The Arrogance Of Power

We are bearing witness to a global social revolution that has long been in the making.

How arrogant are the governments we elect? The sky’s the limit.

How competent are the governments we elect? We haven’t yet invented the meter that can measure that low.

How dishonest are the people we elect and place in positions of trust? There are not enough jails to accommodate those who’ve abused our trust from just a little bit to a whole hell of a lot.

Who are responsible for allowing our governments to become infested with arrogance, incompetence, and dishonesty? WE ARE.

We are the ones who keep electing and reelecting these Bad Actors who have become used to their political entitlements.

We don’t vote for the people who can really do their decision-making jobs best, based upon their true qualifications and past history of accomplishment, as much as we vote for their perception.

In the last Canadian federal election (November 2008), I participated as an Independent Candidate where I presented a comprehensive platform that dealt with as many social, economic and RIGHTS issues as I could think of that were pertinent to the electorate.

My opposition bent over backwards to present nothing that could be seen to be contentious in any way.

At each debate (six that I was invited to), I spoke of “the financial hurricane coming from the South”, while they spoke about Global Warming, Climate Change, Green Industries and all other theoretical crap that has virtually no meaning to our immediate lives.

I spoke about Rights, Freedoms and our need for Responsible Government. About protecting the Canadian Character, opposed to promoting a Multi-Cultural Character that will eventually be Canada’s undoing.

I outspent all of my adversaries in all manner of radio ads, newspaper ads and fliers sent via Canada Post. I published a book called Canada is Not A Bilingual Country that was available to everyone who wanted a copy at no charge.

I mailed out a 16 page comprehensive booklet (Together Let’s Win Back Canada) to every household in my riding that detailed what I stood for, what I stood against and why. I held nothing back.

For my troubles, I received less than 6% of the vote.

I understand that not everyone has to agree with my platform. And that maybe a lot of people just don’t like my personality, but, the number of people who came to me via email, over the phone or in the mail, with checks in hand or demands for my lawn signs, to tell me how much they supported my efforts and agreed with my platform, BUT COULD NOT VOTE FOR ME was staggering.

Why couldn’t they vote for me?

1 – Conservatives couldn’t take the chance of splitting the vote to allow for a Liberal Victory, even though many absolutely disapproved of how the Conservatives governed in their three years in office.

Imagine, not liking what the Conservatives did while in office, but voting them back in nonetheless.

2 – Many Liberals agreed with what I stood for, but thought I was too aggressive. I’m still trying to figure out how one can be too aggressive in the defense of Individual Rights and Freedoms.

3 – NDP and Greens. They just want something for nothing, and according to them, people like me are anti-environment, as if my goal in life is to kill the planet.

Instead of voting for a tangible platform, they voted instead for Party Lines and a socio/political comfort zone that has been proven for generations to be a failure.

They voted for platitudes, innuendo, and feel-good politics opposed to political truths.

We now see our governments within Canada and the United States using this financial crisis to further their LEFTIST agendas that will replace individual FREEDOMS with COLLECTIVE Rights.

Our hard earned money, especially from the upper levels of the working middle class will be taken from us to support projects we oppose the most. But that won’t matter, since political power is unto itself a license to steal.

We are bearing witness to a global social revolution that has long been in the making. Through the 1950’s into the 21st century, we beat back Socialism just to lose the battle in one fell swoop to the LEFTISTS, who are now on the cusp of defeating the Capitalist System with all of its inherent Freedoms.

The boundless arrogance of newfound power for the LEFT will accept no opposition, and do whatever it can to define Free Speech according to THEIR values and THEIR benefit in THEIR quest to dominate those who are the most productive.

We will be going through some very troubling times with great damage to our Democratic way of life, until the damage becomes untenable to the masses who are responsible for bringing this upon themselves and the rest of us.

In the meantime, nothing will be as it was before. So hold on tight, the world’s about to become a rollercoaster. And no one seems to know where the brakes can be found.

My next editorial will be about our Court Case against FORCED bilingual Signs in Ontario.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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