2006 Battle Of Hezbollah – Déjà vu

If a nation is not willing to fight to the death for EVERYTHING it believes in against an implacable foe, then that nation deserves what it gets.

I have great fear that the same gang of incompetents in Israel, which include two who want to be the next Prime Minister, Tzipi Livini and Ehud Barak, coupled with the disgraced outgoing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert are recreating another 2006 Hezbollah-type debacle.

Like the war against Hezbollah (Lebanon) in the summer of 2006, as in this war against the Islamic Gaza TERRORISTS Hamas, most of the Civilized World have given Israel their support to beat the crap out of the Hezbollah TERRORISTS in public statements or by private acquiescence.

In the war of 2006, Israel blew their incredible opportunity to wipeout an enemy not just to themselves, but also to modernity itself.

Why did Israel fail so miserably? Because of the same horrific leadership that is still leading Israel today.

What is Israel’s stated goal against Hamas? I don’t know because the jerks who are executing this war against the Hamas TERRORISTS change their goal with every interview.

In one interview at the outset of Israel’s war against Hamas, with the outgoing Prime Minister Olmert, it was to be A FIGHT TO THE END TO DESTROY Hamas.

Then it became just to remove Hamas.

And now it’s about ending the rockets being fired at Israel.

Israel has about 6000 troops massed along the Gaza border with tanks and all forms of mechanized military equipment just waiting for that “famous Green Light” to go in.

This is like Hezbollah 2006 all over again. What the hell is wrong with Olmert, Livni and Barak?


Send in the troops and once and for all beat the holy crap out of these TERRORIST Bastards, which would set an example for the rest of the Arab and Islamic world of TERRORISTS to understand.

If it was left-up to people like these pathetic three to have recreated the State of Israel after World War Two, Israel would not exist today.


Israel has become a shadow of its former self. It has become a paper tiger begging for a beating from the Islamists who no longer fear the Jewish State. And why should they?

Why should they fear a country without the balls to defend their own people who have been slammed with TERRORIST rockets for years?

If Israel does not send in the troops and finish off Hamas, the rest of the world will lose their respect and support for Israel including Diaspora Jews living in countries such as the USA, Canada, England and France.

And if that happens, Israel will be finished.

If a nation is not willing to fight to the death for EVERYTHING it believes in against an implacable foe, then that nation deserves what it gets.

The Holocaust happened for just ONE REASON and ONE REASON ALONE. The Jews of Europe didn’t have the guts to fight to the death for themselves, their families, or their friends.

Instead, they cowered behind civility, appeased, and hoped for the best.

Olmert, Livni and Barak are cowering appeasers who are hoping for the best in a confrontation with the worst.

What we are seeing from Israel is part of a much larger symptom of a LEFTIST disease that has infected the entire FREE WORLD.




I hope for the best while I fear for the worst.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The 3 best leaders in the world:
    1) Stephen Harper
    2) Tony Abbot
    3) Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi

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