Just When You Think It Can’t Get Dumber – Here Comes Iggy

If according to Ignatieff, that being bilingual in both official languages makes you essentially Canadian, it ONLY stands to reason that the opposite is also true.

To quote from Alice In Wonderland: This Russell Township FORCED Bilingual Sign Law gets “curiouser and curiouser”.

Last weekend, federal Liberal leader, and Prime Minister wannabe, Michael Ignatieff was honored by an amalgamation of French Cultural Activist groups in Embrun, a community within the Township of Russell.

When asked if he supported bilingual signs, his robust answer was unequivocally YES.

“If you asked me where I stood on the subject of bilingual signs in Russell, I’d respond without equivocation – I am for it”.


Oh Yeah?

Did Ignatieff mean that the TWO THIRDS of French Quebecois who can’t speak English (according to Stats Canada), and seem to have no wish to speak English, where in Quebec the unrestricted use of the English language is AGAINST the law are ESSENTIALLY un-Canadian?

In this case he would be right.

Or, did he mean that the vast majority of English Canadians (as many as 90%) outside of the nation of Quebec who can’t speak French, but pay for just about EVERYTHING in Canada are un-Canadian?

If according to Ignatieff, that being bilingual in both official languages makes you essentially Canadian, it ONLY stands to reason that the opposite is also true.

But what about people like myself, who used to speak French quite well, but now, can only speak it in passing? Am I still in essence a Canadian, but less Canadian than I should be?

What do you think Ignatieff would have said if he was asked this question at the Embrun meeting?

Mr Ignatieff, do you support a Canadian law that would make the stand-alone use of the French language ILLEGAL anywhere in Canada, with the exception of the nation of Quebec?

I suspect Ignatieff would rather vomit in public than have a question like that put to him, specifically since this is what the Russell FORCED language law does.

How seriously should we take Ignatieff’s support for this linguistic insult to our Freedom of Expression? Very seriously, since it was essentially his idea to make Quebec a NATION.

Harper did the stupid deed. But only after Ignatieff instigated the idea in his quest to buy ethnocentric Quebecois nationalist votes.

How bad is Ignatieff’s judgment?

Here’s a guy (Ignatieff) who has lived most of his entire life in the Hallowed Halls and Ivory Towers of the world of Academia. So what does he know about the REAL WORLD you and I live in?

More telling: Ignatieff spent the past 30 years living outside of Canada, only to return in the last few years in the hopes of becoming our Prime Minister to save us from ourselves.

So, not only does he not live in the REAL WORLD like the rest of us. He hasn’t even lived in his pretend world in Canada for the past 30 years (save a few), but he figures that he knows what’s best for you and me.

During Israel’s last defensive war against Hezbollah in Lebanon, Ignatieff fell over himself declaring that Israel was GUILTY of War Crimes. I guess he thought that dumping on Israel would buy him anti-Semitic votes, especially amongst Canada’s large and growing Arab/Moslem communities.

But, two strange things happened to Ignatieff on his road of support for anti-Semites:

1 – The Arab claim of Israeli genocide was as usual a contrived lie, making Ignatieff and the others who leapt to condemn Israel look like the fools they actually were.

2 – Ignatieff soon discovered that Canada’s Jewish community is 100% invested in Canada and Canadian politics, in contrast to far too many within the non-Secular Canadian Arab/Moslem communities who are far more concerned with themselves and their religion.

In true Ignatieff form, especially after seeing the lay-of-the-land, he has totally reversed himself, attempting to take on the mantle of being Israel’s and Canada’s Jewish community’s BEST FRIEND.

With friends like him, Israel and Canada’s Jewish community need no enemies, especially since his Quebec Lieutenant, Denis Corderre, PROUDLY marched against Israel with hateful Arabs and assorted anti-Semitic groups carrying the flag of TERRORIST Hezbollah.

If Ignatieff ever becomes Prime Minister, we have much to worry about for more reasons than I can write in just an editorial. But, if we have to illustrate just TWO REASONS why we should fear Ignatieff as Prime Minster that are as close to home as it gets, they would be:

1 – Ignatieff’s rush to buy ethnocentric Quebecois nationalist votes that were at an extraordinary cost to Canada.

2 – That he embraced a stupid language law in Russell Township that does away with the RIGHTS of choice from those French activists he wants to court at any expense.

Between Ignatieff’s support for a law that flies in the face of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the French supporters of a language law that forbids the independent use of their own language, I find it impossible to determine which of the two are more ridiculous.

Just as a sidebar:

Now that Jean-Serge Brisson has become a co-litigant in the Court Challenge against Russell’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL sign law, the French Media are going nuts trying to figure out why a French Person would be against a language law that discriminates against the stand-alone use of his OWN language.

Curiouser and Curiouser. But not more curious than Ignatieff’s weekend Embrun declaration that Wolfe’s victory on the Plains of Abraham 250 years ago was a tragedy.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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