It’s All Stephen’s Fault

Harper, just like Mulroney, played with fire (Quebec), and now just like Mulroney, he too has been scorched with 3rd degree burns.

Had Stephen Harper paid as much attention to simply governing Canada, as he did to pandering to Quebec and the French language, we would not be in the mess we are in today.

Harper made his entire political focus on Quebec and winning French votes.

He led EVERY public speech in the French language, even when addressing a forum that included the Presidents of the United States of America and Mexico.

Harper shoveled countless BILLIONS of ANGLO Canadian tax dollars into the bottomless cesspool of Quebec politics. He made the Quebecois people a nation. He gave Quebec international status in the United Nations. And he allowed Quebec to develop its own independent immigration policy with France.

Had Stephen Harper focused his attention on real Conservative values opposed to inventing ways to placate an irrelevant province, he would have won far more respect and trust from the rest of Canada, specifically Ontario.

Had Harper used the enormous surpluses taken from English Canada to pay down our debt instead of buying-off Quebec, he would have won far more respect from people who actually care about Canada.

Harper, just like Mulroney, played with fire (Quebec), and now just like Mulroney, he has been scorched with 3rd degree burns.


For the pundits to blame Harper for this mess because he wanted to introduce legislation that would have ended the Political Party Free Ride in the name of voter subsidies is not only disingenuous, it is a big lie.

Stephane Dion, Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe had planned this outrage long before Harper let it be known that he intended to end Political Party Welfare.

So one way or another, they were going to take down the Conservatives.

The other pundit blame game includes Harper’s arrogance. They state, almost to a pundit how he asked for this by rubbing salt into the wounds of the opposition.


No Party was ever MORE ARROGANT and dismissive of the Opposition than were all the Liberal governments and their successive leaders. But that seems to have escaped the notice of the political writers and editorialists.

The media (pundits) are screwing-over Harper for this mess, not because he really did anything to cause it, but rather, because he treated the media in the same fashion he treated the Opposition.

And just like the Opposition, they can’t take it. The big difference though, is that the Opposition can do something about it, while the pundits can only stay on the sidelines taking their cheap shots.


I wrote in yesterday’s editorial (December 1, 2008) that I would welcome the Oppositions’ success in overthrowing Harper’s government to form their own Coalition.

I meant it then and I mean it now!

The ONLY way to end this drift of the SOMETHING-FOR NOTHING-BUNCH is to let the LEFT strut their stuff for all to see and experience.

The Coalition will not survive for long. But, if by some political miracle spun out of greed and individual hubris, it does survive for a while, it will do so much damage to the social and economic fabric of Canada that no Liberal or New Democrat will afterwards see the light of political day for a generation to come.

Whatever damage they can do can be fixed one way or another. However, those who will suffer the most from the damage they will inflict upon Canada will be the same SOMETHING-FOR NOTHING-BUNCH who put them in power.


Another silver lining in this very gray cloud is what will happen to Quebec as a result of this national insult to our country. The WEST will open their eyes to the FACT that their future and the future of the entire country we call Canada is in the hands of Quebec nationalists.

What will also not be missed by WESTERN Canadians will be the Governor General, who will make the decision to put this Coalition of IDIOTS in place, since she is a French Quebecer (Haitian by birth), who was proud of her French Passport, and is seen on video toasting Quebec nationalism with her Separatist husband and friends who will be the one to bring down the legitimate government of Canada.

By the time the dust settles, and the Bloc Quebecois gets its fangs even deeper into the flesh of English Canada, and the Coalition of Stephane Dion and Taliban Jack get done with domestic, foreign and financial policies, the person to replace Harper will win a majority outside of Quebec, the size of which could be historic.

This could also establish once and for all that Quebec and official bilingualism are both zero-sum gains for anyone who really wants to lead Canada.

With a little bit of luck, the less than loyal Opposition will not chicken-out, and will indeed follow through with their Putsch of Parliament. And in the aftermath, Canada will indeed have a chance to become the country it should have been long ago.

Here’s some advice to Prime Minister Stephen Harper:

Since he’s going to go down one way or another, don’t go down like a sobbing weenie. Present the Money Bill in the original form with the end of Political Welfare Subsidies and the Right NOT to strike for the Public Service.

Yesterday, I mentioned that Finance Minister Flaherty should consider taking a run at the leadership of the Conservative Party, which I think is a good idea. Another good idea might be former Ontario Premier Mike Harris.

Once we pass this gray cloud – The sun will shine again.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. On these special days the call to Jews to reflect upon his or her deeds, and ask forgiveness, pledge to be a better person and citizen is universal. The problem is we leave the holy place still Democrats,Republicans, Conservatives or wish-washy undecideds still retaining, along with our Chistian friends what mommy,daddy and granpa whispered into our little ears long ago. Those of us who have broken through these shackles are truly fortunate to face the New Year and give the rest of us hope.

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