I hurt Caza’s Feelings – Mea Culpa

It is no ACCIDENT THAT WE KEEP NO RECORDS of people and/or companies who make donations for the simple reason of protecting them from BULLIES like Ron Caza.

High profile celebrity lawyer Ron Caza, who is a partner in the all powerful law firm of Heenan Blaikie, one of Canada’s largest and most prolific law firms with offices across Canada, is REALLY upset with me.

It seems that I HURT HIS FEELINGS by describing him as a BULLY in my March 5, 2009 Editorial.

I also asked the editor (Martha Tanner) of the Russell Villager Newspaper to run it as a Letter To The Editor, which she did.

In Questioning On Discovery on Wednesday March 25, 2009 at Caza’s offices in Ottawa, he questioned Martha Tanner as to whether she contributed to the court case against Russell’s FORCED bilingual sign law. And if she did – how much?

In short, Martha Tanner, who really shouldn’t have been deposed by Caza, since she has no REAL part in any of the legal proceedings was so intimidated by this DEMAND, that the stress on her was palpable.

Let me describe Martha Tanner whom I’ve met just several times, and whom I’ve spoken to over the phone, also just several times.

Martha is the EPITOME OF NICE.

She is a very gentle, soft spoken, hard working, caring person who goes out of her way to do the right thing. She was not prepared for a grilling about her personal financial support for my challenge against mayor Ken Hill’s FORCED bilingual sign law.


Galganov Dot Com Inc is a Federally Chartered NON PROFIT CORPORATION. It is NOT A CHARITY. And as such, does not provide tax-deductible receipts.

Galganov Dot Com Inc is NOT OBLIGED to reveal the names of any of its donors. As a matter of FACT, when deposits are made, no donor names EVER appear on the deposits or anywhere else.

It is no ACCIDENT THAT WE KEEP NO RECORDS of people and/or companies who make donations for the simple reason of protecting them from BULLIES like Ron Caza.

But that didn’t stop him from doing his best to intimidate Martha into revealing that she donated $100 to the cause of FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.

If Ron Caza thought I was a bit too harsh on him in my March 5, 2009 Editorial, because I described him as being a BULLY, TOUGH LUCK. He is a BULLY.

When Caza sent his initial response of my demand (11 pages) against the Russell Township FORCED bilingual sign law to my Lawyer (Ken Bickley), several of those pages included not so subtle threats of financial ruin against me.

Caza made it VERY CLEAR, that if I pursued my case against Ken Hill’s FORCED bilingual sign law, he would bury me in costs. And for good measure, he included a judgment he won against the CLF (Canadians for Language Fairness) on behalf of the City of Ottawa with costs.

But – If I would be willing to walk away from my challenge, he and the Township would be willing to let me off the hook for all costs.

If that’s not intimidation and BULLYING, what would you call it?

In Caza’s THOUSAND plus pages of affidavits sent to my lawyer Ken Bickley, a sizable number of those pages attempt to make me out to be a racist, a bigot and a Francophobe.

How’s that for defamation, since I am not a racist, not a bigot, nor am I a Francophobe?

And now this attack on Martha Tanner’s FREEDOM to donate money without intimidation to a cause she believes in.

Ron Caza is a very public Golden Haired Boy amongst his own community, who is often honored for his Franco Activist Achievements.

I am told that when Caza walks into a room, people smile and can’t wait to get close to him. And when word came down that Caza would be defending mayor Ken Hill’s FORCED bilingual sign law, oh wow, it’s Caza, we don’t even have to go to court anymore, we’ve already won.

Caza is used to dishing it out.

It’s seems to be OK for him to take cheap shots and beat up on a really nice young woman who really isn’t even part of this fight, but, when a hard-ass like me fights back, Caza gets all bent out of joint.

I’ve lived for years on-end with armed bodyguards to protect my wife, animals and property from ethnocentric Quebecois thugs who meant to do us serious harm.

I’ve had several levels of government, all the way from the Prime Minister’s Office and the office of successive Separatist Premiers of Quebec threaten to take me down because I would not stop fighting back.

There were hundreds of graffiti stained buildings in the French East end of Montreal that said everything nasty you could think of about me including “KILL GALGANOV”.

I can’t even remember half of the media I received that was so defamatory and dishonest, that you’d think it was produced in either a Communist or Fascist State, including the “RESPECTED” French press in Quebec who loved to describe me as THE ANGLO JEW in their front-page headlines.

And Caza’s bent out of joint because I called him a BULLY? At least I didn’t call him a girlie-boy who needed to grow a pair.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Steven and I would like to congratulate you both and wish you well! Sounds like an exciting plan and should be infinitely easier and sweet, of a lifestyle. Enjoy, you’ve certainly have earned it:)

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