Obama’s Great Pirate Adventure

It stirred my heart to see the PRIDE Americans felt by the incredible courage of the Merchant Ship’s Captain who was held hostage, and the professionalism of the US Navy.

The LEFTISTS are not really high-fiving each other nearly as much as you’d expect over the takedown of the 4 Somali Pirates.

Interesting how these LEFTIST pacifists are not nearly as pleased with the takedown as are Conservatives, given that it was THEIR President who was in command when the American military did what they are trained and expected to do.

Barack Obama is taking a muted bow for this victory because it disproves his ‘theory’ of global conciliation, and it makes it very difficult for him to explain why he’s gutting the US military budget.

Before the successful military takedown and rescue, Obama was silent, which was really strange since he loves nothing more than being on TV for everyone to see and hear.

This time though, when he should have been on camera he was AWOL. He should have sent a message to the entire world that the USA will not bend to TERROR at sea or anywhere else.

He should have said before the takedown of the Pirates, that as Commander In Chief of the United States of America, he ordered his forces to take whatever action necessary to save the American Captain (Richard Phillips) and takedown the Pirates.

But he didn’t. I suppose he didn’t because that would have put him on the tip of the spear. Had the operation failed, and had the Captain died, Obama would be the one holding the bag.

There’s no secret that Obama is not the one to make any decisions that could go against him. Remember, he’s the State Senator that voted PRESENT rather than Yea or Nay more than 130 times while serving in the Illinois Legislature.

Then, there’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who first and foremost said about this Pirate episode – that “we have to deal with this 18th century problem with 21st century solutions.”

That’s the IDENTICAL sentiment her husband harbored in his dealings with TERRORISTS. And we all know what that did for thousands of DEAD people in the USA and around the world because he thought TERRORISM was a crime opposed to being an ACT of WAR.

And he believed that it was the world’s duty to protect the USA.

Someone should explain to the latest Clinton making international policy, that PIRACY is in itself an ACT of WAR. It is not common theft. And the rest of the world is not about to come running to save US Merchant Ships.

By the time 1801 rolled around, Moslem Pirates were wreaking so much havoc throughout the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia, that it became fatal to the movement of goods throughout the world.

The war that was finally waged against the Ottoman Moslem Pirates is best known as the Barbary Wars.

What most people don’t know, is that it took the nascent United States of America to bring these Moslem Pirates to their knees.

By 1801, the USA didn’t even have a Navy to speak of. But, since Europe and the rest of the world wouldn’t lift a finger to take-on the Pirates other than to quiver in fear and pay extortion money, it fell upon the USA to do what had to be done.

The Americans built a Navy and formed a fighting force we now call the Marines. And with this Navy and Marine fighting force they kicked the crap out of these Pirates from 1801 to 1805.

And then came back again in 1815 to once and for all get the job finished.

Today, like then, the USA begged other nations to join in the fight, since it wasn’t just American Merchant Ships that were under constant Pirate attacks, and like today, all the Americans got for their troubles of asking were excuses rather than action.

To Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, this might be an 18th century problem, but history shows that the difference between the 1800’s and the 21st century is indiscernible.

It stirred my heart to see the PRIDE Americans felt by the incredible courage of the Merchant Ship’s Captain who was held hostage, and the professionalism of the US Navy.

America needed something to make them feel proud and good about themselves. And this was it. But, as soon as the pride flowed through the veins of the American people, here came Clinton and Obama to suck it all away.

Here they came speaking about 21st century solutions and the concept of due process according to the civilized world’s perception of law and order. And about getting the rest of the world engaged in a global problem.

They have learned nothing from history. The rest of the world does not want to get involved. They don’t want to “rock the boat”. They don’t want to anger anyone. And they don’t want to put themselves in harm’s way.

If the rest of the world had a vote on anything that would put them in the spotlight and in the line of fire, they would vote just like Obama did in the Illinois State Legislature – PRESENT!

But this isn’t the State Legislature.

This is the BIG-TIME, where ONLY the brave and the bold will tread. Where there should be no fear about being criticized by DO-NOTHINGS because of “the Rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, (all of which) gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.”

The US Marines, one of the greatest fighting forces ever assembled on earth sings in their Anthem: “From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli. We fight our country’s battles in the air on land and sea.”

Tripoli is in reference to the battles against the Barbary Pirates more than 200 years ago.

Here’s a newsflash for Clinton, Obama and all the other LEFTIST apologists for America’s great sacrifices:

The ONLY thing that has changed from 1801 to 2009 is American leadership, which has all but totally forgotten, or has never known, or understood the history of their once-upon-a-time GREAT leaders.

If Obama were such a LEADER, he wouldn’t be asking the world for approbation or handholding in terms of what to do about Pirates. He would let it be known throughout the world that the USA will deal with Pirates on Land and Sea with the full might of the world’s greatest fighting force ever.

And that would be that.

But, expecting a person who voted PRESENT when it was all on the line is not the person capable of honoring those American values and tradition that once made the USA the greatest nation ever.

Obama and his LEFTIST admirers have no concept of the pride, the courage and the values that guaranteed no matter what the peril and sacrifice, that THE FLAG WOULD STILL BE THERE!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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