New Year 2009

For all those good people who share our values (Anne and myself), we wish you nothing but THE VERY BEST for the New Year.

As you’ve been reading on, I’m not too hopeful for the New Year (2009). But I am hopeful that we will survive the New Year, which will bring us to a new Decade (2010) that could very well be worth waiting for.

In 2009, the LEFTISTS will be in charge, which means the SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING BUNCH will expect their free ride, and get it until the money runs out.

Conservatives will rethink what real Conservatism is all about by getting down to focusing on responsible monetary management, law and order, and smaller government.

In spite of a drunken-sailor type government-spending spree to bail us out of a problem that needs no bailout, our economies will survive our governments’ incompetence.

After one year of LEFTIST government, the voting public will be longing for the good old days. And in the USA, Bush will not seem to have been the horrible President the LEFTISTS and Leftist media have portrayed him to be.

The international bad guys will continue to threaten the world, but won’t succeed because their economies will be in worse shape than ours, and the majority of their people will not have the stomach for more misery.

There will be ongoing genocide on the African Continent that most of the world will not give a damn about, or even be aware of.

There will be no real peace in the Middle East with the exception of more cooperation between “moderate” Gulf States, Egypt, Jordan and Israel, not because that is what the Arab countries really want, rather than that is what is in their best interest.

For several reasons, the price of oil will remain low (under $50 per barrel) no matter how many times OPEC nations vote to cut production.

1 – Even though OPEC partners agree to cut production, they cheat, because each individual country couldn’t give a rat’s ass for the prosperity and luxurious lifestyle of anyone else but themselves.

Also, for the Middle East producers, other than oil, what do they have that they can sell to maintain their economy and infrastructure? They can’t cut production even if they want to without going totally broke.

2 – Because of the wrecked international economy that will take years for recovery, the demand for personal energy will simply not be there as the world estimated based upon the wild growth projections for China and India.

3 – Because of speculators, the price of crude oil was driven through the roof. But now that these fiscal parasites are broke, there’s no artificial catalyst to drive the price of oil beyond its real value.

4 – Because of $4 and $5 gallons of gasoline in North America, North Americans finally got the message, and are buying much more fuel-efficient cars and trucks.

The car and truck manufacturers also got the message.

If the average consumption of fuel drops by as much as 20% in North America, OPEC will have to drop their production by at least 20% just to keep even. But what about non-OPEC countries like Canada and the USA that will keep pumping to fill our own North American domestic needs?

Times will not be easy in 2009:

2009 is going to be a transition year where the pendulum will swing faster and harder than normal, just so we can find equilibrium we can all live with.

Our government leaders will still be incompetent and out of touch. Our courts will still be far removed from the people who they sit in judgment of. And there will be a huge cry from the LEFT for more entitlements.

After all is said and done, when people realize that government cannot spend us out of the misery of their own making, cold reality will be the factor that will guide us through these hard times.

Conservatives, who provide the fuel for the motor that is responsible for creating the wealth and jobs that keep the ball rolling, will tell the LEFTISTS where to get off.

But before that happens, the policies of the LEFTISTS will have to run their course creating enough pain and misery for the people and our governments to finally see the light at the end of their own tunnel of darkness.

In terms of governments:

Harper’s Conservatives will fall in the year 2009 by no fault other than his own, giving Ignatieff’s Liberals a majority or a strong minority the Socialist NDP will support.

Barack Obama will be exposed as the incompetent fraud that he really is. Hillary Clinton will be Obama’s single biggest nightmare. And Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed will be more hated than Bush was when he was President.

The Democrats will see their fortunes collapse by the 2010 mid-term elections.

Netanyahu will be Israel’s next Prime Minister. The Palestinians will still be demanding everything they can think of to demand, while elections in Palestine will be nonexistent.

As for Anne and myself: We will continue to live the way we always have. Our feet will remain planted firmly on terra firma with our shoulders angled to the wind as we continue to move forward.

We will work hard as we always do. We will continue to play by the rules. We will meet our successes with gratitude and failures with the knowledge that at the very least we tried, knowing that we will try again.

We will continue to love our family, friends and animals. We will do what we can for the benefit of others. And I will continue to fight for Canadian RIGHTS and FREEDOMS wherever the fight takes me.

And for all those good people who share our values (Anne and myself), I wish you nothing but THE VERY BEST for the New Year.

HAPPY NEW YEAR . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I support Stephen Harper. Remember that wimp (Neville Chamberlain I think his name was) just before Hitler invaded Poland…….2nd world war. Justin Trudeau is a suitable follow up leader for the Liberals.

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