A French Led Boycott Against English Stores

What happens to the enterprises who do not speak French to the investigators’ of the ACFO?

I will be speaking this Sunday (12:30pm November 30, 2008) at the Russell House in Russell Ontario, where I am suing the Township of Russell for their FORCED bilingual sign law that makes it ILLEGAL to put up an English ONLY sign.

I have been accused of being a racist, a bigot and a hate monger for fighting against this odious Township law that strips away yet another Freedom from the people.

Imagine, me being called all those things just for standing up for my Right to Freedom Of Expression that is guaranteed under Section 2b of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

The following is a letter I sent to all area newspapers concerning a new French Website headquartered in Cornwall that includes the Townships of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry.


It was announced in the Standard Freeholder (November 26, 2008) that a new Web Site to ‘promote’ the use of French has just been launched by the ACFO (canadienne-francaise de l’Ontario de Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry).

Carol Escobar, the project leader said that the ACFO would visit enterprises and speak to the clerks in the French language to see if they are spoken to in return in the French language.

Records will be kept of those who do. Will records be kept of those who do not? What happens to the enterprises who do not speak French to the investigators’ of the ACFO? Will their names be published on this new French Language Web Site?

If their names are published on the Web Site as not being able or willing to provide services in the French language, will the ACFO suggest that French speakers should bring their business elsewhere? If not, what other reason could the ACFO have for compiling this information?

If an organized group like the ACFO creates a do not shop list because of a lack of usage of the French language, is that not a boycott?

More to the point: If the ACFO publishes names of French compliant stores while purposefully excluding all others based ONLY on language, isn’t that the same thing as a boycott?

Why should we be surprised by the purpose of this Web Site, since the President of the ACFO-SDG is the same Jules Bourdon who didn’t invite me to the all-candidates French debate during the last federal election because he didn’t like my opinions?

Just prior to the passage of the FORCED bilingual sign law in the Township of Russell, I sent out a mailing that said: “A boycott of French owned businesses will be a tragedy for all concerned” if the Township passed this odious law.

I never suggested, planned or threatened to organize a boycott. The mailing was designed specifically to attract attention and bring a new dimension to the debate before the FORCED bilingual sign law was passed.

Yet, French language zealots tried to have me arrested by the OPP for promoting hatred. Quebec Separatist Gilles Rheaume made an official complaint against me to the Ontario Human Rights Commission, while others laid a formal charge against me at the Ontario Attorney General’s office.

But, here we have an organized French advocacy group (ACFO) that is supported with federal and provincial tax dollars (yours and mine) through Heritage Canada and the Ontario Trillium Foundation that is setting-up what can be nothing else but an anti-English boycott mechanism.

Should I call the cops?

Howard Galganov


PO Box 17

Williamstown, Ontario

K0C 2J0

613 347-7775

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