days off) out of every year?

Do you think that doesn’t piss-me-off?

It does. But not any more than laws that make my employees fireproof, almost regardless to their performance?


I’d like to speak about people in and outside of government who feel ENTITLED to everything, whether they’ve worked for it or not.

We just love our supposedly “Free” Healthcare that that is moving progressively into the tank because far too many people abuse it any which way they can because they think it’s free.

I really don’t like Daycare that encourages moms not to “waste” their time raising their own children because the taxpayers will do it for them.

Teachers who work for less than 9 months out of the year, get a pension for life that is greater than most working salaries, and still complain about how hard their jobs are, are on my special derision list.

There should be a special place in torment for Bureaucrats who treat the people who pay their salaries as if they were nuisances. And then can’t even do their jobs right.


Election Finance laws and Party Subsidies throughout Canada have all but guaranteed the death of real Democracy. This is sick.

The list goes on and on and on. So what should I speak about?

I’m flattered that I was asked to speak tomorrow in Finch. I understand that I will have about 30 minutes or less to say what I want to say. But, I’ll need more like a whole day if I say it all.

Since I NEVER speak from a script, and rarely speak from referral notes, sometimes even I don’t know what I’m going to say until my lips start moving. So, what I’m going to be saying tomorrow will probably be as much a surprise to me as it will be to you.

Maybe I’ll simply say that it’s time for the revolution to begin and take it from there.

If you live not far from Finch, which is a beautiful rural Ontario town that is less than an hour from Ottawa, close enough to Brockville and Montreal (2 hours), you might want to take a drive to see and hear what these outstanding people have to say.

If hearing these speeches is not enough, there’s also a bonus that makes the trip even more worthwhile. For just $10 per person, the day includes a terrific turkey Bar-B-Q, a foot-stomping live band, and a cash bar.

And not to worry about the weather: All the events are being held in the Finch Arena just off highway 43. You can’t miss it.

If you want more information, and wish to speak to people who are organizing this event, call Tammy Hart (one of the all-time GOOD “GUYS”) at 613 984-2543 or Frieda Stewart at 613 534-2541.

The day starts at 1:00 o’clock with speeches, followed by the Bar-B-Q at 4:00 o’clock.

EVERYONE’S WELCOME – Whether you’re from the city or the country this is a DO NOT MISS EVENT.

Hopefully I’ll see you tomorrow in FINCH.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. A new “short and sweet” writing style?
    Short? ok depending on the subject matter.
    Sweet? Don’t you dare. I wouldn’t want to mistake for the NY Times.

    You, Anne, and Marla’s good friend Stryker be safe on your Texas adventure. Loop by Boca Raton on your way back to Canada in the spring for some “bullets and beef”!

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