A Golden Opportunity Missed

It seems to me that Stephen Harper has always been too smart for his own good, the good of the Party, and the good of the country.

When the “Coalition of Idiots” led by Stephane “The Dufus” Dion, “Taliban” Jack Layton, and Gilles “The Freeloading Separatist” Duceppe threatened to bring down the Conservative government of Stephen Harper, Harper missed a GOLDEN opportunity to save Canada.

He should have said to them: GO FOR IT!

Form your coalition of sick-picks-sick, and try to run this country from the Left according to the will of Quebec Separatists.

Go ahead – write a blank check for $30 BILLION as promised, only to be pissed away down the bureaucratic river to nowhere.

Pick your 6 Quebec Separatists to sit in the Queen’s Chamber (Senate). And make certain to give the Green Party’s leader, Elizabeth “Fat-Ass” May her Senate Seat too.

And while you’re at it, make certain that all unions will have MORE power than employers, and raise the taxes of businesses and higher wage earners appropriately.

Instead of doing this, Harper chose to go to the Haitian born, citizen of France, and Quebec Separatist sympathizer Michaelle Jean, who sits as our Governor General to prorogue (suspend) Parliament for 6 weeks (until January 26, 2009), in order to give each Party a chance to cool down and work things out.


Had Stephen Harper called their bluff by allowing them to vote his government down on a bill that would have ended Political Party Welfare, they would have been so screwed, that there just isn’t a word to describe it.

The opposition would have had just one of two choices had they felled the newly elected minority Conservative government.

1 – They could have gone along with another general election less than two months after the last, and try to explain to the electorate why it was so necessary to put Canada through another $300 MILLION election, ONLY because Harper wanted to take away their TAXPAYER Party Welfare.

2 – The three IDIOTS could have formed their coalition damning them to the bottom of the pit of Canadian politics for a generation or more to come.

Imagine them trying to explain to the people of Canada, why it was so important for the weakest opposition (ever) in modern time, to ally themselves with Quebec Separatists to govern a country that outright rejected all of them not much more than just a month previously.

What were Harper’s sins that supposedly invited this contrived crisis?

1 – He wasn’t willing to panic by spending BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars like a drunken sailor as the Americans are doing.

2 – He wanted to make certain that in these troubled financial times, the Public Service Unions couldn’t strike.

3 – If all Canadians are expected to tighten their belts and sacrifice so the country can best weather this financial storm, shouldn’t political Parties be required to do the same by relying upon themselves and their supporters for their financing, opposed to getting their money from taxpayers?

Had Harper stuck to his guns on these three principles, the opposition, united or not, would have committed suicide by bringing down his government in any manner whatsoever.

Instead though, what Stephen Harper did by proroguing Parliament, was to give the Liberals a 6-week lifeline to get rid of their “Dufus” leader Dion, bring in a leader who can really win seats, and let them entirely off the hook for this coalition of stupidity.

It seems to me that Stephen Harper has always been too smart for his own good, the good of the Party, and the good of the country.

This time though, I believe Harper has outsmarted himself from ever becoming the leader of a majority government because he chose not to finish-off his opponents on a debate over principles, which he himself established.

He showed the people of Canada that he will not stand for his OWN principles. Nor will he defend his OWN position when push comes to shove.

On the other hand, being saved from themselves because of Harper’s decision to prorogue Parliament, the Socialist NDP will come back to fight another day.

The Bay-Street Liberals will make certain that Dion is gone, and will be replaced with someone who will be able to win enough seats to keep the Conservatives under Harper from ever winning a majority.

As for the Bloc – Nothing changes. They will continue to have a good laugh at all of us on our dime.

The ONLY positive outcome of all of this nonsense is how much it has awakened the West to the insult of Quebec, more specifically, Quebec Separatists dictating terms to Canada – Especially to them in the West.

For the very first time in my memory, Westerners are starting to take a very close and hard look at the political, social, and financial cost they’ve been paying, and will continue to pay because of Quebec.

This alone could have made all of these shenanigans worth it.

In the meantime, the Conservatives should seriously be considering finding a new leader who will stand on principles, not blink when confronted, and be able to win a majority with or without Quebec.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I agree with everything you are saying. It is very apparent that MESS Obama is not fit run a school meeting with children. He has NO SPINE in his life and should be dumped ASAP. Pathetic President is a title he wears when he goes to the bathroom………………………….

    Terry Maloney Orangeville, Ontario.

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