Bailouts & Stimulus –The New Leftist Industry

For the DO-NOTHING FREEBIE-GRABBING LEFT, this is a victory larger than anything they could have ever imagined.

I’m no Right Wing Conservative. But neither am I a Social Liberal.

I’m very comfortable finding myself on the Center Right on virtually all issues that deal with INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, less government, lowest taxes possible and personal responsibility.

On certain social issues, I’m on the Center Left.


We keep hearing our politicians, most of whom, who could not manage a convenience store, spew their demands for BAILOUTS and STIMULUS programs, as if these are somehow magic corporate bullets.

THEY ARE NOT! In fact, they’re long-term poison.

When I hear our Schmucky politicians speaking about saving OUR auto industry, I have to wonder what industry they’re speaking about, since I know of no Canadian auto industry.

I do know that we in Canada have auto manufacturing and assembly plants that are headquartered in the USA, Europe and Asia – But a Canadian industry?

So, when the Schmucks in Parliament are yelling about Auto Industry Bailouts, why is it just the American BIG THREE? What about Honda, Toyota and the other non-American auto manufacturers?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge America supporter. I love the way American businesses USED to operate before the crooks took over the banking, insurance, investment and housing markets courtesy of their Schmucky politicians.

But I have to wonder, why is everyone rushing to bailout a failed American Industry when there is a flourishing “FOREIGN” auto industry making products people want and can afford RIGHT HERE IN NORTH AMERICA?

If the label says: MADE IN THE USA or MADE IN CANADA, what’s the difference what brand is stamped on the hood, since it was made with either American or Canadian labor?

Or should just failed “domestic” auto employees get to have the taxpayers save their overpaid and over privileged asses?

Isn’t it interesting how willing the politicians are to screw-over the so-called FOREIGN carmakers which produce their cars in North America, while at the same time we IMPORT just about EVERYTHING else that is made in China, and outsource our call-centers to India?

I see several enormous problems with these bailouts:

1 – TAXPAYER money is to keep the US Auto Plants up, running and viable.

How? By making more vehicles people don’t want? By making more vehicles to place on the market while their storage lots are already overflowing with vehicles they can’t sell as it is?

OK, so our tax-dollars in the BILLIONS will go to these loser car companies to keep them alive. But, if they already have huge inventories they can’t sell, and if their production costs don’t fall dramatically, how do they survive?

The simple answer is this: THEY CAN’T!

Unless the auto industry goes into a US style Chapter 11 Bankruptcy to rid themselves of UNION obligations that are ridiculous and unsustainable, and management that has already been proven to be as incompetent as they come, NOTHING will save the American Auto Industry. NOTHING!

2 – What about FAIR-TRADE?

How can the governments use TAXPAYER money to bailout “SOME” of the North American auto industry at the expense of others?

Why should Toyota for example, have to compete against the unfair support of their rivals by the hand of government, especially against domestic Toyota autoworkers?

All of this goes beyond SPREADING THE WEALTH. It is injecting government into the very fabric of our FREE-ENTERPRISE system that has made the WEST as successful as it is.

Capitalism, before being hijacked by crooks, enabled by Schmucky and even more crooked politicians, has been the cornerstone of our national financial success, social success and political success. UP TILL NOW THAT IS.

It pains me to see Conservative leaders in the names of George W Bush and Stephen Harper sell-out the very principles of our respective Democracies for their own political advantage.

In the case of George W Bush, it is for his legacy. For Harper, it is for his survival.

Here are messages for Bush and Harper:

No matter what happens, Bush will be blamed for all eternity for the CRASH OF 2008.

Whether Harper sells out his Conservative principles or not, the opposition will take credit for the Bailouts, while Harper will be blamed for them. Either way, because of his unwillingness to stand on principle, both Harper and Canada will lose.

For the DO-NOTHING FREEBIE-GRABBING LEFT, this is a victory larger than anything they could have ever imagined.

Their Welfare Poverty Industry didn’t change the way we live and govern ourselves in the Democratic West.

Neither did their Anti-War Industry, their Anti USA and Israel Industry, their Aids Industry, their Global Warming Industry, nor their all-new Climate Change Industry.

But, this BAILOUT & STIMULUS INDUSTRY will indeed change the fabric and the freedom of our societies for a very long time to come.

Who’s to blame? We are.

We Conservatives have no one else to blame but ourselves. We allowed this to happen by being too willing to compromise, and too unwilling to fight for the things we believe in. Now we will all pay the price.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I cringe at the thought of this college-boy, misogynist Justin Trudeau becoming leader of our nation. Imagine 70 world nations finding it worthy enough to send their brave young to war against ISIS, and this silver-spoon, shmuck makes a juvenile, frat-boy remark about Canada unzipping our pants and whipping out our big ones (CF-18 fighters). This idiot should stick to what he’s good at – sucking off his daddy’s name while he continues to debase and humiliate women.

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