Everyone Wants A Handout

Do you think many of our politicians lay awake at night worrying about where they’re going to get money to put food on their table, make a car payment, or cover the rent or mortgage?

It makes me squirm to read, hear and see the news reports about TAXPAYER handouts to people who are responsible for creating the mess we’re living with today.

WORSE! It frightens the hell out of me knowing that our politicians want to fix a problem they have no expertise whatsoever in fixing.

I would be willing to bet that there are very few politicians anywhere in North America who are capable of running a Convenience Store, much less a TRILLION dollar economy.

Yet, these bad actor politicians are rushing around like chickens without their heads determined to make a very bad situation much worse.


Here are men and women, many of whom, who have never owned a business, who are making critical decisions on behalf of people who do own and manage businesses.

Most of these politicians are so far removed from the REAL challenges of making it from day to day, that they can’t possibly understand or really feel for the vast majority of people who are quivering at the prospect of being unemployed.

Do you think many of our politicians lay awake at night worrying about where they’re going to get money to put food on their table, make a car payment, or cover the rent or mortgage?

Do you think that 6-year politicians worry about how they’re going to survive in retirement, especially in Canada, where 6 years in the House of Commons is an entitlement to a rich TAXPAYER paid pension for life?

And for the American politicians who are covered with first class healthcare. Do you think they worry about what will happen to them if they get sick and need medical attention, the same way the average American Joe cringes in fear of healthcare if they don’t have a job to pay for it?

The vast majority of people living in Canada and the USA live in the REAL WORLD, while our politicians live in a world so far removed from the rest of us, that they couldn’t possibly feel the things we feel.

Yet, it is us who keep them in FAT CITY.

First they bailed-out Wall Street, the banks and the insurance company thieves who do nothing to create anything of value for the people they fleece in their private money-making labyrinth.

Then they bailed-out the mortgage con artists who guaranteed loans for people who couldn’t afford to rent, let alone buy homes most credit-worthy people couldn’t afford.

Now they want to bailout the American Auto Industry that is amongst the worst managed industry from labor to management on the planet.

And for their piece de resistance: INFRASTRUCTURE.

All governments will be spending GAZILLIONS of TAXPAYER dollars on infrastructure. Can you just imagine the patronage, incompetence, graft, theft and abuse? I CERTAINLY CAN!

The trouble we’re in can be traced back to the people who we’re trusting to get us out. These are the decision makers who spent OUR MONEY as if they won it in a lottery.

These are the same people who spent our money with their wild-eyed dreams and schemes, as if our money came from a never-ending source.

Very often, when things are really bad, the only solution is to let them get even worse before they can get better.


There was a time long ago when my entire financial world fell apart. I have always accepted full blame for my personal disaster, since my competitors who also had hard times survived while I didn’t.

I never bought lavish things. I financed ONLY what I thought had to be financed such as a home and a car. I didn’t take vacations on borrowed money. And I really tried not to live beyond my means.

But, as the saying goes, written by Robert Burns, used in John Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice & Men: “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

My business failed, and with it I went bankrupt. If I told you that the lead-up to bankruptcy was on a par with being told that I had cancer, which I had, I would not be lying. BANKRUPTCY WAS THAT TRAUMATIC FOR ME.

My business failure was of no fault or problem to anyone other than my very few bank and corporate creditors, my wife who was blameless, and myself who made the wrong decisions.

This was our disaster (my wife and I) to work out for ourselves.

We didn’t turn to anyone for pity or for a bailout. I didn’t point fingers of blame for my failure at anyone but myself. But what I did do, was work as hard as I could to rebuild my wealth, my reputation, and my credit.

That was a long time ago. But I never forgot the lesson and the humility of public failure. I never take my good fortune for granted. And I never look down on anyone going through hard times.

But, for things to have gotten better for me, first they had to hit rock bottom, which they did. And from the bottom, I worked my way back up to the top; bruised, battered, tougher and smarter.

If we want our economy to really recover, what happened to me must happen in a much grander scale to all of those who can’t make it, giving them a chance to come back and rebuild; bruised, battered, tougher and smarter.

Canada and the USA do not need bailouts. We need far LESS GOVERNMENT THAN WE NEED MORE GOVERNMENT.

If government really wants to help, this is what they have to do.

1 – Reduce their size and cost.


3 – DEREGULATE – Stop making ridiculous rules.

4 – Stop spending on all non-essential social and infrastructure services.

5 – REPEAL federal taxes for 3 months. That’s a stimulus package.

6 – And make the people MORE competitive by ending bailouts.

Successful Business comes down to just one savage truism: SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.

It’s time to end the pity party. It’s time to face reality. It’s time to get fit.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The more informed you get, the more pro-Israel the non-partisan bystander becomes 99% of the time (even among non-radical ordinary moslems) Israel is the foothold of occidental democratic modernity into an ocean of totalitarian thugocracies, theocracies and middle-age barbarism of most arabic nations.

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