The Idiots Are Running The Asylum

Words like BAILOUT, SHOVEL READY AND STIMULUS PACKAGE, which we rarely or never used in our vocabulary up till now, are now used everyday as part of our usual lexicon.

There’s so much floating in the cesspool of big and small governments, as well as big business, banks, investment firms, money managers, stock markets, the insurance industry and unions; it’s hard to tell who the players are without a program.

If you’re anything like me, your head must also be spinning trying to figure out what life on planet earth is going to be like NOT next year, but the next day.

I watch, read and listen with great interest to the politicians, the pundits and the BIG business type talking heads explaining what is best for all of us LITTLE PEOPLE, as if they really know.

Words like BAILOUT, SHOVEL READY AND STIMULUS PACKAGE, which we rarely or never used in our vocabulary up till now, are now used everyday as part of our usual lexicon.

I watch the politicians debating the best way to get us out of this mess they themselves helped create, and wonder how stupid we are to put any trust in them as they dig the hole several TRILLION dollars deeper in the USA, and at least $100 BILLION deeper in Canada.

The Stimulus Packages are anything but stimulating. They are being used as an excuse for politicians, especially from the LEFT, to create projects they would normally never get passed in Congress or Parliament.

Building and maintaining roads, bridges and tunnels do not create all that much work. Neither does most of the other drivel in the mix.

House Building has always been a huge job creater, but how do we build new homes when millions of people in the USA are doing everything they can just to stay in the homes they already have, and millions of others are already in default.

In both of our countries (USA and Canada), our politicians want much of the money to go to education, think tanks, social services, GREEN INDUSTRIES (the new religion), and other indefinable special interests.

Where’s the stimulus in that?

In the USA, Pelosi wanted a quarter of a BILLION dollars as part of the Stimulus Package to purchase condoms, which would have been quite appropriate considering the screwing the people get from the government.

The unregulated bankers, insurance executives and investment gurus who got us into this mess with their voodoo economics of unsecured loans, toxic packaged assets, derivatives which no one can properly explain, and other financial instruments designed to put money in their pockets at any cost are still in charge.

How does the government explain why these very bad actors who should be in jail, opposed to being in boardrooms living ‘big’ from hard earned taxpayer BAILOUT dollars, are still doing their stuff when they’ve already squandered BILLIONS of the tax dollars they’ve already received on personal bonuses and perks?

A TRILLION dollars is one MILLION dollars times one MILLION dollars.

It boggles the mind. Now multiply that times two or three, and that’s what the American government is going to be spending on smoke and mirrors.

According to the Heritage Foundation, the USA taxes its citizens to the tune of approximately $2.5 TRILLION annually.

Let’s assume for a moment that the President (Obama) and the Democratically run Congress (House and Senate) spend JUST $1 TRILLION in their so-called Stimulus Package, which they will not. They will spend much more by the time they’re through spending on all kinds of favorite projects.

Imagine what would be, if instead of doling out taxpayer dollars, this same government decides to give EVERY taxpaying American a 6 month TAX-FREE holiday that would cost half, or less than half of what the US government intends to spend on nonsense?

Which of these two scenarios do you think would be more stimulating for the economy and a no-brainer to implement?

The government argument is that the people wouldn’t know how to spend THEIR OWN MONEY to stimulate the economy. HUH?

They argue that most Americans would use their tax-dollars to pay off debts or put the money in the banks. SO?

The American government just gave the banks, brokerage firms and insurance companies three quarters of a TRILLION dollars in bailout funds just to put money in their coffers.

So, in this regard, why would the government be opposed to taxpayers putting their own money into these same institutions by paying down their debts or by saving money?

Why does the government believe they have to be the middleman for this transaction?

Yow know the answer.

The government wants to be the middleman simply because it is a busybody that inserts itself wherever and whenever it can just because it can.

Then there are the people who will use the money they don’t have to pay in taxes to buy things, to eat out, and even invest in the market. Now that would be stimulating.

The exact same logic applies to Canada, where the federal government is going to be spending as much as $100 BILLION over a two-year period. It would be better for Canada to simply give the people who pay taxes a $50 BILLION tax holiday to spend and invest as they wish.

But where’s the fun in that for the bureaucrats?

During my political campaign, the Schmuck who ran for the GREEN Party, the something for nothing candidate from the LEFT who ran for the Socialist NDP, and the Liberal all sang praises for the American Democrats, but especially for the Messiah Obama.

I told them at each debate that they better be careful for what they wish, especially since Obama is (was) on record as being an anti-Free-Trader. They laughed.

I wonder if they’re laughing now that Obama, Pelosi and Reid have just placed into their Stimulus Package, that is now going before the Senate, that makes it law, that ONLY companies using American made steel will receive Stimulus Money?

If this policy passes in the Senate as I assume it will, we will be seeing thousands, if not tens of thousands of Canadian job losses in the steel and related industries.

But, that will ONLY be the beginning. Wait until other protectionist trade barriers are established by America’s new LEFT. It’s not even a question of if. It is a question of when and how much.

With Obama and the LEFTIST idiots running the asylum, there isn’t enough Prozac to steady or silence the beast. The worst is yet to come.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I was wondering if you had moved yet. Congratulations and I’m sure you and Anne are going to have the time of your life. Weird to think when I visit my folks in Lakeway, you’ll be just a short distance away. Take care, drive safe, and looking forward to more frequent columns.

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