The Sham Of Government Approved Rights

Governments, not people, make laws and take away laws.

Gordon Campbell is the Liberal Premier of British Columbia. When his Party won power from the Socialist New Democrats who made a mess out of the British Columbian economy, Campbell made several pledges he put into law.

The most important pledge was to make it ILLEGAL for any British Columbian government to run a deficit. Fast-forward to today’s tough economic conditions, and Campbell has said he will run a deficit by passing another law to break his original law.

Stephen Harper, Canada’s (minority) Conservative Prime Minister passed a law fixing election dates. But, at his first opportunity to win a majority government by holding a snap election because of favorable polling, he too broke his own law.

President Barack Obama ran on a campaign of CHANGE against old style politics. He proclaimed that his White House was going to be a TRANSPARENT administration void of the usual Washington INSIDERS and LOBBYISTS.

Obama isn’t even 3 weeks into the job, and THREE of his more important Cabinet picks are GUILTY of tax evasion with one (Richardson) being investigated by a Grand Jury.

To the credit of Governor Richardson, he dropped out. But, Timothy Geitner, who didn’t pay a whack of taxes until he was chosen for the job as Secretary of the Treasury didn’t drop out, and is now the boss of the IRS.

Then there’s Tom Daschle who sort of forgot to pay tax on several hundred thousand dollars worth of income. He too decided to drop out.

But he’s not the last.

Nancy Killefer also withdrew her name from nomination to become Obama’s Performance Officer because she too has ‘tax issues’.

Do any Democrats, especially the big boosters of tax and spend, actually pay their fair share of taxes?

For a candidate that ran on a platform of government CHANGE, Obama hasn’t changed very much, since he’s appointed Clintonites to fill most of his important White House positions.

He’s kept George W Bush’s Defense Secretary Robert Gates as his own Secretary of Defense, which is quite strange given how Obama ran on an unapologetic and visceral disdain for all of Bush’s Iraq policies.

After surrounding himself with LEFTISTS on a promise of a social revolution of sorts, Obama has brought a TRUE BLUE Conservative Republican Senator, Judd Gregg into his Cabinet to be Commerce Secretary, which is without doubt a huge slap in the face to his Leftist supporters.

As for creating 4 MILLION new jobs and a SOCIALIST Utopia from DAY ONE as he promised. Obama’s now promising that he will NOT be able to do all of these things right away, and maybe not even in his first term. What a surprise.

And NOT HIRING Lobbyists – I guess he didn’t really mean it.

Then there’s the Hillary and Bill Show.

During the ‘vetting’ process, Bill Clinton alluded to the fact that he would NOT accept financial gifts from foreign governments for his Presidential Library if Hillary was confirmed Secretary of State.

And now that she’s confirmed and sworn-in as Secretary of State, Bill has decided that he no longer has to keep that promise since it was made to the ‘vetting’ committee that no longer exists.

So, here we have a Secretary of State who’s husband is absolutely free to accept as much money as he wants to, from anyone he wants to, even Arab despots who are at serious odds with American policies concerning Israel.

Then there’s Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who have a serious hate-on for Conservative Talk Radio. Not to forget Obama’s most recent public attack on Rush Limbaugh.

Sooner rather than later, this trio of Obama, Pelosi and Reid will reintroduce the Broadcast Fairness Doctrine that will in fact try to do away with Free Speech on the radio, especially if that Free Speech is Conservative in nature.


Governments, not people, make laws and take away laws. Governments create rights and take away rights. The ONLY thing people do is vote for the government they place all their trust in.

In hard times, governments very often grasp at hard solutions; especially leaders who are all-over-the-board ideologues like Obama.

The following is a decree that was made not that long ago during such hard times:

“Restrictions on personal liberty, on the right of free expression of opinion, including freedom of the press; on the rights of assembly and association; and violations of the privacy of postal, telegraphic and telephonic communications and warrants for house searches, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on property, are also permissible beyond the legal limits otherwise prescribed.”

Which part of the proceeding do you imagine CANNOT be imposed by a government feeling under siege in Canada or the USA?

This was the Emergency Decree Adolf Hitler declared on February 28, 1933, the year he was DEMOCRATICALLY elected Chancellor of Germany.

He too promised CHANGE.

The SECOND AMENDMENT, giving the American people the RIGHT to Bear Arms, was created for the simple purpose of protecting the American people from its own government, if that government attempts to usurp the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

It would indeed be a horrible prospect if ever the time should arise when the Second Amendment had to be enacted upon.

But, as I see the world unfolding around me, I can clearly understand why the Founding Fathers thought it was so important to include this Amendment in the American Constitution as part of the BILL OF RIGHTS.

We in Canada have no such guarantee, and stand unarmed at the mercy of our governments.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Best wishes to you Ann, and Howard! Lino and I will also be heading south in mid November. We have been “Winter Texans” for several years. Our address is Llanogrande Lake Park in Mercedes Texas. We decided to sell our RV after Lino had open heart surgery, and I decided that we should travel a little easier with our van to a mobile home in this “gated” park. Perhaps you will put this destination on your agenda, before too long. “Happy Trails”

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