The Something-For-Nothing Bunch

Because of Obama and his willing idiots in the likes of Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House) and Harry Reid (Senate Leader), BLOOD will flow in the streets of American cities.

The LOONY LEFT has taken over the asylum by electing their representatives to the highest offices in the land in the United States of America. And are on course to destroying the planet.

I wrote as disparagingly as I could about the candidacy of Barack Obama during the campaign, making dire predictions of what he will do if elected President of the USA.

But, no matter how far I allowed my imagination to run wild in my worst fears of an Obama Presidency, I could never have imagined how bad he and his cohorts could possibly be.

Before I get into more details of what this horrible person has done and will do, I will repeat a prediction I made about a month ago:

Because of Obama and his willing idiots in the likes of Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House) and Harry Reid (Senate Leader), BLOOD will flow in the streets of American cities.

2009 will resemble the mid 1960’s, when whole communities were burnt down to the ground in places like Detroit and Los Angeles by angry Black mobs.

It will happen again. But this time, it will be much worse. This time, the violence will spread throughout the USA, and will not be contained just within inner city communities.

Obama has raised the expectations of the average American to levels that are so unachievable, that when they don’t even come close, the patience of the people who voted for him because they wanted SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING will explode.

Even decent hardworking people who will have lost their jobs, and have very few prospects for getting a job, or being able to put food on the table if they indeed still have a table to put food upon, could very well take to the streets too.

The other thing Obama has done with great success is pit the crass-class of American society against the successful business class, to the point that the resentment is boiling over to hatred.

Through never before seen draconian laws, Obama has nationalized Banks, Insurance Companies, Investment Houses, and a major portion of the American Auto Industry.

In effect, in less than 2 months, Obama has SOCIALIZED American Industries from the Top-Down, to the point that Washington bureaucracy is now running the nation’s private sector.

And everyone knows how well bureaucrats run things.

To pay for his GARGANTUAN expenditures, Obama is condemning the American people to live with unprecedented debt that will suffocate growth and the impetus needed for the private sector to create jobs and wealth.

In just 60 days, Obama has committed MORE money to American debt than all the American Presidents COMBINED who have preceded him from George Washington to George W Bush.

In fact, what Obama is doing beyond burying the American Dream with debt and super high taxes, he is incapacitating American Businesses by forcing unions and regulations upon them, to the point that entrepreneurs will simply find ways of making money other than by creating jobs in the USA.

On the international scene: Obama will show inexcusable weakness in the pretense of being an International Moderate.

Obama will sell-out America’s allies, as he already has with the Czech Republic and Poland by withdrawing his promise to place missile defense systems on their soil, even after they stuck their necks out agreeing to host these systems.

Obama will sell-out Israel in favor of being loved by Arabs and the Moslem World. It is indeed possible that Obama could be responsible for the all-out destruction of the Jewish State causing a second Holocaust.

Obama will encourage rogue nations such as Iran, Syria, Pakistan, parts of Moslem Africa and North Korea to press their TERRORIST envelopes even further by taking away the fear-factor.

In essence, if push really comes to shove, Barack Obama is leading America and the entire world towards the brink of global disaster.

I would never take any pleasure in saying I told you so, not over something as grim as this, if any part of this very dire prediction comes true.

But, based upon what Obama has already done in just 60 days in the name of satisfying the LEFT and their SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING Bunch, my above-written prognostication is not over-the-top.

In fact, it isn’t over-the-top at all. It is indeed dire in all aspects. But, it is based upon past history and the current path.

If President Barack Obama wanted to intentionally destroy America and put the entire globe in such danger, he could not be doing a better job of it if he tried.

Obama is either pure EVIL, or the MOST incompetent person to ever hold such high office. Either way, the entire world is in very big trouble.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, the best of luck to you and Anne; enjoy your new venture in Health, Happiness and Peace.
    Hope we will still have a chance to meet up with you for a good smoked meat sandwich somewhere along the way.
    Shana Tova b’Metukah

    Judith & Antonio

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