70 Years Ago We Didn’t Know

The British school system has decided to cease teaching the history of the Holocaust because it offends Moslem students.

Once again, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is defeating his own people. This is déjà vu. It’s Hezbollah 2006 all over again.

I maintain without a shred of doubt that Ehud Olmert is the greatest threat Israel has ever faced, followed closely by Ehud Barak and Tzipi Livni.

To enter into a unilateral ceasefire with Hamas TERRORISTS is capitulation at best, with surrender at worst. In the eyes of the Arabs and Moslem world, Olmert, Livni and Barak gave Hamas a HUGE victory.

They gave these TERRORIST thugs credibility within the Arab and Moslem world, as well as with the outside world, while Israel NEVER came close to realizing any of their foggy-stated goals in Gaza.

The rockets still fall on Israel. Gilan Shalit is still a hostage of Hamas; that is if he is even still alive. And Hamas’ stated goal of destroying Israel is still their number one, if not their ONLY priority.

Whatever happened to the GREAT men and women who carved an oasis out of a wasteland of sand and weeds, whose leadership helped defeat armies 10 times their size, who established an ultra modern society in a wilderness of Arab despair, who created one of the all-time great world Democracies where truth and justice are not meted out the way of their Arab and Moslem neighbors at the barrel of a gun, a rock to the head, or the sharp end of a knife?


Anyone who thinks the world, especially the European world is less anti-Semitic today than it was prior to World War II is delusional. The ONLY difference between today and yesterday is Israel and the memory of the Holocaust.

But that difference is rapidly disappearing.

Amongst the younger generation of Jews, especially in North America, the Holocaust is something that happened so long ago, that they don’t see it as having any bearing upon them.

The British school system has decided to cease teaching the history of the Holocaust because it offends Moslem students.

Jews generally gravitate to the LEFT, which is why so many North American Jews invest their financial and personal support with Democrats in the USA and Liberals in Canada, the two Parties that generally represent the least amount of support for Israel.

To the moderate LEFT, Israel is the aggressor, the victimizer, and the block bully who has to be stopped and brought to ground, to be taught a lesson for the way it “treats” its POOR Arab neighbors.

To the far LEFT, Israel is as bad as the Nazis, and has no legitimate reason to exist.

To most people on the planet, if Israel disappeared tomorrow, and 6 MILLION more Jews were murdered, as most Arabs and Moslems including Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas and Fatah pray for everyday, very few people would shed a tear.

The reason for the Holocaust that culminated some 6 decades ago was that the world didn’t care, and Western Europe’s Intellectual and Elitist Jews believed they were above the fray and far removed from the lower class Jewish “riff-raff” of Eastern Europe.

A disproportionate number of Jews in comparison to the whole population had it very well in pre World War II Western Europe. They played by the rules, and did far better than the average European in virtually all endeavors, including: banking, medicine, business, the arts, and education to name but a few.

Not only did Jews hold high office and political influence throughout Western Europe before Hitler came to power, they also assimilated to the point that they were in many respects MORE European than the non Semitic Europeans.

And even though Europe’s Elitist Jews did so well on the surface, below the surface, there was a boiling cauldron of visceral hatred for their success, wealth and influence.

It didn’t take much for ALL OF EUROPE to turn on the Jews. And not just the outwardly successful Jews who were in the minority of Jewish life, but the poor working Jews as well, since they were all painted with the same anti-Semitic brush.

Europe’s pre Holocaust Jews were victims of their own success and desire to fit in better than anyone and everyone else. That should not have been a crime. But apparently it was the ultimate crime.

Then came the Great Depression, when the masses struggled to put bread on the table. When the economy went into a free-fall, and more people were being laid-off, than were being hired. When the banking system collapsed, and with the collapse went the savings of an entire continent.


To the Communist-haters, Communism was all about the Jews. To the Capitalist-haters, Capitalism was all about the Jews.

I ask you this question: What’s happening today all around the world?

Bernie Madoff has already been identified and defined as the JEWISH banker who defrauded millions of people out of $50 BILLION.

No one will say this about Israel – But I will.

If the world abandons Israel, as it seems more likely with every passing day, and the International Jewish community (Diaspora) takes Israel’s safety for granted; it is conceivable that Israel might not survive into and beyond the next decade.

Just as the Elitist pre Holocaust Jews of Western Europe NEVER conceived, not even for a nanosecond the possibility of government orchestrated attacks on their community because they were Jews – in a million years, they could NEVER have imagined the Holocaust.

That was then. This is now – And I don’t see the difference.

I see and hear with my own eyes and ears the words of Iran’s Ahmadinejad about his intention to “WIPE ISRAEL FROM THE MAP”. I believe him.

In pre Nazi Europe, Hitler spoke and wrote of his FINAL SOLUTION in Mein Kampf. He wasn’t taken seriously. And look what happened.

I take Ahmadinejad seriously. I also take the Arab and Moslem rhetoric for the total destruction of the Jewish State of Israel very seriously. They murder their own, so why would I believe that they wouldn’t take great pleasure in doing it to the Jews?

The world’s Jewish community didn’t take Hitler at his word. And 60 years later, it seems that nothing has changed with how the world is responding to the pledge of the New Hitler from Iran.

The way I see it: Capitulation to Hamas is nothing less than walking down the same path the Jews walked down only 70 odd years ago.

And neglecting to elect a hawk as a Prime Minister for Israel will be akin to Britain’s pre World War II choice of Neville Chamberlain. Things are not good.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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