Quebec Or Canada?

Either Harper does what has to be done in terms of ending Quebec’s immense influence on all of Canada, or the West will do it for him.

It saddens me to read, watch and hear the political pundit ‘geniuses’ discussing this crisis as if it’s Stephen Harper’s fault.

It is Harper’s fault – But not for the reasons given by the slanted pundits.

It’s Harper’s fault for not winning a majority. It is also his fault for ignoring Canada to win favor with Quebec Separatists. It is also his fault for calling an early election.

Harper has MANY faults – But this mess is not one of them.

For the pundits to lay blame at the feet of Harper says several things about the media. None of which are good.

1 – They think they are smarter than everyone else.

2 – They think we are stupid and can’t see beyond their fog.

3 – They are pro Liberal and/or NDP.

4 – They really dislike Conservatives.

5 – They distort the truth.

6 – They don’t see Quebec Separatists for who they are.

7 – They just don’t get it.

There are THREE principle villains in this mess. Dion, Layton and Duceppe.


Our problem is that too many Canadians want SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING. They want the government to be their crutch for all things. They have stopped thinking, in the misguided belief that government could and should think for them.

More to the problem is the national mindset that INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, and the success of the INDIVIDUAL are somehow bad things which have led to millions of votes cast for the SOMETHING-FOR NOTHING political Parties and their leaders.


Let me repeat this:


There is only one way to fix this problem. A real leader must make it clear to the NATION of Quebec that their FREE RIDE is over. That there are no more equalization payments. No more transfer payments. No more special dispensation. And no more special status.

If Quebec doesn’t like it – GOODBYE!

Fundamentally, without Quebec, Canada is a relatively Conservative country, which would elect a majority Conservative government. But, as long as Quebec remains within Confederation under the current circumstance, Canada will remain a dysfunctional country reaching far below our potential.

If Stephen Harper had the intestinal fortitude and courage of leadership to do what is right, he would not have met with the Governor General today (December 4, 2008) to suspend this Parliamentary session.


All Harper is doing is perpetuating a very bad situation that will not get better, even if the opposition falls apart this time.

Either Harper does what has to be done in terms of ending Quebec’s immense influence on all of Canada, or the West will do it for him.

We are at the crossroads of a new Canada – Or very close to it.

The big questions are these:

Will we sacrifice the West and finish-off Canada to continue our appeasement of Quebec? Or will we cut Quebec loose to keep Canada together?

No matter how long Harper wants to suspend Parliament to avoid the hard decision, he can’t put it off forever.

In Harper’s opening remarks coming out of his meeting with the Governor General, he spoke FIRST in French as he always does. WHY?

Why French FIRST when French outside of the nation of Quebec represents LESS than 3% of the TOTAL population?

Why did Harper then take his first question from the French media as he usually does since they represent a small fraction of Canada’s overall population?

In his own way, Stephen Harper is more of a problem for Canada than are the Separatist Bloc Quebecois. The Quebec Separatists can only do harm to themselves if we don’t let them do harm to the rest of Canada.

Harper on the other hand will do enormous damage to Canada because he doesn’t have the courage to do what must be done with Quebec.

This ‘crisis’ presents a simple choice: Quebec or Canada?

We are very near the end of the line. My next editorial will cover the salient points of an interview I gave to the Journal de Montreal yesterday (December 3, 2008) afternoon.

There is an associated ‘Radio Broadcast’ (approximately 14 minutes) with this editorial, which can be heard simply by clicking on the Radio Button located at the top right hand side of this page.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, well said. All of us, religious individuals can relate to what you are talking about, be you Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Shinto, Hindu so on and so forth. Most major religions, truly preach Peace, but, there does come a time, when being able to exercise your Rights for Freedom of Religion and Speech, that one must step up to the plate and be counted. This is the time, now. Freedoms are being attacked, at every chance, in the USA and Canada.

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