Yes We Can Galganov Style

There are very few people left who are willing and able to stand up against these outrages.

We stopped living in the real world the moment Hollywood had its first “Talking Film”. It became less real when we all believed that ‘Leave It To Beaver’ was the way the average American family really lived.

It became even less real with the advent of interactive computer ‘games’.

Movies like Al Gore’s Academy Award Winning “A Convenient Truth” was convincingly dishonest enough to have also won him a Nobel Peace Prize. But Yasser Arafat also won a Peace Prize. So what does it say for the Peace Prize and the Nobel Committee? It’s make-believe.

Teenage girls believe that sex is no big deal because their favorite performers sing about sex and dance onstage as if they’re having sex. And frankly, far too many ‘modern’ moms are not such good role models either.

Everyone portrayed on TV shows live carefree lives, as if nothing but they themselves matter. Seinfeld was the perfect example. No one really has to make a living. And everyone seems to have everything they want. And inevitably and mysteriously, it all works out well in the end.

And Reality Shows – They are anything but real.

These things would be bad if these were the things that ONLY some of our children were absorbed in. But it doesn’t begin and end with our children. It begins with us.

We the BOOMERS, children of the 50’s and 60s’ who have reached far beyond our grasp to capture and hold onto whatever we could touch and imagine, have raised a generation of NOTHINGS.

We, the children of the 50’s and 60’s are like no generation before us. And very likely, there will never be another generation like ours again. And because we’ve instilled a sense of entitlement into our children, that is almost guaranteed.

No generation before ours did as much as we did to change EVERYTHING. Because of our inexhaustible appetite to do everything and to succeed at everything we did, we actually did change the world.

But we didn’t teach our children to be like us. We were too selfish and self-absorbed chasing everything we could. We simply bought-off our children or pawned them off on someone else to raise for us.

And now, the children of our children are doing the same thing. The big difference is that our children are not us. They are not innovators and street fighters who will do whatever must be done to make this a better society. Or to simply hang on to what we already have.

The NOW generation of NOTHINGS expect the State to handle much of their lives with the least amount of complications. Our children are greedy, selfish, self-absorbed, whiners, quitters and ignorant.

They’d rather play on their computers, text message each other, watch TV and believe that make-believe is real, while the real world is make-believe.

The REAL tragedy for us, is that we are the people who have to depend upon the children we so poorly raised to take care of us in the very near future. Are we screwed or what?

Barack Obama was elected by our NOTHING generation on a platform of CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN, and YES WE CAN. He never said what kind of CHANGE or what it is that WE CAN.

But all I see from Obama, is the same old same old. His Cabinet is a 16-year throwback to Clinton’s Cabinet. Worse, he goes all the way back to the Carter Presidency with his appointment of 81 year old Paul Volker. And worse yet, he’s keeping-on Robert Gates, George W Bush’s Secretary of Defense.

Gates is NOT a bad choice. It’s simply a choice that flies in the face of everything OBAMA ran on.


Our NOTHING Leftist generation voted for this guy because they are so absorbed with the make-believe world, that they chose a make-believe President.

Obama is still making speeches and speaking as if he’s campaigning. But he isn’t making policy. He is going to be a MASSIVE failure because of our massive NOTHING generation who voted for him.

Obama, who has NO RECORD whatsoever of ever having to lead or manage anything, much less the world, is so lost and incapable, that he is surrounding himself with a committee opposed to advisors.

And we all know how well committees do.

We, the generation of the 50’s and 60’s are responsible for Barack Obama because of the way we let it all get away from us.

Because of the way we raised our children. Because of the way we allowed other people to raise our children. Because we reward mediocrity and punish excellence. Because we made Individual Rights ugly in support of Community Rights. Because we made Competition a dirty word.

We accept reverse discrimination as if it is something we should be proud of: The Black Music Awards. Black Miss America. We celebrate this crap instead of denigrating it as it should be. We accept Affirmative Action that discriminates against Whites as if it is somehow a good thing.

In Canada, we’ve passed legislation that makes the unrestricted use of the English language against the law, just to appease the unappeasable.

There are very few people left who are willing and able to stand up against these outrages. But worse than that: There are very few people in the NOTHING generation who are willing to listen or to even understand.

But it’s not too late. We can change our fortunes starting with the schools at every grade.

Parents should raise their own children. It should not now, nor ever be up to the State (daycare) to raise the children of our community. If you can’t afford to have children and raise them yourself, DON’T HAVE CHILDREN!

Teachers should be mandated to teach the THREE R’s, history, geography, the political process and fixed social studies. They should also lead their students in a declaration of patriotism to our flag every morning.

Our children should not be subjected to Liberal Leftist ideology in the schools at any age.

Children should be encouraged by all means to compete to win.

Children should understand that there is no reward for losing. And that there is no punishment for trying. That this is a real tough world where others will beat us up and eat our lunch if we let them.

Children should be FORCED to spend their time exercising instead of vegetating in front of a computer or television.

They should be made to provide some public service at all ages, doing things that can be as simple as cleaning up a park or playground. Or visiting old age homes. Or volunteering at an animal shelter.

As for our governments – it’s easy:

1 – Simplify and lower taxes.

2 – Stop handing out money to special interests.

3 – Get out of our private lives and off our properties.

4 – Stop regulating things that are not your business.

5 – Kill the Nanny State.

6 – Reduce the bureaucracy.

7 – Be accountable to the people.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Sounds good, wonder if Chuck Schumer, Henry Kissinger, Rahm Emanuel, George Soros. and many others of your faith share your feelings.

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