Obama Brings His Hype To Canada

Not that it’s a contest, but in comparison, our Canadian Prime Minister came across looking and sounding more Presidential than the President.

Yesterday, Canada played host to President Barack Obama, the American Messiah (February 19, 2009). And like everywhere else he’s gone, he was greeted like an American Idol Rock Star.

It’s interesting how this snake-oil salesman came to this country on a whirlwind visit that measured in just minutes, his face-time he will have with our Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

But, when Obama met our very congenial and attractive Black Governor General who is a do nothing rock-star type government personality in her own right, he found 20 unplanned minutes out of his hectic schedule to schmooze with her, as if she had anything of national consequence to add to the visit.

I guess no one bothered to tell the American President that our Governor General (Michaelle Jean), who is supposedly, but not really our Head of State, is nothing more than political window dressing.

I was blown away by this unfathomable waste of time and energy by a President who is presiding over the WORST CRISIS in our time (Obama’s words), when he should be placing 100% of his focus on real problems with REAL people.

To hear that the US President will be blowing through town (Ottawa) taking out a “few minutes” of his precious time to chat with our Prime Minister, only for him to find twenty minutes to shoot the breeze with a Canadian nobody, says an awful lot about Obama’s priorities and his very poor judgment.

The good news for Canada though, was that our Prime Minister did us proud.

Stephen Harper looked, acted and sounded the part of a serious national leader who was focused, determined and prepared. While in contrast, Obama was still playing for the cameras to maintain his American Idol image.

Not that it’s a contest, but in comparison, our Canadian Prime Minister came across looking and sounding more Presidential than the President.

This might not appear to be a big deal. But it is. In fact, it’s a very big deal since judgment, character and competence are critical to the Office of the President of the United States of America.

Being that this is Obama’s first trip to a foreign nation as the World’s Commander In Chief, the substance and appearance of America’s new President was not encouraging.

Obama’s past is replete with bad judgment in friends and associates. His two election victories prior to the Presidency were both tainted by how he did away with the opposition in ways other than out-campaigning them, especially on ISSUES.

That he won the Presidency by virtue of an extremely poor campaign opponent (John McCain), a Liberal Media that carried him on their shoulders, and LIES THAT YOU CAN BELIEVE IN, should send chills up and down the spines of real Democratic national leaders the world-over.

Obama has already proven that he cannot make decisions simply by the fact that he surrounds himself with committees opposed to advisors. That he flies by the seat of his pants. And that the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will move him in any direction they wish to travel.

In his first month as the President of the USA, he has apologized to every country good or bad, about how bad America has been to the world during the last 8 years. Shades of Jimmy Carter.

He has opened the door to dialogue with TERRORIST nations. He has already backed down several times to the Russians, while extending more apologies and a promise to them for a new relationship.

Obama has so confused and screwed-up the American financial system by bailing out bad banks, a runaway auto industry, and deadbeat mortgage holders that Wall Street has no idea whether they’re coming or going.

And now, there’s talk, from of all people, Chris Dodd, that the federal government might just have to nationalize American banks. Where’s Obama’s voice to SHOUT NO WAY!

In addition to the bailouts, Obama created what will be an uncontrolled multi TRILLION dollar spending binge that does little to stimulate the economy, while doing much to empower the LEFT and their SOCIALIST agenda.


When people who do not pay taxes are promised “tax returns”, as Obama’s Spending Bill does, it stands commonsense on it’s ear, and penalizes the people who do pay taxes.

When people who have bought homes responsibly, and have honored their commitments are going to be FORCED to pay for people who did the exact opposite, there will be blowback.

Obama’s polling is still high at 68%. But less than a month ago, his polling was over 78%. To lose more than 10% in less than a month shows that his Presidential honeymoon will soon be in free-fall.

SOONER rather than LATER, Obama’s American Idol image will start to run real thin when joblessness will continue to rise along with taxes and interest rates coupled to a lower valued US dollar based upon the long-term debt his economic policies are cursing upon the next generations.

Even the Chinese, the Japanese and Gulf Arabs don’t want to lend the USA MORE money, since they themselves are going broke, and that they have very little faith in the American economy that will be more indebted under Obama than at any time in the history of the USA and the modern world.

The harm that Lord Obama has been able to cause in less than a month is unfathomable, and it’s just the beginning.

I would like you to read our Letter Section found on the left hand side of the Menu Bar (LETTERS TO THE PUBLISHER) where I published a letter by Montrealer Stephen Eisenberg about Canadian Human Rights that was just too good not to put on online.

The title is: What Canadian Human Rights?

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It’s tongue-in-cheek, but not so funny when you really think about it.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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    Be sure to travel out to the remote areas in West TX and watch for the “illegals”….yes, that is indeed what they are…people in this country illegally!!

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