Threats Mean The Message Is Getting Through

The greatest weapon FREEDOM has in its arsenal is our FREEDOM of Expression, which covers our FREEDOM of communication in all of its forms.

I always know when one of my editorials really hits the mark by the volume of emails I receive in response. Especially emails from people who feel offended or upset at my opinions.

Yesterday evening at 11:40 (December 11, 2008), I received one particular email that can only be described to be as nasty and ugly as it gets.

If you don’t have the stomach for real racist vulgarity, I apologize in advance for what you will read in the paragraph after the next. You might want to skip it.

But, because this is the kind of thing I’ve been receiving for years, I want you to know some of the price I have to pay for my RIGHT to Freedom of Expression, and your RIGHT to read and hear what others such as myself have to write and/or say.

YOU MIGHT WANT TO SKIP THIS: “I’m going to kill you jewish bastard…You’re the sad living proof that Hitler failed. You racist sick fuck, watch your ass ’cause I’m going to fucking rape you.”

What you just read is copy and paste. It is exactly as I received it. The email name was from: Jean-Nicholas Audet.

Usually, I just put hate letters into a separate file-folder for future reference, just in case some sicko decides to act on his or her anger.


This time, I have informed the OPP (Ontario Provincial police) who will take action. Not because Audet scares me, but to set an example for him and everyone like him, that in our society there is no room whatsoever for this type of behavior.

I can’t even begin to count the number of angry emails I receive from ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists. Or from those French speakers in Ontario who hate my opposition to their quest to coerce Ontario into adopting the French language as an official language equal to English, while denying 96% of the Ontario population (English speakers) jobs within Ontario’s civil service etc.

Or, who support French ONLY healthcare clinics, segregated French ONLY school busses, FORCED bilingual signs, and French ONLY community centers and the like.

Even social Leftists who couldn’t care in the least about my position on language and culture within Canada send me dunning emails that are very often vulgar.

But this one from Audet is over the line.

I can certainly take it. If I couldn’t, I would not be writing and saying the things that I do. Letters and threats such as these ONLY stiffen my resolve.

When we lived in the province of Quebec, and I led the battle against ethnocentric Quebecois nationalism between 1995 and 2000, I was inundated with death threats.

But that didn’t stop me.

Instead, I hired several very CAPABLE armed men who would not have hesitated to do whatever had to be done to protect my wife, our animals and our property 24 hours per day, seven days per week, for months at a time over a period of several years at a cost that well exceeded $100,000.

I look at it this way: If we have troops in Afghanistan fighting and dying in the name of Canada for the Afghani people to live in a FREE society, how could I do differently here within Canada?

My dad and two of his brothers went overseas during WWII wearing the Canadian uniform under the Red Ensign to fight in Europe for the Freedom of people they never knew.

How could I do otherwise in MY HOME COUNTRY, given that the threats against me are a joke in comparison to what our troops, past and present had to endure, and have to face today fighting in the name of FREEDOM?

This jerk Audet is seriously bothered by what I write and say, because he knows that it’s true.

He knows that there is turnaround coming from the rest of Canada against Quebec’s zeal to extort privileges and wealth from Canada that no other province would ever have the Chutzpah to request, let alone demand.

Maybe this idiot is smart enough to understand that Quebec’s gig might very well be coming to a crashing end, and that the rest of Canada no longer cares to be bothered with what Quebec wants?

Maybe he’s smart enough to see the writing on the wall, and hates people like me for writing it in HUGE BLOCK LETTERS that are easy to read and understand?

And maybe, just maybe, he’s not smart enough to understand the written word, but he’s smart enough to understand the spoken word that comes out of my mouth on RADIO at

I don’t care what it was that I wrote or said that made him cross the line, other than he will pay a price for it, and that it illustrates how much of what I write and say bothers people like him.


The greatest weapon FREEDOM has in its arsenal is our FREEDOM of Expression, which covers our FREEDOM of communication in all of its forms.

The moment we cower from defending this RIGHT, even from idiots like Audet, or bureaucrats like the horrible people at the Human Rights Commissions, we no longer deserve to have RIGHTS.

The category of this editorial that is located just under the title is:


If you believe in this as I do, then let us all do together whatever has to be done to fight for every FREEDOM we have, and should have.

If you don’t believe in this idea that FREEDOM ISN’T FREE read and listen to someone else’s Blog. is not for you.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I agree with Jacqueline Barron, voter fraud will be rampant this election. My fear is that it will be so rampant that we will loose the election by a large majority. THEN WHAT MAY HAPPEN WILL NOT BE PRETTY.

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