Illusions And Delusions Quebec Style

Isn’t it a fabulous study to see how much of Quebec history should be swept under the carpet in the name of not stirring the pot?

A historical society is planning the reenactment of the 250-year ago Battle of the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City, where British troops beat French troops in one of their many global skirmishes.

The truth of this battle, which sounds far more epic than it really was, is that it was a fight between two colonial powers to see which of the two would win the right to claim the spoils of Canada’s fur and lumber.

Neither colonial power was all that interested in the governance of this part of the New World, since what each of them wanted was to more or less own the right to plunder the riches of the conquered land.

If there were any losers in all of this, it might have been the Natives who all of a sudden found their lives changed forever.

But, to many, if not most of French Quebec, the Battle of the Plains of Abraham means far more. To them, it represents the “CONQUEST”, that in their minds was the catalyst that stripped them from their nation, sending them along the path to two and a half centuries of HUMILIATION.

The truth about the Plains of Abraham is simple: In the broad stroke of Canadian history, it amounted to very little. But, to ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists, it is akin to the End Of Times.

So, to have a historical society reenact this event as it happened 250 years ago is to ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists, no less than reenacting the greatest evil to have ever been perpetrated upon the people of the Nation of Quebec.

Sort of like rubbing their noses in it.

It’s interesting to note the type of people who’ve come out against this reenactment. It’s not just ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists who speak French, it’s also kiss-ass Anglos who do not want to stoke the fires and rekindle the flame.

Isn’t it a fabulous study to see how much of Quebec history should be swept under the carpet in the name of not stirring the pot? Or, as the late Premier Robert Bourassa used to love to say: “Maintaining the social peace”.

In the Central US States along the Mason-Dixon Line, there are dozens of reenactments of Civil War Battles every year; some that saw victories for the South, while others saw victories for the North.

These reenactments provide two critical services. One is to keep the history of their civil war alive. The other is to create a terrific tourist attraction.

It seems that the ONLY history Quebecers should be exposed to according to Quebecois nationalists and their Anglo appeasers, is the approved history of Ethnocentric Quebec, where Quebec ALWAYS wins, is ALWAYS pure, and is ALWAYS right in spite of ALWAYS being the victim of the English.

During the past three decades, Quebec has witnessed a wholesale revision of its own history and culture.

First – French Quebec embarked upon an energetic long-term project of ETHNO-CLEANSING by erasing positive English history and English contributions, including the renaming of major and minor Anglo landmarks such as streets, parks and buildings.

The most obvious ethno-cleansing came about when downtown Montreal’s famous Dorchester Boulevard was renamed Boulevard Rene Levesque after Quebec’s first Separatist Premier.

Canada Day (July 1st) became Quebec’s OFFICIAL moving day.

Victoria Day (The first Monday before the 25th of May) has gone from La Fete de Dollard, named after the fur-trader (so-called Indian Fighter) who murdered a bunch of drunken Iroquois Indians for their furs, to Journée nationale des Patriotes (National Patriot’s Day) in honor of the French Rebellion of 1837.

Remembrance Day (November 11th) became Quebec Citizenship Week.

Great Anglo hospitals such as the Montreal General, the Royal Victoria, the Montreal Neurological, the Montreal Jewish General, the Montreal Children’s Hospital, the Lachine Hospital, St Mary’s Hospital and the Lakeshore all went from English language hospitals built and maintained by the English speaking community of Montreal, to bilingual hospitals where French comes first.

Other once GREAT English Hospitals that served all the communities including French speakers have disappeared completely under ethnocentric Quebecois government management, including the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the Reddy Memorial Hospital.

Based upon the ethnic cleansing of Quebec history, vis a vis the English community, why should anyone be surprised that Quebec is as upset as it is over the planned reenactment of an actual historical event that shows the French side (France) losing to the English (Britain)?

It speaks volumes of a society that goes out of its way to censor its own history, while creating a history that never was.

When Quebec finally leaves Canada, or Canada finally leaves Quebec, upon what foundation will the new Nation of Quebec be built, since the foundation that it has stood upon for more than two centuries has all but been eliminated as if it was never there?

As a side note:

My friend Gerry Nicholls, who was a very prominent contributor to the debate for Freedoms within Canada as an executive of the National Citizens Coalition, has just launched his new Web Site that is a MUST READ.

Very often, when the media needs valuable inside information and well-balanced opinion, they turn to Gerry Nicholls. I imagine many of you within Canada have read his articles in newspapers and magazines, and have heard him on radio, as well as having seen him on television.

His Web Site is:, which is listed in my MEDIA LINKS found on the left hand side of the Menu on this page indexed in Canada.

I welcome him to the world of Conservative Blogs, since Gerry Nicholls will indeed help make a difference.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It’s always good to hear your “voice” through your editorials; your commitment to truth speaks for so many of us. Sometimes, less is more…so enjoy your new lifestyle and know that short and sweet will still ring loud and clear!

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