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For far too many others who've bought the LEFTIST lie, the difference between good and bad is lost upon them since it has become all too gray for them to tell the difference.

As I flew to Toronto Thursday (January 8, 2009) morning for a business meeting, I read the National Post. When I flew back from Toronto on the same day, I read the Globe and Mail.

If I didn’t know any better, I would have believed both newspapers came from different countries and cultures.

The National Post is VERY PRO Israel, not because it likes Jews and dislikes Arabs, which I am absolutely convinced it does neither, but rather, because it has chosen GOOD over EVIL.

The National Post does not ‘theorize’ the truth of the Middle East. It looks at the TRUTHS on-the-ground and compares Israel’s culture to the culture of Israel’s Arab neighbors and Arab enemies, from which the National Post draws a clear distinction.

Here are just a few of the TRUTHS on-the-ground.

1 – Israel is an absolute Democracy in every sense of the modern Western tradition. To the contrary, there is not one true Arab Democracy, including what passes for a Democracy in Iraq.

2 – Israeli laws FORBID any form of discrimination, with Israeli courts open to anyone who feels discriminated against.

3 – All Israelis have the RIGHT to run for office, INCLUDING Israeli Arabs who hold seats in the Knesset.

4 – There is no restriction whatsoever upon the rights of any religious group to openly practice its faith.

5 – Public education, which is open to EVERYONE in Israel is an UNDENIABLE and INALIENABLE RIGHT, same as is healthcare, social assistance – etc.

6 – Israel’s military, one of the best and most disciplined in the world, exercises a strict code of conduct meant to protect Israel’s ENEMIES from abuse, even in battle.

7 – In terms of social, political, scientific, medical, and development of the humanities, Israel takes a backseat to no other country.

8 – FREEDOM of EXPRESSION reigns supreme in Israel.


The National Post publishes quite a few Letters to the Editor concerning what is happening in Israel vis a vis Gaza, most of which are Pro Israel for well argued reasons.

But the National Post also publishes dissenting opinions in their Letters section and Guest Commentary.

So, when I read the National Post, as I do every morning, I expect to see a Pro Israel position based upon the TRUTHS on-the-ground blended with a contrary spin.

For as many years as I can remember, once I understood the real difference between the LEFT and principled Conservatism, I have not been interested in what the Globe and Mail writes, especially in their Editorial, Commentary or Letters pages, since it is usually so far to the LEFT, or Politically Correct, that it resembles anything but the TRUTHS on-the-ground for almost all issues.

When I read the Globe and Mail on my return flight, it was the exact opposite to the National Post, with a Politically Correct Commentary that attacked how the Mullahs interpret Islam, but not Islam itself.

As for their Letters: They were nothing more than a hate-on for Israel.

We have become such a LEFTIST Society, that even our ‘esteemed’ Media can’t report self-evident and verifiable TRUTHS on-the-ground without ridiculous biases.

Israel is being CRUCIFIED in the Media for not allowing humanitarian aid to flow into the battle-zone. Where else on earth has there ever been a demand upon any country at war to stop fighting in order to provide humanitarian aid to the enemy?

Israel is being PILLORIED in the Media for civilian deaths, when the enemy Israel is fighting hides and fights amongst their own civilians specifically for protection, and for the benefit of public relations victories when the civilians they hide amongst become casualties of the war of their own making.

Israel has said MORE times than can be counted, that their war with Hamas will end the moment Hamas stops firing rockets into Israel.


Yet, Israel is the nation that is being BRUTALIZED by the LEFTIST Media for its part in the battle with an organization most of the world considers to be a gang of TERRORIST thugs.

We in the West should take very careful note of the DISGRACEFUL treatment Israel is receiving from the LEFTIST Media, especially from the Western Media, since this type of YELLOW JOURNALISM will comeback to bite us all on the ass BIG-TIME.

If we can’t trust our Media to give us the true story, opposed to the story they WANT us to know, then they, in their own way, are as evil as the enemy they support through their policies of unfair and unfounded bias.

It is indeed a pity out of all proportion that a country as developed and as civilized as is Israel, is so poorly treated by a Media that should know much better.

The REAL battle, especially for the FREE WORLD, is far less about Israel and its murderous neighbors, than it is about the LEFT versus TRUTH and JUSTICE in it’s insane quest for some type of deluded non-existent GRAY colored equivalence in a world that is becoming ever more BLACK and WHITE.

With every passing day, as I grow beyond my 58 years, I am that much more aware of the terrible threat the LEFT poses to our way of life, which has been built upon the concept of a FREE society where it used to be easy to tell the difference between the GOOD guys and the BAD guys.

For me, it’s a NO-BRAINER.

I know who the GOOD guys are. And I know who the BAD guys are.

For far too many others who’ve bought the LEFTIST lie, the difference between good and bad is lost upon them since it has become all too gray for them to tell the difference.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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