Franco/Ontarian Ethnocentric Nationalism – Where Does It End?

Is the message this; that French Ontario is yet another Nation within the Nation of Canada?

If becoming a Nation within a Nation is good enough for Quebec? Why then would it not be good enough for Franco/Ontarians in Ontario?

If Quebec is allowed to enact laws that restrict Freedom of Expression, specifically against the RIGHTS of Quebec’s English speaking community? Why then would it not stand to reason that Franco Ontarians would want no less?

When Anne and I moved to Ontario in the year 2000, it was to get away from Quebec’s linguistic and culturally racist laws that FORCED Quebec’s English speaking community to become invisible.

I NEVER expected this sickness to exist in the 96% non-Francophone province of Ontario, where there exists FRENCH ONLY Healthcare Clinics. Segregated School Busses where English-speaking children are not allowed in case their English language would somehow be infectious. And municipal laws that make it ILLEGAL to put up an English ONLY sign.

Lawyers Ken Bickley, Brent Tyler and I met at Ron Caza’s fancy Ottawa offices Wednesday morning (March 4, 2009) at 10:30, where Caza Questioned me on Discovery. I was under oath and obliged by law to answer all questions honestly to the best of my ability.

Because Caza might call others to Questioning, I can’t tell you what was said. But I can and will tell you about the demeanor.

In a single word to describe Ron Caza: BULLY.

Caza is a BULLY who has taken-on a case he should have no chance of winning on its merits. His ‘expert’ witnesses are a liability. I’ve read their affidavits, transcripts, and ‘expert’ testimony for which Caza has charged the people of Russell a pretty penny.


If these so-called ‘expert’ witnesses of Ron Caza have any credibility whatsoever, in terms of having a positive outcome in this case, IT IS FOR US. Their ‘expert’ testimony serves us. Not Russell.

Near the end of Questioning, Caza kept repeating a question that he framed in such a way as to elicit a response he wanted. He badgered and harangued and continued to phrase and rephrase the question looking for the same outcome.

I wouldn’t bite.

Why should I, since the answer I gave was the truth, as I could best recall? But that wasn’t good enough for him, so he reminded me that I was under oath and compelled to tell the truth.


My response to him was loud, aggressive and clear. I wanted to know from him if he was calling me a liar. I demanded to know if he was accusing me of lying, even though I took an oath to tell the truth.

He flubbed, stuttered and asked for an answer to his question without further questioning my integrity and honesty, even though that was what he clearly suggested at the beginning of the exchange.

Here’s the most interesting part of it:

As I read the riot act to him in his own conference room, surrounded by his legal team, at his own Questioning on Discovery, he NEVER ONCE looked me in the eye during the exchange.

To me, this said everything that had to be said about the intestinal fortitude of Ron Caza, who I believe is nothing more than a high-paid BULLY backed-up by the prestigious law firm of Heenan Blaikie, home of former Prime Ministers of Canada Pierre Elliott Trudeau and Jean Chretien.

Caza has made a great deal of money at the public trough fighting for Franco Rights, real or imagined. And there is no doubt in my mind that he will make plenty of money from the folks of Russell for this case too.

But he won’t win. And the Russell taxpayers will lose big-time.

This isn’t just about signs in Russell. It’s far greater than that. It’s about 4% of the population of Ontario BULLYING 96% with lawyers like Caza.

It’s about one-person standing-up for many, against an assault on Canada’s Charter of RIGHTS that supposedly guarantees Freedom of Expression.

I have never suggested in any way, shape or form that French speakers in Canada should be treated outside of Quebec, the way English speakers are treated within Quebec. TO THE CONTRARY!

I would NEVER support any form of segregation against French-speaking children, or any children the way Alexandria’s French-speaking community FORCES segregation AGAINST English-speaking children on their school busses.

I would NEVER support a healthcare clinic anywhere in Canada that refuses to give care based upon cultural or linguistic differences, as the French Community supports FRENCH ONLY healthcare clinics in Ontario.

I would NEVER support any kind of law that would restrict the visibility of the French Community in any manner whatsoever, including signs.


If you are NOT AGAINST Forced Bilingual Signs, then you are FOR THEM.

If you are NOT AGAINST FRENCH ONLY Healthcare Clinics, then you are FOR THEM.

If you are NOT AGAINST Segregated School Busses that disallow children because of their English language, then you are FOR THEM.

There are massive Franco/Ontarian Green and White Flags popping up throughout Ontario where there are French speaking communities, including French speaking schools.

Wherever I see these flags, here’s what I don’t see. I don’t see a Canadian Flag. Nor do I see an Ontario Flag. There is ONLY the Green and White Franco/Ontarian Flag.

Why should a Flag such as this exist? What’s the message?

Is the message this; that French Ontario is yet another Nation within the Nation of Canada? Is it an inclusive message that includes all Ontarians regardless of language and culture?

This Flag represents yet another ethnocentric Franco/Separatist movement in Canada designed to make it US against THEM, just like in French Quebec, where if you’re French Quebecois, it’s Nous (us). If you’re anything else, it’s Les Autres (the others).

When leaving the fancy offices of Ron Caza, Pierre Elliott Trudeau and Jean Chretien, I couldn’t help but notice the ONLY Flag in their lobby.

It wasn’t the Red Maple Leaf. It wasn’t the Ontario Flag.


Do you think for a second that we in Canada can afford to lose this case to the likes of Ron Caza and another movement that wants to divide this country along linguistic lines?

If you want to help in financing this Court Challenge, just click on the HOW TO SUPPORT button found on the Top Right of this page. I don’t see how anyone in this country cannot support this battle for everyone’s RIGHTS.

ALSO – If you REALLY want to help – SPREAD THE WORD.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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