What Bush Knew And Obama Will Never Learn.

Watching Obama on his Rock-Star Tour of Europe would have been laughable if it wasn’t such a tragedy.

When it comes time for the Nations of the World to step-up to the plate, and lay it all on-the-line in the cause of peace and security, there is ONLY one Nation on this planet the world could depend upon till now.

Nixon knew this. Reagan knew this. Bush 41 knew this. And so did Bush 43.

Regrettably, this is totally lost on Democrats who constantly hold out hope that the rest of the world will be there to lead and protect.

Watching Obama on his Rock-Star Tour of Europe would have been laughable if it wasn’t such a tragedy.

Hearing him screw over his own country to fawning Europeans who equate America bashing as music to their ears was deplorable.

Blaming George W Bush by innuendo for Europe’s very low regard of the USA was as un-Presidential as it gets.

But, listening to the spin of how Obama mediated here and there like a human mediation machine was stupid almost beyond compare. Especially amongst his American adorers who saw him as more than just the American Messiah, but now the Savior of the Globe.

So here’s Obama on his European VICTORY TOUR, laying claim to huge successes on rebuilding American stature, who was in effect told to bugger-off by NATO when he asked them for real troops to help in the fighting in Afghanistan.

They’re still laughing.

While on his GREAT EUROPEAN ADVENTURE, little Israel told him to Kish-Un Tuchas (Yiddish for kiss my ass) in terms of his agenda for Israel’s negotiations with the so-called Palestinians.

With Obama en route to Moslem Turkey, North Korea announced the launching of an Inter Continental Missile which Obama told them they better not launch OR ELSE!

North Korea launched anyway, and the OR ELSE turned out to be nothing more than we’ll sanction you at the UN. Guess what? At the time of this writing, the UN has still NOT sanctioned North Korea.


While Obama, the American IDOL was in Turkey, the world’s ONLY Moslem Member of NATO; he shot his mouth off about America’s new reconciliation with Islam, as if the USA was somehow at war with Islam.

Obama then went one step further by stating that the EU (European Union) should hurry-up and welcome Moslem Turkey into their club as a full Member.

It didn’t take long for Obama’s newest Best Friend in France, Nicolas Sarkozy to tell him to mind his own business, especially since he (Obama) is not European, and has no business in meddling in European affairs.

There are several reasons why Turkey isn’t a Member of the EU. But mostly, Europe needs more Moslems on its soil as de facto European citizens like it needs another Great Plague.

During Obama’s speech to the Turkish Parliament he received a very warm applause for saying: “The USA is not, and will NEVER be at war with Islam.” I wonder what he calls decades of murder, mayhem and mass destruction on American institutions and citizens culminating on 9/11 at the hands of Islam?

America isn’t at war with Islam – But Islam is certainly at war with the USA.

Obama is following in the footsteps of Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, both of whom placed America’s and the World’s security upon the goodwill, moral courage and integrity of the World Body (UN).

Including the words goodwill, moral and integrity in describing the UN is akin to describing a street whore with a stolen wallet in her pocket as a businesswoman.

Carter oversaw the collapse of Iran to the MAD MULLAHS as he prostrated America before the world at the UN for 444 days, while agents of the Iranian government held 52 Americans hostage.

Clinton did nothing when the Twin Towers were first hit in 1993. Again he did nothing when the Khobar Towers were hit in 1996. And again nothing was done when the American East African Embassies were hit in Tanzania and Kenya in 1998. And finally, when the USS Cole was destroyed in Yemeni waters in 2000, he was on his way out, leaving him no time to do anything again.

Need I remind everyone that all of these attacks were carried out in the name of Islam?

The planning of 9/11 was done on Clinton’s watch while he was still diddling with the concept that somehow the world will come together to stop International Islamic TERRORISM.

Clinton was wrong. Carter was wrong. And now Obama is wrong too.

All of this is like watching a very bad movie we’ve seen before. And yet, most people who are watching it are hoping for a different ending.

There will not be a different ending.

The world has not changed. The countries that were bad actors then, are bad actors now. Each country is out for itself. And if Obama thinks there will be some form of Kumbaya moment where the world will come together to save each other’s industries and economies, he’s an idiot.

Just like him, every world leader has just one ambition that trumps all others, being in power and staying in power. Not one of them is going to risk his or her position to help out the USA or each other.

To the contrary, most of these leaders smell American blood through weakness and a serious lack of American direction.

Not only is Obama well on-track to killing the American Dream by killing the Free Enterprise Capitalist System, he is now in the process of destabilizing the entire world by removing the USA as the planet’s ONLY superpower, that was once prepared to do whatever was needed to be done to keep the Barbarians from the Gate.

As soon as Obama is done with his transformation of the USA, there will be no country on earth capable or willing to keep the Barbarians from storming and breaching the gate.

He will NEVER learn. And the planet will suffer for it.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Good for you Howard ! My wife and I will be married 60 years this march and are still looking over the country by RV . It is our 6th one ! If you are still hooking up at Lake Travis, Austin Tx. check out the Oasis restaurant and look up the owner, Beau Theriot . He is a friend of ours and will love to converse with you . GOOD LUCK !!! From the RV in Bluff,Utah.


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