An Epiphany For The National Post

I’m bothered too. Not at Quebec and Quebec’s ethnocentric nationalists from whom I expect nothing less. I’m bothered by the National Post.

In yesterday’s National Post (February 24, 2009), their editorial headline was: TELL QUEBEC WHERE TO GET OFF.

This was in response to Ottawa’s decision to cancel the reenactment of the 250-year anniversary of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, ONLY because ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists were offended by the notion that they would have to relive their 250 year old GREAT HUMILIATION all over again.

ONLY in Canada is an historic reality, especially a significant part of our history, relegated to obscurity because “some” people didn’t like the 250 year ago outcome.


But I’m bothered too. Not at Quebec and Quebec’s ethnocentric nationalists from whom I expect nothing less. I’m bothered by the National Post.

All of a sudden, the National Post discovered that Quebec is an ethnocentric nationalist part of Canada that does harm to our Canadian national fabric, while at the same time, Quebec has stripped its minority English speaking community from their RIGHTS to equality, their place in the history of Quebec, and their public visibility.

WHERE HAVE THEY BEEN, since all of this has happened from the early 1970’s, starting with Robert Bourassa’s Bill 22? I realize that there was no National Post in those days. But there has been a National Post since 1998.

In 2000, Conrad Black of Hollinger sold the National Post, along with the Southham Newspaper chain to CanWest Global.

In 1997, CanWest Global bought the CKMI English language Quebec City television station for the purpose of offering a competitive English language television station that would be broadcast in Montreal through a Quebec City repeater.

Today, CKMI is known as Global Montreal, even though it is still headquartered in Quebec City from where the signal is sent.

I’m writing about Global Montreal because of CanWest Global’s Quebec policy concerning their newly acquired English language television station in 1997, which was to have NO OPINION on Quebec politics, as it affected the English speaking community.

In fairness to Global Montreal and to the National Post, with the exception of CIQC Radio and the Montreal Weekly Suburban Newspaper, there were no other English language Quebec media who gave any of us who fought for EQUAL RIGHTS a fair ride.

To the contrary – In their attempt to suck-up to ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists, the Montreal English language media did everything it could to harm our efforts to fight for the Rights of English speaking people to NOT be treated under Quebec law, as Second Class Canadian citizens within Quebec.

When CanWest Global bought the National Post and Southham News in the year 2000, the deal included the Montreal Gazette, which was at that time, and still is, at least in my opinion, PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE to its English speaking clientele.

For some unfathomable reason, instead of fighting for their readers’ RIGHTS, Montreal’s ONLY English Language Daily Newspaper took it upon themselves to soft-sell and explain the moderate purposes of Bill 101, Quebec’s language law that has decimated Montreal’s English language community, while at the same time, they fell over themselves describing people who fought for EQUAL RIGHTS as Angryphones, Hardliners, Extremists, and whatever else they could come up with.

The Montreal Gazette went out of its way in a despicable series after the 1995 referendum that showed the “positive” side of Bill 101, by illustrating how many young people who had left the province were coming back.

The truth was entirely different.

The only young people, of whom there was an insignificant number who were coming back, were the LEFTIST losers who couldn’t make it anywhere else. Nonetheless, that NEVER stopped the Montreal Gazette from screwing-over its English audience by downplaying, minimizing and literally creating a non-existent truth to gloss over a grim reality.

Now, all of a sudden, CanWest Global is pissed-off and writes a long and aggressive editorial condemning Quebec for all the things some very brave people had been fighting against, while the National Post played the role of the three monkeys: Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing.

Where was their voice in the last 10 years and more?


How stupid could they have been for the past 10 years to all of a sudden discover that there was, is, and will continue to be a real problem in a significant part of Canada, when they employ a huge staff of reporters, analysts, opinion writers and editors?

Will this all of a sudden bolt out of the clear blue epiphany finally FORCE CanWest Global to deal with the problem and convince their sell-out English Language Montreal Daily, the Montreal Gazette, to finally write what should have been written for at least one lost generation?


I’m certain that the ever dwindling and ageing Anglo readership of the Montreal Gazette will go on being treated to the regular columns of pukie Separatist writers, the likes of Josee Legault, who will continue to remind them that they are the “best treated minority in the world”, as ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists have always been fond of saying.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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