A Proportionate Response From Israel

As far as the world is concerned, Israel is guilty of defending itself no matter what it does.

Now that Israel has finally entered on the ground into the cesspool of Hamas, it will not be possible for the Jewish soldiers to leave without being covered by the stench of Islamo-Fascism.

I weep for the young boys and girls of Israel who have to face an enemy that hides behind old people, women, children and the infirmed, knowing that every “civilian” harmed will become a martyr most of the world will hold up in condemnation to Israel.

Just recently, Hamas Palestinians had political disagreements with Fatah Palestinians that led to Hamas Palestinians pulling Fatah Palestinians out of their homes and cars by the hundreds, MURDERING them wholesale in full public view.


For years, Hamas has fired more than 6000 rockets at Israeli civilians in Israel, hoping against all odds to MURDER Jewish men, women and children.


Hamas has taken BILLIONS of dollars donated for the purpose of building a civilized infrastructure, which they used instead to build and equip an ISLAMIC TERRORIST army.


According to all modern rules of war, it is a war crime to fight out of uniform, to hide amongst a civilian population, and to conceal weapons at civilian locations.

Hamas is GUILTY of all the above.


Hamas entered onto a ceasefire with Israel where Hamas NEVER stopped firing rockets at Israeli civilian targets.


And now that Israel has had enough and has sent in the troops, there is a world of CONDEMNATION AGAINST Israel.

The Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, has CONDEMNED Israel for its DISPROPORTIONATE response to years of Palestinian attacks against Israeli civilians.

What would he consider to be a proportionate response?

Ban Ki-moon is a South Korean whose country is protected from North Korea by the US military umbrella.

If his beloved South Korea came under constant rocket attack from North Korea, how many rockets would have to fall, and how many innocent South Koreans would have to die or be wounded before Ban Ki-moon would think a retaliatory response would be in order?

And what would he think would be a proportionate response if the North wouldn’t stop, and had rockets that could hit major city centers?

“PROPORTIONATE-RESPONSE” seems to be the new LEFTIST buzzword that no one can define, just like Global Warming, Climate Change and Bailout.

So, let me see if I can make some sense out of what should be proportionate:

The Nazis murdered SIX MILLION Jews. So, after the war, should the Jews have been allowed to murder 6 MILLION selected innocent Germans to make it proportionate?

The Nazis rained hellfire on London during the Blitzkrieg; destroying everything they could, including the lives and bodies of innocent men, women and children?

In response to the London Bombings, near the end of the war, Bomber Harris destroyed Dresden in what could at the very least be considered a much less than proportionate response to the much larger campaign against London by the Nazis.

But, according to the LEFTISTS at that day and today, Bomber Harris is considered to be a war criminal.

Without provocation, the Japanese wiped-out much of Pearl Harbor in a sneak attack. The Japanese then went on to murder, rape and torture everyone they saw as an enemy as they cut their swath of inhumanity across most of Asia.

To end the war without sacrificing the bodies and lives of tens of thousands of Americans, and hundreds of thousands of Japanese, and to punish Japan for what it had done, Truman ordered the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

To this day, there are no shortages of people who call the nuclear attacks against Japan a war crime.

It doesn’t matter what Israel will do or say in its battle against this Islamic cancer in Gaza. Israel will be criticized and accused of carrying out every conceivable atrocity the Arabs, Israel haters and anti-Semites can dream-up.

Israel can phone ahead all it wants to warn civilians to get out the way. They can drop leaflets by the MILLIONS telling civilians to head for cover and stay away from fighters and weapons caches.

But none of it will matter. As far as the world is concerned, Israel is guilty of defending itself no matter what it does.

Here’s what Israel has to do:

Wipeout the entire infrastructure the Palestinians need with which to live in Gaza. And let the rest of the people who wish to kill Jews and wipeout Israel understand that the cost of doing so is not worth the attempt.

Israel doesn’t have to kill Hamas or the Gaza Palestinian civilians who support Hamas. Israel has to kill Gaza.

To me, that would be proportionate.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard..
    Most of the people I know in the Ottawa area are governmemt/ex government/ hopefully vhildren government employees. It is their nature to resist anything that challenges increasing the size of government, the arts. which are nice but should be self substaining from the private sector, etc. To them, Harper is crap because he is realism and not “Spend.. We will tax to support socialistic/utopian ideals”.. They have no clue and I gave out of space. So much more but….

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