Riots And Destruction By The Hand Of Government

You simply can’t have LESS THAN 3% carrying the burden for 97%, and then stick the boots to the LESS THAN 3% in search of more money for the purpose of spending more.

Along the path to what can ONLY be described as a new World Order, courtesy of Barack Obama and the Global Left, we will find nothing but pain and misery cloaked in feel-good platitudes.

As our governments continue to grow in size and influence, they become even more unquenchable beasts that constantly require things to do, simply to justify their existence, with the ever-growing need for enormous amounts of PRIVATE money just to maintain their insatiable appetites.

Make no mistake about this: Governments NEVER shrink. They NEVER say we need less intrusion into the lives of the people who pay for their existence. And they NEVER really roll back their programs.

To the contrary, the role of government is to grow and become ever more intrusive and important in the lives of the people who pay the shot. In fact, an unchecked government IS the single greatest impediment to FREEDOM and PROSPERITY.

Because of the way Democracy works, the people who really make the contributions that carry our societies are at an enormous disadvantage. So much so, that it has become the inmates who in all practicality run the asylum.

Especially when you consider that at the polls, the SOMETHING–FOR-NOTHING Bunch immeasurably outnumber the DOERS and CREATORS of wealth and jobs.

More than half of all the wealth a government collects in taxes, is paid by as few as 2% of the population, since MORE than 50% pay little to no taxes whatsoever.

About half of our population is unemployed for a host of reasons; too young, too old, in school, stay at home spouse, infirmity, lazy, unavailability of jobs, and/or unemployable.

Of the 50% who do work, according to the 2006 Stats Canada Report, the average Canadian family income is $63,600. It is fascinating to know that ONLY 3% of all Canadians earn in excess of $100,000.

But, according to statistics released by the Canadian Press on April 1, 2008, JUST IN ONTARIO ALONE, more than 42,000 Public Sector Workers earned in excess of $100,000. MORE THAN 42,000!

Now, what about the more than ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND Public Sector Workers who earn as much as $100,000 per year across Canada, or close enough to $100,000 to be significant?

If you subtract the HUNDRED THOUSAND plus Canadian Public Sector Workers who earn in excess of $100,000 per year, imagine how few of the 3% of the plus $100,000 earners are in the PRIVATE SECTOR?

Now, convert this number to the USA, where the population is 10 times the size of Canada. The number will be staggering.

Families earning $63,000 per year pay very little in taxes once deductions are factored in, especially if there are children in the household. In reality, these people probably take out of the system as much as what they put in.

So, who’s left to pick up the tab?

Forget about the plus $100,000 Public Sector Workers and all the other Public Sector Workers who earn less than $100,000, but more than the average, since the taxes they pay ONLY represent a salary deduction opposed to a tax, given the FACT that what they are paid in salary is derived EXCLUSIVELY from the taxes paid by the PRIVATE Sector.

I don’t argue that a great many of the people who work in the Public Sector are vital to the management of our country. I won’t even argue the amount of money many of them are paid, since it costs money to buy quality.

But, I will argue to the bitter end, that a HUGE number of our government agencies and the people who work for those government agencies are not just USELESS, but are indeed HARMFUL to the fabric of our Democracy.

More to the point, in general, Public Sector Employees are paid much more (15%) than equivalent employees in the Private Sector where Private Sector workers pay ALL THE PUBLIC SECTOR SALARIES.

Government agencies are by and large obstructionist. They create complicated operating procedures to guarantee a bureaucracy that cannot be dissolved, while at the same time, making themselves indispensable to themselves.

So, here’s the rub: Given the reality of wage earning in this country, the $8-$10 an hour Wal-Mart employee does more for his or her country, than the $80 an hour Public employee who’s feeding off the Wal-Mart worker.

But, when everything is put into proper perspective, it is that very small, LESS than 3% of Private Sector wage earners (business owners, senior managers – etc) who pay just about the ENTIRE COST to run our country.

So, when government wants to raise money to increase the size of the bureaucracy, the ONLY place they can get the money is from the LESS than 3%, since the rest either pay no taxes, or pay so few taxes, or live off taxes, that what they pay isn’t enough to sustain themselves let alone the country.

And then there are the families earning around $60,000 per year, who are already so chocked with taxes and the cost of living, that there isn’t any more blood that can be squeezed from that stone.

You simply can’t have LESS THAN 3% carrying the burden for 97%, and then stick the boots to the LESS THAN 3% in search of more money for the purpose of spending more.

At one point, it will all blow up in our faces. And when it does, don’t be surprised when violence comes to our streets, when cities, the likes of Los Angeles and Detroit erupt in a firestorm as they did back in the late 1960’s.

But this time, it will be worse and sustained, especially since the USA has a Demagogue in the White House who has already lit the match by pitting “average folk” against those he has painted as the heartless wealthy.

The next editorial will cover the difference between SOFT WEALTH AND HARD WEALTH.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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