To me – President Barack Obama, who does incredible harm to the American people for the purpose of winning worldwide adulation is a traitor.

There is no better way for an American President to earn HUGE applause abroad, than by publicly screwing-over his own country. The more he criticizes America, the greater the applause.

If the anti-American criticism from the President’s mouth reaches the height of MIA CULPA for EVERYTHING that is bad in the world, it is guaranteed to result in sustained standing ovations.

Watching and listening to an orgy of America bashing coming from the lips of President Obama this week in Europe at the G20 meeting has made me nauseous.

To me – President Barack Obama, who does incredible harm to the American people for the purpose of winning worldwide adulation is a traitor.

In a Town Hall Meeting on Friday March 3, 2009 in Strasbourg France, when responding to a question from a European student, Obama went into one of his patented long and rambling answers that dealt with everything under the sun that wasn’t even related to the question.

The part of the rambling answer that really did it for me was when Obama decided to deride America to his mostly Leftist student European audience over the American healthcare industry to which he got an enthusiastic applause.

Why would Obama even bring it up? What the hell does American healthcare have to do with Europe? And why would the Europeans in the audience be so enthralled with Obama’s slam on US healthcare to give him such a fervent response?

The answer comes in several guises:

1 – I am convinced that Obama is a self-hating American, much like the leaders of the Black Liberation Church he attended for 20 years, where Obama’s Reverend Jeremiah Wright screamed to a howlingly appreciative audience “GOD DAMN AMERICA!”

Screwing-over his own country on foreign soil made him feel good.

2 – Healthcare in the USA has nothing whatsoever to do with Europe or any part of the world outside of America. But, NOTHING excites the world more, especially Western Europeans, than the knowledge (true or false) that they are in some measure SUPERIOR to America.

By slamming US healthcare in comparison to healthcare in Europe, Obama gave them a sense of cultural SUPERIORITY on a silver platter. For that and that alone he merited a warm applause from people who hate the USA.

There are few people who are more politically interested than I am. I eat up politics like moviegoers consume popcorn, and not just Canadian and American politics. I devour world politics everyday.

So here’s a newsflash from someone (me) who pays attention to things like this:

I have yet to hear or read of any world leader outside of the USA (Leftists) and Israel (more Leftists), who apologizes to the rest of the world for the way they govern their own democracies, or worse yet, for their successes, failures and global generosities.

The reason Europe and so much of the rest of the world HATED GEORGE W BUSH was because he stood as a proud and unapologetic American.

Prior to Obama, Jimmy Carter was America’s Apologizer-In-Chief, and look what that did for America and the rest of the world. It took a generation to recover from Carter. It will take more to recover from Obama.

Even Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in the APOLOGIZING business.

In her first foreign visit as Secretary of State (to Mexico), Hillary Clinton’s FIRST MAJOR statement was an apology for enabling the Mexican gun and drug-lords.

Clinton pulled the Mea Culpa for arming the drug gangs, and for providing these same gangs with the addicted market for their narcotics.

Should she also have apologized for the 20 MILLION or more ILLEGAL Mexican immigrants who have flooded her country? Or for the jobs these ILLEGAL Mexican immigrants have taken from legitimate Americans?

Or how about the BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of dollars it costs American taxpayers to maintain these ILLEGAL immigrants from Mexico?

Or that America is twisting itself into a pretzel to provide bilingual services, which will come back to bite them in the ass, for a people who shouldn’t even be there?

She should have also apologized for the rank corruption in virtually EVERY facet of Mexico’s government from the top down, from their elected officials to the cop on the beat whose main source of income is probably a shakedown.

As it turns out, her claim that 90% of the guns used by the drug-lords are acquired in the USA is not just a red herring, but also an absolute lie.

According to the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms), the number of guns illegally acquired by the drug-lords from the USA is under 20%.

Most of the guns used by the drug-lords are acquired through legitimate Mexican military and police purchases that are then resold to the drug-lords for serious profits.

I guess she should apologize for that too.

By the time Obama and his posse of APOLOGIZERS get done, the only people left to whom they will owe a REAL apology will be to the people of the USA, whose country he and they will have totally destroyed.

By then though, it very well might be too late.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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