International Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

I am pleased that Canada took such a principled position, even though, and perhaps especially, because Canada was not afraid to stand-alone.

Canada voted against a UN Human Rights Condemnation of Israel (January 12, 2009) in Brussels that fully supported the Palestinian people of Gaza, including Hamas by omission.

The EU voted to abstain, which is in my opinion as good as a vote against the resolution, since Europe is never shy to stick it to Israel.

South Korea and Japan also voted to abstain. Good on them.

The USA has no vote on the UN Human Rights Commission, since the Americans refuse to be part of this Kangaroo Court comprised in great part by the ‘usual suspects’ represented by Arabs, Moslems and other anti-Western, anti-USA and anti-Israel nations.

I am pleased that Canada took such a principled position, even though, and perhaps especially, because Canada was not afraid to stand-alone.

Had this been a Liberal Canadian government as we’ve seen in the past, Canada’s UN Human Rights vote would have been at the very best an abstention, and at what would be most usual for a Liberal led Canada, a vote against Israel.

The war in Gaza is almost over, given the fact that just about every Hamas leader is in hiding, most probably behind women and children, or have already fled the country through the Gaza/Egyptian tunnels.

For those Gaza TERRORIST not-so-tough-guys, as they‘ve pretended to be, who are willing to fight from the shadows, they’re not doing too well in a man to man battle against Israelis who are willing to fight face to face, opposed to Hamas’ style of blowing up women and children from a distance.

Even though much of the world is yelling at Israel to stop, and are passing resolutions to condemn Israel, no one in the West, or in many of the Middle East countries (ESPECIALLY the Middle East countries) really want Israel to stop until the job is totally done.

Countries like Jordan, Egypt and the Gulf States, including Saudi Arabia are terrified of the Hamas mindset and religious fervor. They live in constant fear of the Moslem Brotherhood that is part and parcel of Hamas and Hezbollah.

The Moslem Brotherhood wants the entire Middle East to adopt absolute Sharia, where there would ONLY be rule by the strict interpretation of the Koran.

Anwar Sadat, President of Egypt was murdered on October 16, 1981 by the Moslem Brotherhood because he made peace with Israel.

Hafaz al-Assad’s Syrian government came under violent attack by the Moslem Brotherhood from the late 1970’s into the early 1980’s, until Assad ordered between 10,000 and 20,000 Brotherhood members, including their families to be murdered in the city of Hama where they lived (February 2, 1982).

No one in the civilized world wants to see a strong and successful Moslem Brotherhood under any brand, Hamas included. So, when they cry for the Palestinian supporters of Hamas who are being killed in this war as collateral damage, their tears would make a crocodile blush.

When this is all over, which will be much sooner rather than later, the ‘usual suspects’ will all condemn Israel, and campaign for sanctions against Israel in the full knowledge that Israel did for them, what none of them would have the guts to do for themselves.

What we are seeing and hearing from Hezbollah, which is NOTHING, is an interesting corollary to the unfolding events in Gaza.

Even though Hezbollah lost some of their top leaders, hundreds of fighters in battle (they won’t admit to how many), and an enormous amount of destroyed infrastructure, they brag about how they won the 2006 war against Israel.

But, when Palestinians launched a few rockets into Israel from their position in Southern Lebanon, in the hope of getting Hezbollah engaged, Hezbollah, through the Lebanese government, fell over themselves denying any culpability.

Now isn’t that strange coming from a military that has convinced itself and their followers that they can beat the crap out of Israel whenever they want to?

Why hasn’t Hezbollah jumped into the battle against Israel, especially when Israel is so engaged in the fighting in Gaza?

Could it possibly be that they can’t afford another ‘victory’ against the Jewish State that left them in tatters the last time out?

Israel did not shine in its 2006 war against Hezbollah, but did well enough to make certain Hezbollah would not be too anxious to want to try again anytime soon.

When the fighting is done in Gaza, and the people evaluate their costs in lost lives, wounded bodies and destroyed infrastructure, it will be a very long time before Hamas will want to try to screw with Israel again.

They might want to consider selling their remaining rockets as souvenirs.

In the meantime, after it’s all over, the Palestinians might be more willing to seriously sit down and negotiate a reasonable Two State Solution with Israel that will focus more on governance than on the violent overthrow of Israel.

When everyone begins their final analysis of who was right and who was wrong, there will be ONLY two countries in the world that can really claim to have stood up for what was right – Canada and the USA.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Stephen Harper is the best Prime Minister this Nation has ever had. There are more people working in Canada now then has ever been the case since this nation was founded. Our National debt is ahead of schedule to be paid off within a year from now. ( that means reduced taxes folks!) When was the last time anyone ever remembers that happening in their lifetime? The socialists absolutely hate Prime Minister Harper because he won’t give them all the perks and entitlement they think they are owed.

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