Sorry – It Can’t Always Be About Canada

Obama, the American Messiah, will not step-up to the podium to take his place in history. Rather, he will ascend to claim his “rightful” position as the leader of mankind.

When I write about issues that do not concern Canada, some readers get upset that they’ve received an Editorial Broadcast Email Alert that notifies them of a new editorial that is not about Canada.

Some of the recipients of these Editorial Broadcast Email Alerts get so upset that they either delete themselves from the automatic directory, or indignantly demand that I do it for them.

What’s really interesting is that for every person who removes himself or herself from the directory, several new people sign-on.

As I’ve written in the recent past, my directory is near the point were I will soon have to spend THOUSANDS of dollars annually to increase its capacity. So, when people want themselves removed, no problem. It just makes room for others who want to read about more things than ‘just’ Canada.

There is another reality to that many if not most people don’t know.

A great many of the unique visits to come from the USA, while there are others throughout the world, mostly in Israel, who visit this Web Site with a fair amount of frequency. So it really isn’t always about Canada.

Soon, when the time comes for me to make a decision on what to do about my Editorial Email Alert Directory, I imagine I will set-up a reasonable annual fee for those who want to be automatically alerted.

For everyone else, they’ll just have to visit the Site periodically to see what has been published and/or broadcast that is new.

Some jokers sign-on with bogus addresses for reasons beyond my understanding, other than wanting to be malicious pecker-heads. Here’s a newsflash for them. Every Directory sign-up is automatically scrutinized and deleted from the Directory if it is not legitimate.

Now for more serious business:

We’re less than one week away from the big day that will bear witness to the inauguration of America’s first Black President, who will truly be an African American, if it turns out that he was really born in Africa instead of Hawaii as his mother claimed.

But that’s a debate for another day.

Obama, the American Messiah, will not step-up to the podium to take his place in history. Rather, he will ascend to claim his “rightful” position as the leader of mankind.

For a man who ran as a preacher for CHANGE, there is very little change in what he has done so far. As I see it, he has stacked his Cabinet with regurgitated Clintonites, including Hillary, the biggest Clinton of them all.

“Lord” Obama hasn’t been sworn into office yet, and he is saying that “some” of his “promises” for CHANGE will have to wait for his SECOND term, since the economy is a bigger problem than he had envisioned.


What kind of crap is that, since EVERYONE with access to any form of media had a REALLY good idea of how bad things were, and how bad they could get?

I’m no economist, and I was writing about this calamity in the making more than a year ago.

During my federal political campaign as an Independent Candidate in very early October 2008, there wasn’t a speech or debate that I participated in, when and where I didn’t speak of the “Financial Hurricane Coming From The South”.

How could it be that I knew of this disaster when Obama claims he didn’t? The truth is that he did know, and said what he knew the people WANTED to hear, rather than what they HAD to her.

Obama’s executive history and record of accomplishments, other than for himself, are at best as shallow as a wading pool, and at worst as void as a vacuum.

In reality, his real personal history of associations with some of the scum of the earth should have guaranteed he would never have any spot in government, let alone the highest political office on the planet.

I believe that people cannot change their character or their characteristics.


The time for GREAT inspirational speeches and platitudes is over. The time for REAL leadership is now. And as Hillary Clinton said in her description of Obama’s abilities during her campaign for the leadership of the Democratic Party: “He once gave a speech”.

Because Barack Obama has no clue as to what he has to do, since he’s NEVER had to make an executive decision in his entire life, he is surrounding himself with an army of Advisors, Cabinet Secretaries and Czars who are very much at odds with each other and with him.

This will not be a focused Presidency comprised of like-minded people who will steer the USA in a specific direction. Instead, it will be a dog’s breakfast that will be torn in all directions.

By the end of June 2009 (6 months), Barack Obama will be seen as the snake oil salesman he really is, while the average thinking American will be wishing for the good old days of George W Bush, as the Messiah tears the fabric of the United States of America into shreds.

We get the government we deserve. But not all of us deserve the government we get.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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