Why We Will Lose Just Like Israel Does

Take very careful note on why and how Israel lost, because when Islamists feel sufficiently empowered on our own Western soil, they’ll do it to us the same way.

Ban ki-Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations is furious at the destruction caused to Gaza by the Israel Defense Forces.

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and every other LEFTIST NGO is clamoring for Israeli punishment for the “War Crimes” Israel committed against the poor, poor “innocent” Palestinians.

What these useful IDIOTS don’t understand, or worse, probably do understand, but carry-on with their woe-be-Palestinian nonsense anyway, is that the mountains of rubble, dead, wounded and dying is a HUGE victory for the Palestinians.

The numbers for Palestinian dead seem to be accepted at about 1,300. Who came to this number? Who counted the bodies? And given the scope of Israel’s bombing and shooting campaign, IS THAT ALL?

Have the Arabs ever lied before about their dead and wounded? Have we never before seen the STAGED battles and so-called slaughters the Arabs used with which to bash Israel in the public relations war?

What happened after the supposed genocide was exposed in Jenin (April) during the 2002 Intifada, when the world discovered there was no genocide as the Arabs swore up and down there was?

Nothing happened. The world body and the NGO’s never even acknowledged the lie, much less apologized to Israel.

The Arabs have several HUGE advantages over Israel and over the West.

The first huge advantage comes from our sense of decency and fair play.

That we are not habitual liars or self-delusional.

That we care enough about human life, that even during a time of war, we go out of our way not to harm ENEMY civilians.

That we take no pride or pleasure in killing people. Even our enemies.

And that the last thing we want is for our own children, amongst all people, to be harmed just so we can make a point.

We are compassionate, open and inviting.

We give the benefit of the doubt to everyone, even proven mass murderers. We are bridge builders and conciliators who always want to believe the very best in everyone, even when those whom we want to believe in the most, have a history that screams that we shouldn’t.


The Israeli Supreme Court just ruled against the Knesset (Parliament) that voted to disallow Israeli Arab Parties sworn to the destruction of Israel from participating in the Israeli political process.

The Knesset didn’t pass a law of forbiddance against main-street Israeli Arab Parties. Just against Arab parties bent on killing the Jewish State.

Where on earth would a Supreme Court rule against its own Parliament that wants to keep enemies of the state from within, from electing Members whose sole focus is to kill the country they are elected to serve?

While it is true that Canada allows Quebec Separatists to run for federal office, especially at the expense of the Canadian people, it is also true that the ethnocentric Quebecois Separatists have not yet encouraged any armed insurrections.

The other great advantage for the Arabs, is that they relish in the concept of the most visible violent death of their own children and people in the name of Allah, Mohammed or the Cause. BUT ESPECIALLY CHILDREN, as they showcase their limp and broken bodies, very often with no visible blood upon them.

They love to show the stench of death and all the associated misery. To them, it’s akin to Pomp and Circumstance.

Isn’t it interesting how there always seems to be cameras at the ready when Arab bodies are found, and when Arab wounded are being rushed off to hospital?

The UN stated that they can confirm the number of dead Palestinians because it was UN workers who were on-scene to record the numbers.

What the UN forgot to mention, is that the UN workers are Palestinians, many of whom are Hamas, with the balance most likely being Hamas supporters.

I’m sure they could be trusted beyond reproach. Aren’t you?

I have no idea how many Palestinians were killed by Israeli gunfire, and neither really does anyone else. But I also don’t care.

Israel didn’t start the war and didn’t bomb schools, hospitals, community shelters, UN refuge sites and Mosques because they wanted some target practice and waste a little ammunition.

Israel fired on these facilities because that was where Hamas TERRORISTS hid. And where they stockpiled their weapons. Which by all International Standards is in itself a War Crime.

Here’s the bottom line: HAMAS WON – ISRAEL LOST. And the loss will keep adding-up for Israel because of Israeli and Western decency, including much of the world’s great hatred for Israel and Jews.

But take very careful note on why and how Israel lost, because when Islamists feel sufficiently empowered on our own Western soil, they’ll do it to us the same way.

It’s not really a question of if. It is ONLY a question of when.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Best of luck to both of you. You will meet lots of fun people. We have camped from Florida to state of Washington. I like best staying out of big cities. Also like getting rid of stuff! Have never quite made the decision to go full time. Maybe sometime we will. I will be looking forward to hearing about your experiences.

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