The Bullyboys Are Strutting Their Stuff

If we win our challenge, as I suspect we will, this will change the language debate throughout Canada, maybe even in Quebec.

The wheels are very much in motion from the lawyers for the Township of Russell, who have begun the process of trying to bury our lawyers in paper.

It seems that we have received more than ONE THOUSAND pages of affidavits from their “expert” witnesses whose job it is to prove that a law that FORCES bilingual signs is absolutely necessary for the preservation of the French language and culture in Ontario.

They will also attempt to prove that Franco Ontarians have always worked diligently towards a bilingual Ontario.

I guess it might be a bit of a stretch for them to explain all the French ONLY municipal signs in Eastern Ontario, as well as the French ONLY Healthcare Clinics, the French ONLY Community Centers, the French ONLY Segregated School Busses that forbid the presence of English speaking children, and the French language school rules that forbid French children from speaking to each other in English anywhere on school property.

I am especially drawn to the ENORMOUS Franco Ontario flags that are popping up in Eastern Ontario, such as at the exit to Casselman off the 417, and at the St Laurent exit in Ottawa, also off the 417.

They’re the size of a house. But where are the Ontario and Canadian flags?

Amongst the THOUSAND PLUS pages of affidavits sent to our legal team, there are about 100 pages of information designed to discredit me as being a racist and French-hater.

I suppose they think this Court Challenge is about me, which it is not. But, if they can make it about me, in their minds at least, it will cloud the real issue which is all about Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, specifically Section 2b, our RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.

I won’t give away any of our strategy on these pages, since I would be very surprised if the enemies of Section 2b do not read with a magnifying glass.

But I will tell you this:

They can try all that they want to bury us in paper and drown us with their “expert” witnesses. They can do their very best to try and spend us under the table and intimidate me as they have tried at the outset.

But none of it will work.

None of their bullyboy tactics will work for two reasons:

1 – I will not succumb to intimidation. I will not cower to threats of personal financial disaster if I don’t withdraw. And I will not concern myself with their attempt to drag my name and reputation through the mud of their own making.

2 – WE ARE RIGHT! No matter how they slice it or dice it. WE ARE RIGHT!

No one is suggesting that French speakers in Ontario should have fewer rights than English speakers.

No one is hinting that there should be a Quebec style Bill 101 against French speakers in Ontario that would make the unrestricted use of the French language against the law, the way Quebec’s Bill 101 makes the unrestricted use of the English language against the law within Quebec.

No one is saying there should be English ONLY healthcare clinics in Ontario, or that there should segregated English ONLY school busses where French children would not be allowed.

No one is suggesting that French ONLY on signs should not be allowed.

Our argument is simple: No one should have the right to dictate Freedom of Expression by FORCING anyone to express themselves in a language other than the language of THEIR choice.

With all the sticks and stones they will throw at my reputation.

With all their attempts to intimidate me.

With all their “expert” witnesses who will provide smoke and mirrors.

And with all their efforts to spend us under the table.

None of any of the preceding will supplant the RIGHT of EVERY Canadian to fully exercise his or her RIGHTS as are guaranteed by Section 2b of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

They can argue anything they want anyway they want. But, any argument they raise that attacks Freedom of Expression is an attack on the very fabric of RIGHTS that binds our Democracy together.

There is another side of this coin that must be made abundantly clear.

If we win our challenge, as I suspect we will, this will change the language debate throughout Canada, maybe even in Quebec.

This probability has the OTHER SIDE so spooked, that they will resort to whatever measures they can to win, no matter how low they will have to stoop.

To prove this point of importance, others on the OTHER SIDE are already petitioning to become interveners.



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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I am also proud of Stephen Harper for backing the right causes no matter what the world or the UN thinks. I only worry that the shiny pony (trudeau) will win the next election because we have turned into a nation that only wants what it can get for free (or so we think). We will be then in the same league with the US with Obama and will only pine for the good old days when we had freedom.

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