Russell – The Sharp End Of The Spear

Because of our mealy-mouthed Leftist governments, including the pretend Conservatives, we have lost all courage to stand up against those who will have their way with our FREEDOMS.

Russell Township’s odious language law isn’t about English Rights or French Rights. It’s also not about promoting the French culture or saving the French language.


It’s also about one community, in this case it’s the French community led by a significant handful of language and culture zealots who will do whatever it takes to impose their will upon others.

It’s about dominance. About abusing the laws of the land that were created for the purpose of protecting that which this handful of zealots wants to take away.

This challenge against our RIGHTS is the pointed end of the spear, which should be our worst nightmare, but is not, because people are too trusting and ignorant of government and the courts.

It is also because MOST people are either too lazy or too stupid to understand that the MOST IMPORTANT part of our nation are the FREEDOMS that make us FREE.

I am not a Libertarian. I understand and accept that we must be a nation built upon the secular rule of law that sets guidelines, because, without rules, there is nothing but anarchy.

But how many rules do we need? How intrusive should these rules be? Who rules the rulers? And what ever happened to majority RIGHTS?

This is what the Russell Township language law is all about.

It is about the abrogation of RIGHTS to FREEDOM of EXPRESSION at the hands of those who have seized the mantle of RULE-MAKERS with neither merit nor reason.

Democracy ONLY means rule by majority. Hitler was democratically elected. Need I say more? A Charter of Rights is set in place to keep the majority from imposing their will upon minorities.

But, in our Western societies, it has become necessary for the majority to be protected from the rule of minority special interests, all levels of government, and LEFTIST subjective courts that make it up as they go along.

How can it be that a French-speaking minority within Ontario (about 4% of the population) has the power to dictate the use of their language and special hiring criteria that places their community above the 96% majority?

How can it be that a minority of just 4% gets to set the rules for the 96%? And when those rules are challenged in government, in the media, and in the courts, the 4% generally perseveres?

How does this happen?

Because of our mealy-mouthed Leftist governments, including the pretend Conservatives, we have lost all courage to stand up against those who will have their way with our FREEDOMS.

We dare not challenge any minority out of fear of being called racists, bigots, and in this circumstance Francophobes or worse. We, the people, have become dumbed-down to the point of political, social and judicial irrelevance.

Outside of a handful of us, there are precious few who will stand tall and shout the EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES!

We have become too politically correct, too politically stupid, and/or too politically lazy to demand that our governments work for us, opposed to us working for our governments.

Jean-Serge Brisson is a Canadian who lives in Russell Township, who speaks French as his first language. He operates a radiator repair business in Russell Township. He has changed his existing commercial sign to a French ONLY sign in direct contravention of the Russell sign law.

No one made him stand-up for everyone’s RIGHTS. He asked no one to stand with him. And he asks no one to help in his one-man defense. He’s just one guy who values his RIGHTS more than he does his comfort and serenity.

Jean-Serge Brisson is proof positive that this isn’t about Francophobia, since I and everyone I know supports his RIGHT to his FREEDOM of EXPRESSION, which is manifested in HIS RIGHT TO A FRENCH ONLY SIGN, for which I will fight to the bitter end to defend.

This is about a pissant small-town Mayor (Ken Hill), and a bitter group of underachievers who are using the purse of the people to pass laws that give them power over those who pay the freight.

If these pipsqueaks can do this – WHAT CAN’T ANY GOVERNMENT DO?

After many conversations with Jean-Serge Brisson, especially the last conversation when I learned that the Township of Russell has decided to come after him with all lawyers blazing, because of the CONTENT of his sign, we both decided that our cases have converged significantly to become one in the same.

Within the next few days, after all the paperwork is done, Jean-Serge Brisson of Russell Township, who owns a working business in Russell Township, who has a sign that contravenes the Township’s FORCED bilingual sign law, who has already been dragged through court by the Township for his sign, will become a full-fledged partner as a co-litigant in Galganov versus Russell.

For all intents and purposes, it will be Galganov/Brisson versus Russell.

WE NEED AN ARMY OF JEAN-SERGE BRISSONS willing to stand up and be counted. We need people to understand that our FREEDOM of EXPRESSION is the most precious FREEDOM we have.

Without FREEDOM of EXPRESSION we have nothing but tyranny of those who deign to govern as a minority in the name of the majority and pass judgment without opposition.

From the lowliest municipality, to the national government, to the Supreme Court of all the land, they have forgotten who they are, who we are, and who serves whom.

While the government and those who would take away our RIGHTS, fight against us with our own money, because that’s the ONLY way they can do it, I would be remiss in not thanking the many people from across Canada who have stepped-up-to-the-plate with the type of financial support, that at the very least, gives us the opportunity to fight as best we can for all of our FREEDOMS.

This is going to be a long and expensive battle that cannot be fought or won without your support. FOR THAT ALONE, ALL THE PEOPLE OF CANADA OWE YOU THEIR GRATITUDE.

You are indeed the embodiment of all those true Canadians from the generations that cared, who helped build this once-upon-a-time great country.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Sorry for the late response, but I needed a nap after reading your former chores! My brother moved from Montreal to Plano, TX, your neck of the woods, 40 years ago and never looked back. Wishing you, Anne and Stryker the joys of exploring your new environment. It promises to be like kids in a candy store!

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