Your Money Is My Money

Government has no business in the boardrooms of a FREE STATE.

The LEFTISTS in the USA and Canada are bedside themselves with orgasmic pleasure, in the knowledge that “Lord” Obama has REALLY stuck it to the Bank Executives.

FINALLY – these Capitalist BASTARDS are getting what they REALLY deserve. No more FREE RIDES on the backs of the working poor and disadvantaged.

Obama has put them in their place and has made them accountable.

If you don’t know what I’m referring to, as I know you probably do, I’ll explain it anyway; Obama has put a $500,000 cap on the amount of money executives can earn if they accept BAILOUT dollars.

No more lavish spending. No more private jets. No big salaries. No bonuses. And no fancy trips as long as these Bankers are living on the public purse.

OK – Let’s say I agree with this new Obama and Democratic Party philosophy of accountability with taxpayers’ money, just as the LEFTISTS do.

Does that mean, that I as a taxpayer should be able to hold people living on welfare accountable for how they spend MY MONEY?

If that’s the case, I don’t want my tax dollars going to welfare recipients to buy cigarettes, booze, candies and lottery tickets.

I never want to hear that a person who is taking MY MONEY should use any portion of it to go on vacation, even if travel is on a Greyhound Bus.

And if any person takes MY MONEY, it means that I should have the absolute right to dictate how MY MONEY should be spent.

If I’m wrong about this, how could “Lord” Obama be right about his demand for accountability for public money from the banks? But I’m NOT WRONG.

I am very much right about how we should all want to see how our hard earned tax dollars are spent.

But let’s go further and take a look at how our governments spend our money. I’m not at all happy with the super expensive travel members of government allocate to themselves; especially when they travel with their spouses.

As a businessman, I’ve spent a good part of my life traveling in order to make a living. Some of my travel was as an employee of someone else’s company, while most of it was to grow my own business.

If I ever took Anne (my wife) with me, it came out of our pocket. No one paid for me to take a vacation with my wife.

I don’t like the idea of most government retreats and conventions that are not all that necessary. I really don’t like the limousine service enjoyed by most of the government higher-ups.

And what about the endless government cocktail parties? The fancy breakfasts and social gatherings the taxpayers get to pay for, but are never permitted to attend?

And then there are their salaries.

Forget about working conditions, pensions, paid sick-leave, child care – etc, these folks who are employed in just about every facet of government, at virtually every level are paid far more than the average working stiff, in spite of government employee union contestations to the contrary.

And many of them aren’t all that competent to begin with.

Then there’s job security. Do you know anyone who is not in government or teaching who virtually CAN’T be fired or laid-off? How secure is your job, your business, and/or your pension?

There is much that can be argued against State controlled salaries. Isn’t that what they did in the failed Communist States of Eastern Europe? And isn’t that what they’re still doing in the social disaster of Cuba, where Europeans and Canadians love to travel because it’s so cheap?

Do you know why it’s so cheap?

It’s cheap because the State controls salaries, meaning they spread the wealth amongst the common folk, so no one can really have more than anyone else, meaning that most people are lucky to have anything at all.

I love the LEFTISTS who run to Cuba for holidays, pretending they’re contributing to a socialist paradise, where in fact, what they’re doing is feeding like the parasites they are off the Cuban workers who could NEVER in a million years under their system be able to afford a fraction of the things our LEFTISTS not only take for granted, but consider to be their entitlements.

Government has no business in the boardrooms of a FREE STATE.

If the government wanted to Bailout these loser banks, they should have demanded the resignations of those who were responsible for creating and perpetuating the mess the system is in, before they gave them a penny.

Or, they could have simply allowed the banks, investment firms and insurers to go bankrupt by backstopping their obligations, while allowing viable firms to pick up the pieces.

But it’s too late now, since the government has already decided that it knows how to do business better than the professionals who actually do know how to do business.

What’s the government going to do when the brightest and most capable within our society say screw this, and refuse to work for any enterprise owned and or controlled by the government, especially the banking business?

Hollywood is DEMANDING a quarter of a BILLION dollar Bailout in the pretend Stimulus Package.

Should name brand actors like LEFTIST Sean Penn still get paid $20 MILLION or more to make a movie? Should the directors and producers still be allowed to make MILLIONS on each movie they produce for as long as it is shown in any format?

Or should all of these Hollywood LEFTISTS also be capped at $500,000?

And what about their GAZILLION dollar lifestyles, including multiple homes, condos and mansions, private jets, limos, luxury cars, personal assistants, maids, cooks, private clubs and their own private islands the likes of which Queen Oprah owns?

In the first two weeks of the “Messiah” Obama’s coming, he has already created more damage to America’s future than the LEFTISTS claim George W Bush did in 8 years.

And it’s just the beginning.

Imagine what America is going to look like in for years when his term will mercifully come to an end? Or what the world will look like after 4 years of the “Savior” Obama?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. sounds terrific !!!! so glad we won’t be loosing you. new chapters are wonderful. watching to hear your new journey and continued words. catch my kindest thoughts.

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