Delusions Of Victimhood And Courage

It’s easy to be a masked tough-guy strutting around with an AK-47, RPG and tough-guy talk when the enemy you’re goading is a far and safe distance away.

I’ve often said Middle Eastern Arabs had to be amongst the most deluded people on earth. After seeing the multitude of Pro Hamas street demonstrations worldwide, but especially in the USA, I stand corrected.

Arabs in general, not just Middle Eastern Arabs seem to be amongst the most deluded people on earth.

I’m not going to repeat the current convoluted history of strife in the Middle East, other than to state the obvious:

1 – Hamas Palestinians bombarded Israeli cities with more than 6000 rockets over a period of several years, continuing to do so even after agreeing to a ceasefire.

2 – Israel threatened retaliation for months. And in some cases, actually retaliated in the most benign way possible given the circumstances.

So, now that Israel has finally had enough and decided to punish Hamas TERRORISTS, Palestinian supporters worldwide are all up in arms against Israel for doing what Israel should have done long ago.

How deluded are the Arabs?

Even though Hamas is getting the crap kicked out of it, and Gaza will be left in ruins, they’re still taunting the Israelis and begging them to step onto Gaza (where the Israelis already are in full force), so that Hamas can make Gaza a “Graveyard for Israeli soldiers”.

But, at the same time, it’s harder to find a Hamas fighter, than it is to buy a winning super lottery ticket.

So, how do the Hamas tough-guys intend to make Gaza a cemetery for Israeli soldiers, if they don’t have the gonads to come out and fight?

It’s easy to be a masked tough-guy strutting around with an AK-47, RPG and tough-guy talk when the enemy you’re goading is a far and safe distance away.

But, when it comes to mano-a-mano, the tough-guy Hamas Palestinians are nowhere to be found, other than waiting in hiding amongst civilians for an opportunity to ambush Israeli soldiers who are as front and center as possible.

This Arab rhetoric reminds me of “Baghdad Bob” giving his live on-air interview to the world’s press, telling them that the Iraqis are slaughtering American soldiers at the airport, while in fact, and on-camera, American foot-soldiers, tanks and other armaments were traveling down Baghdad streets unchallenged in front of the studio from where Baghdad Bob was spreading his baloney.

But it’s not just the Arabs who are deluded. They have many non Arab LEFTIST friends who have such a hate-on for Israel specifically, and Jews in general, that they too couldn’t tell the truth about what is really happening in the Middle East, even if they were hypnotized to do so.

In Canada, the Ontario branch of the Federal Civil Service Union (CUPE) is pushing through with their second attempt to BAN Israeli teachers, academics, professors and researches from participating in Ontario universities, unless they denounce Israel’s position vis a vis the Palestinians and the current war.

There have been no shortages of pro Palestinian (Hamas) demonstrations in North America that can be seen on You Tube, where American and Canadian born Arabs are chanting DEATH TO ISRAEL and much worse.

In one uglier than usual pro Palestinian (Hamas) demonstration, this one in Fort Lauderdale Florida, one Hijab wearing woman was screaming, “Jews get into the ovens – get into the ovens”. And she wasn’t the worst in the hateful crowd.

In London England and Paris France, where there are huge Moslem populations, these two countries are terrified at the potential for violence. And given the violent history of Arab and Moslem demonstrations in both of these countries, they have good reason to be concerned and frightened.

There will be a great many Gaza Palestinian civilian deaths before this is all over. But who’s to say – who amongst the Palestinians are civilians, since the fighters don’t wear uniforms and hide their weapons?

Any man could be a Hamas fighter.

Any child could be a suicide bomber, since they’re taught from birth, that killing themselves in the commission of killing Jews is the greatest honor they can bestow upon themselves and their families in the name of Islam.

How about women who have also been, and continue to be suicide bombers?

Just during the past few days (January 4, 2009), an Iraqi Arab woman blew herself up along with dozens (at least 35) of her fellow Arabs outside a Shiite Mosque, simply because her Moslem kind don’t like Shiite Moslems.

All of this is lost on Israel-haters and Jew-haters, since hating Israel and Jews is the real issue.

When Arabs and Moslems who are not Arabs wipe each other out and conduct ritual murders according to the word of Mohamed (Sharia), one of the biggest murderers of them all, there is not a peep of condemnation from the rest of the world.

When Hafez al-Assad, the late President of Syria murdered as many as 20,000 of his own people in the city of Hama, which he surrounded with heavy armor that pounded the community for about 30 days starting February 2, 1982, no one in the international community made a peep.

Why should they, since it was nothing more and nothing less than what Arabs do to one another? To the West, it was simply Arabs taking care of business.

The city of Hama (approximately 350,000 people) is not that dissimilar to Gaza City, where the roads and alleyways are congested, narrow and the perfect venue for urban warfare favoring the locals fighting defense.

Hafez, unlike the Israelis, was not interested in sacrificing the lives and well being of his troops to rout out the Moslem Brotherhood, who are cut from the same fabric of Hamas in Gaza.

Instead, he simply encircled their community and killed everything that lived and breathed until it no longer was alive or able to breath.

So, how come, under nearly identical conditions Syria faced in February 1982, the Israelis are willing to sacrifice their own in January 2009, so as not to do unnecessary harm to civilians who might not be all that innocent?

There are two reasons:

1 – Murdering people is not what Jews are all about, in spite of what the Jew-haters want the world to believe.

2 – The world is already comparing Israel’s fight against TERRORISTS, in a most obscene reversal of truth, painting the Israelis the same as Nazis.

I will conclude with this:

If there was to be an Arab on Arab repeat of Hama, where tens of thousands of Arabs would be murdered by Arabs, that had nothing whatsoever to do with Israel or Jews, the world would be silent and wouldn’t give a damn.


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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Canada is blessed to have such an upstanding Prime Minister as Stephen Harper. I don’t think Canada has ever been as important on the world stage as it is now under Harper, especially with the US imploding under Obama. Unfortunately, people can be really dumb when it comes to voting, and my biggest fear is that ‘pretty boy Trudeau’ will be voted in because of his last name, and because he has nice hair and young good looks that will appeal to the younger crowd who know little about politics.

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