The Something For Nothing Bunch Will Die By Suicide

Barack Obama promised the sun, the moon and the stars for every vote he got. Now he’s got to deliver.

I couldn’t care in the least what the Unions or the Socialists want since none of them EVER pay the tab. A gentleman who writes to me quite frequently loves to use the term: Rightie always pays for Leftie.

Ain’t that the truth?

Unions are very much like a dinner companion who orders the best and most expensive dishes on the menu. And when he or she sees the waiter approaching with the dining bill, he or she all of a sudden realizes that he or she has forgotten his or her wallet.

Unions are the single biggest freeloaders in modern time. And if that isn’t bad enough, they also eclipse the art of the Mafia Style shakedown.

Unions are often violent bullies who use all means of extortion to get their way. They have their claws deeply embedded into government and Leftist social groups from the poverty industries all the way up to the top of the intellectual Ivory Towers.

What’s worse than that are the sweetheart deals Union ‘Dons’ make with Captains of Industry who do not have the guts to tell them where to get off, ESPECIALLY the Captains of the American Big Three Auto Industry.

The American Auto Industry is in the terrible predicament it is in today primarily because of Unions and very bad Industry management.

The ONLY salvation for the Big Three is to go bankrupt and become ‘born again’ without Union constraints and the half-assed executives who’ve steered the Industry in the miserable place where it is today.

When I read about the current labor costs of working and RETIRED autoworkers in Canada and the USA, my only thought is how the hell did the American Auto Industry survive for as long as it has?

To suggest that a bailout of any sort in Canada or the USA will fix the problem, ONLY serves to show how utterly out of touch governments are with the reality of the Free Market System and Basic Business Management 101.

If someone is hemorrhaging from an open wound, you would imagine the very first thing to do would be to close the wound, instead of just pumping in more blood to be bled out.

Sometimes it’s important to do both simultaneously. Pump in fresh blood while closing the wound. But that does not apply to what governments want done with the Big Three. They just want to keep pumping in fresh blood.

Bush and most Republicans won’t do it. They won’t just keep on pouring in tax dollars of the American people as long as the reasons for the corporate hemorrhage of the Big Three is not resolved. And if Washington won’t do it, neither will Ottawa.

But the Democrats will!

Socialist-minded Barack Obama who has no sense of business will pump in the tax dollars. He will continue to throw in cash without end.

How can he not, when he promised every last man, woman and child a free ride if he won the election?

But this is just the tip of the bailout iceberg.

Cities and States are already lining up for a piece of the pie. So are airlines, the housing industry and every other type of private and public enterprise that has a hand to extend for a taxpayer freebie.

Barack Obama promised the sun, the moon and the stars for every vote he got. Now he’s got to deliver.

What I see happening sooner rather than later is a blowback on Obama and the Democrats the likes of which none of us have ever seen before.

If you don’t make a promise – You don’t have to deliver. If you make a promise you better deliver or there will be disappointed people.

But, when you make a world of promises and you don’t deliver, there is a price to pay, especially when the promise is made to the something-for-nothing bunch who voted exclusively for the FREE-RIDE on the Obama Express.

The Unions and the something-for-nothing bunch can make all the demands they want to. But, like the dining freeloader I wrote about at the beginning of this editorial, he or she needs the person to dine with who has the cash and is willing to pick-up the tab.

In this case however, Obama wants to punish the people who always pick up the tab by making it harder for them to earn money, and keep more than just a little bit of what they earn.

Obama won his Presidency on the back of the entrepreneurs. So where does he think he will now get the money to bailout all the freeloaders?

Obama jokes about how there are very few “Joe The Plumbers” who make $250,000 per year. He’s wrong. There are many small plumbing, electrical and trade shops who do earn much more than $250,000, which employ a lot of “Joe The Plumbers”.

These are the folks who keep “Joe The Plumber” employed. Who don’t work under the table. Who play by the rules. Who pay their taxes and keep the system alive.

Theses are the people Obama has declared economic war upon.

It is the fruit of their hard work and risk that Obama wants to spread around. But here’s the news flash for Obama and his Leftist pals: Take away their reason to go into business and stay in business and the misery coming from the Big Three American Auto Manufacturers will look like a walk in the park in comparison.

When this happens, as it surely will – Goodbye Barack. Goodbye Pelosi. Goodbye Reid. Goodbye to all the Leftist something-for-nothing kiss-asses.

And if Barack Obama doesn’t give what he promised them during the election, the FREELOADERS will eat him up alive. Then the USA and the rest of the world will come back to their senses.

Until then, my greatest concern will be; what will be left to save after Obama, Pelosi and Reid are run out of Washington on the rail of their own making?

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Funny enough, those Obama went to apologize to and those he tries to appease (like the Saudis and the Egyptians) all look down on him, all think he is making a mess of things in the Middle East, all think he has no spine or worthy policies, all are no closer to harmony with the United States and all (contrary to Obama and Kerry) sided with Israel in this recent fight with Hamas.

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