Fix Ottawa And We’ll Fix The Problem Of Quebec

Not only does Brent have to fight Quebec, he also has to fight our very own federal government.

On June 9th 1996, I organized and led a demonstration on Parliament Hill that attracted a police estimated crowd of 16,000 people.

My belief then, as it still is today, is that the problem with Quebec, and all the inherent problems that face Canada as a result of Quebec is not the fault of Quebec City, nearly as much as it is the fault of Ottawa.

A year or so later, while I was on the air in Montreal (CIQC), I, with microphone in hand, took two busloads of Montrealers to protest outside the Official Residence of Prime Minister Jean Chretien from where I did my live radio show.

My feeling was simple: If we can’t have peace in our home, he shouldn’t have peace in his either.

My good friend Brent Tyler is standing before the Supreme Court of Canada today, arguing on behalf of the RIGHT of parents to send their children to PRIVATE English language schools in Quebec, that would then qualify them to attend PUBLIC English language schools in Quebec, as the law used to allow until the government of Quebec changed the law with Bill 104 to disallow this “loophole”.

Brent is arguing that this Quebec restriction violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (as virtually all of Quebec’s draconian language laws do – my comment).

Let me paint the picture facing Brent:

Brent is alone in this battle, just as he has been alone in just about all of his many battles against ethnocentric nationalism within Quebec. He has been insulted, threatened, attacked physically, attacked in the French Press, and derided in the Montreal English Press by Anglo sell-outs.

Even though He has had his office attacked and is being harassed by Revenue Quebec, and fights without the legal help of a team, he still continues to fight.

Let me ask you this simple question: How long do you think any person can keep on going under this unbearable burden?

Brent has fought for the “LITTLE GUY” and for the businessperson who can’t afford to fight the government out of his own pocket, to the point that Brent’s pockets are bare, and the Quebec government is doing everything it can to bury him financially.

I know all of this, because I know Brent. We really are friends. And as his friend, it breaks my heart to see him stand like a mountain, all by himself against the torrent of government abuse.

In the QPAC days (Quebec Political Action Committee), I was able to fund many of the cases Brent fought, but now that those days are over, I am not in the same position. But, I will send Brent money.

THIS IS A PLEDGE TO HIM AND TO YOU! I will send Brent $1000.

No one in this country should have to stand alone the way Brent is, to fight for the RIGHTS of ALL Canadians out of his own pocket with heart and soul.

No One!

I can’t even begin to tell you how much Brent has personally lost because of his selfless defense of EQUAL RIGHTS for all Canadians. And if I did, you might not want to believe me because the price he has thus far paid to defend all of us is really beyond belief.

The reason why I began this editorial by shining a light on OTTAWA as being the problem opposed to being the solution is this:

Every time Quebec’s language laws have been challenged at the Supreme Court, and even at the United Nations, Ottawa has intervened on the side of Quebec against the RIGHTS of English Canadians.


Not only does Brent have to fight Quebec and all of the allies of ethnocentric Quebec, he also has to fight our very own federal government, which has once again intervened on the side of Quebec.

We just can’t let him fight alone. It isn’t fair. I ask all of you who are reading this to PLEASE STAND WITH BRENT!

Whatever money Galganov Dot Com Inc receives within the next week, half of it will go directly to Brent, with the other half being banked for our Court Challenge against the Township of Russell’s FORCED Bilingual Sign Law which Brent will help defend along with our Ottawa attorney.

I will thank Brent with $1000. THAT IS MY PROMISE. But, it would be magnificent if Brent could receive far more than that in the holiday spirit of Chanukah and Christmas.

I don’t know anyone who is more deserving.

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If I can, I will write back, or just send you my Best Regards to let you know that I read what you sent. But please be patient, as it sometimes takes a day or more for me to read all that is in my Inbox.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. Last election in our county, there were areas that had 115% voter turnout. I am sure that amount will be exceeded this time. We had the Registrar to our meeting trying to explain that, but he could only come up with numbers that did not match anywere.
    It is not going to be an easy election and wonder what the aftermatch will be, when the numbers come out?

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