In terms of “YES WE CAN” - I believe the WE does not include Obama.

As we prepare to enter into a New Year (2009), we are passing from what was a very bad year (2008) into one that I fear will be much worse.

The lack of leadership at all levels, coupled with a runaway LEFTIST judicial system, and a sense of global entitlement that has spread like a disease, even upon the shores of the USA, is so bad, that it is inconceivable.

The American people aided and abetted by the worst media imaginable, elected a fabricated American Idol to be the President opposed to the best person for the job.

In reality though, neither McCain nor Obama were the BEST people for the job. In fact, both of them were amongst the least qualified to be President of the United States and Leader of the Free World.

That in itself says an awful lot about good people who are not willing to run for public office.

But we have whom we have. And in the next four years, the world will have to live with the choice(s) made.

The problems the world will face in the first seconds of the New Year are so extreme and extraordinary, that it is hard to list which calamity should be dealt with first.

Is the economy the most pressing issue?

Is it the pretend peace in Iraq that can ONLY be sustained as long as US troops remain there?

Is it the war in Afghanistan that hasn’t even begun to erupt while most of the NATO nations who are there refuse to engage the enemy in combat (with the exception of Canada and the USA), or are speaking of leaving?

Or is it the war against the Islamic TERRORISTS in Pakistan that hasn’t really yet begun?

Is it the tension that might very well lead to war between two nuclear powers in the Far East (India and Pakistan) that might trigger a world conflict?

Or should we be terrified that Iran is a heartbeat away from developing nuclear weapons with which to TERRORIZE the world and “Wipe Israel Off The Map” as promised by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

Should we still be focused on the cost and availability of energy to power our modern societies and vital personal transportation? Or is it OK now that the price of gasoline at the pumps has fallen so dramatically?

Should our greatest concern be in what happens in the Middle East, since Israel’s war with Hamas might only be a skirmish in a much larger war that could engulf the entire region sucking in a few super powers along the way?

With all that is going on, and all the unfathomable challenges the world is facing, where are the leaders of the USA?

It’s easy to point a finger at George W Bush as so many talking-head LEFTISTS are doing, by proclaiming, that since he is STILL the President until January 20, 2008, he should be making policy statements.

How stupid is that?

How can the outgoing President make policy statements on issues he will have nothing whatsoever to do with in a matter of weeks? How can he make policies for his successor to enforce?

In a few short weeks, Barack Obama will be the President of the United States and the Leader of the Free Word. WHERE IS HE?

How can Obama be so cavalier as to be vacationing in Hawaii when the American people and the entire world are waiting with bated-breath for him to say something reassuring other than: “THERE IS ONLY ONE PRESIDENT AT A TIME”.

In a time of challenges that is not like any other time in my personal 58 year history, America has a President-In-Waiting who is absolutely able to read a great speech and promote himself like a rock star, while what the world REALLY needs a real leader.

Where are the likes of Churchill, Thatcher and Reagan?

During the election campaign, reasonable Conservatives, excluding worthless John McCain tried every which way they could to demonstrate Obama’s worthlessness as a leader and a person.

They focused on his totally invisible list of accomplishments. They shone a bright light on his horrific associations with his Black Liberationist Church of Jew-haters, America-haters and White-haters. They even focused on his domestic TERRORIST friends and a convicted fraud-artist fundraiser.

But no one on the Left or Left of Center would listen, because Obama was America’s Political Idol, endorsed by America’s Television Queen Oprah, embraced by the elitist Hollywood LEFT.

Well, now that the world is coming apart at the seams, instead of leading, Barack Obama is still making speeches as though someone forgot to tell him he has already won and that it is time for him to go to work.

Obama is still posing for the cameras and planning his mega-million person inauguration instead of calming the American people and reassuring the people of the world.

While it is indeed true that there is just one President at a time, it is equally true that in three weeks it will be him who will be the President at that time, even though the problems of the world will not wait for his inauguration.

Barack Obama campaigned on two themes: “YES WE CAN” and “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN”.

In terms of “YES WE CAN” – I believe the WE does not include Obama.

In terms of “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN” – I have no idea what that means, other than GOOD going to BAD, and BAD going to WORST, is just as much “CHANGE”, as things going from WORST to BEST.

I don’t see things going from WORST to BEST.

In the meantime, the LEFTIST love affair continues with the man vacationing at Waikiki, while the world crumbles all around him.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Your reasoning is quite sound, provided it is an HONEST ELECTION. Lets look at how Allen West got beaten in Florida in the last elections. Port St. Lucy had more voters than there are residents by a large margin. You are going to see massive voter fraud and intimidation to a new level. The libs are experts on fixing an election, the facts are there for all to see.

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