No He Can’t

Do you think Michelle will like Michaelle, since Michaelle beats Michelle 100 to 1 in personality and looks? ESPECIALLY IN LOOKS!

NO HE CAN’T. Sounds pretty bitter uh? But it’s the truth.

Barack Obama and the Leftists of the world are united in their false belief that YES THEY CAN, when in reality, they can, only if they take it from those WHO REALLY CAN.

In my last editorial, I wrote about Obama’s unplanned 20 minutes with our (Canada’s) Governor General, who is the titular Head of State and Commander In Chief of our military in name only.

Obama was so taken with our Governor General who is a very attractive, extroverted, French speaking Black woman, who was born in Haiti and immigrated to Canada at a very young age, that he changed his whole schedule just to schmooze with her.

For the benefit of a President (Obama) who is too ignorant to know better, Canada’s Governor General is nothing more than a symbolic position that supposedly represents the Queen of England, as in the old days.

Canada’s Governor General is APPOINTED by the Prime Minister, and serves at his pleasure. Her duties include representing Canada at ribbon cuttings, visiting schools, and traveling abroad spreading the good word as an official marketing emissary.

When Parliament passes a law, the Governor General places her unopinionated rubber-stamp upon it.

And when the Prime Minister decides to adjourn Parliament, recall Parliament, suspend Parliament, read his Speech From The Throne, or call an election, it is through the Governor General that it is done at his request.

In spite of the grandiose title and the extravagant trappings, the Governor General has no say in the management of Canada’s government.

In this last Parliament, where the Conservatives won a minority government, which the opposition conspired to topple by attempting to create their own cabal, it became a Constitutional crisis, in as much as the Governor General might have had to make a vital decision.

But in the end, she did what the Prime Minister told her to do.

As far as I’m concerned, and I doubt if I’m alone in this thought, the office of the Governor General should be abolished, and sent into the Monarchist trash-heap of history where it belongs.

What I just wrote is a long way to explain that the Governor General of Canada is as important to the governance of this country, as is a Bum on Skid Row.

Prior to becoming the Governor General of Canada, the very personable Michaelle Jean was an on-camera French Language CBC Newsperson who was no superstar.

For those of you in the USA who know little about the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), it is on the LEFT side of LEFT.

On the English side of the CBC, it has so few viewers, that they would do better running their unbelievably expensive programming on YOU TUBE where they might have a better chance of being seen.

On the French side, it’s quite different, since the French CBC has its own unique programming that reaches a large audience of unilingual French speakers who can’t speak enough English to view anything else. It’s also very pro Separatist.

Now let’s get back to Michaelle Jean who Obama was fawning all over:

Michaelle Jean came from Haiti, which is the worst place to live in the Western Hemisphere, probably on the planet. So how does Michaelle say thank you to Canada for giving her this incredible opportunity? She sides with Quebec’s Separatists.

Her French (France) born husband is a Quebec nationalist who makes documentaries that are funded by and large by Canadian taxpayers. Yet, like his immigrant wife, he too would like to see Quebec leave Canada.

The proof of this is their own home video where Michaelle Jean and her hubby, along with several Separatists are seen and heard delivering a toast to a Separate Quebec.

Why was Michaelle Jean picked by former Prime Minister Paul Martin to be our Governor General? She is a LEFTIST immigrant, who is a French speaking attractive Black woman from the CBC who knows how to play for the cameras.

Picking her was a political move to get French and Black votes for his Liberal Party in Quebec.

Let’s get back to the Messiah President:

Barack was so smitten by Canada’s Governor General, that after their first encounter, he invited her to the White House on an OFFICIAL VISIT as HIS GUEST.

Someone, anyone, should have told him that she is not the LEADER of Canada. That she has ABSOLUTELY NO POWER to speak on the behalf of Canada. And that his invitation to her is a slap in the face to Canada’s Prime Minister, and to all Canadians.

What’s Obama going to speak with her about? Free Trade? American protectionism? Canada’s commitment to Afghanistan? What’s happening in the Middle East? The Global energy crisis? The global economic crisis? Nukes in Iran? Nukes in North Korea? Pakistan’s rapid decline into Sharia and Islamic fundamentalism? The imploding collapse of Mexico? The immigration mess? The challenge of protecting our mutual borders?

What can this IMBECILE American Idol President have to discuss with a Canadian NOBODY, whose ONLY claim to fame is that she has a pretty face, a good ass, and is in the position she’s in because she was a political ploy?

A President’s face time is represented in seconds.

There is so much for an American President to do, that seconds cannot be wasted. So what can you say about a President who wants to waste irretrievable time with a woman, by whose own words, described herself at an official Ottawa function as being HOT?

Do you think Michelle will like Michaelle, since Michaelle beats Michelle 100 to 1 in personality and looks? REALLY IN LOOKS!

Does this give you some idea of the judgment and knowledge of HE who can walk on water? God help us.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Congratulations to you and Ann and enjoy your new change in life style. Keep all the information coming even if it is shorter.
    i live in Florida so it is difficult to think of that far North and the “Cold”. Take care and please send all you can share even if it is shorter. Good Luck (*.*).

    Mary from Sunny Florida.

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