God Damn America – Courtesy Of Reverend Wright

HL Mencken wrote: “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.”

HL Mencken wrote: “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.” He obviously foresaw the naiveté of the American electorate in 2008.

If Barack Obama keeps just a few of his more Leftist campaign promises, it will destroy the soul of America that has been the catalyst for the modern world.

If he comes to his senses and does not honor the promises he made to the something for nothing group, they will destroy America on the streets of the nation that gave them the Freedom to elect a Demagogue.

America has just elected their own enemy of Freedom, and the destroyer of the American entrepreneurial spirit.

When Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama’s Black Liberation Church Preacher of the last 20 years shouted-out GOD DAMN AMERICA in one of his taped sermons, God heard his plea and damned America with Barack Obama.

Since I am an Atheist, I don’t believe God cursed America, but I do believe that America has just been cursed.

Using the three words of Vice President Joe Biden – “MARK MY WORDS”:

MARK MY WORDS that it won’t be THREE months by the time he takes office before Obama has America up to its neck in a series of domestic and foreign disasters the likes of which the world has never seen from the USA.

MARK MY WORDS that it won’t be more than SIX months by the time he takes office before the 2 terms of George W Bush will be looked back upon as the good old days.

Barack Obama and his Leftist America Self-Haters will do the following:

Attempt to force unions upon just about every facet of working America.

Impose open union balloting, killing the secret vote that protects all people from intimidation.

Raise taxes on every middle income American family whose gross income will be around $100,000 or probably LESS.

Obama promised more than a TRILLION dollars in all manner of welfare and subsidy checks to people who pay no federal income tax. All of which he BETTER deliver if he doesn’t want a poverty riot on his hands.

Obama has promised to reduce college tuition. With whose money?

Obama’s Leftists will tax corporate and personal dividends and profits at substantially higher rates, as well as impose taxes on 401K’S.

There will be massive tax increases in all forms of energy with countervailing subsidies for people who won’t be able to afford to pay for home heating costs. Maybe.

If America thought for a second that they had seen the worst in energy costs, they better horde every ounce of fuel they presently have, because under the Obama Presidency, the worst will be yet to come.

Barack Obama will make it impossible for businesses to expand, and for entrepreneurs to take risks, both of which will kill job creation like it’s never been killed before.

Barack Obama will also sign into law the Media fairness Doctrine that will CENSOR Conservative voices on Radio and Television. In other words, they will attempt to silence criticism of the Left.

This isn’t idle speculation, since these are the things Obama and his Leftist pals have been promising for more than a year.

As for what will happen globally – I shudder to think.

What I have thought about at great length is the vulnerability of Israel with an Obama Presidency, since many if not most of his close friends are Israel-haters, with at least one (Rashid Khalidi), once being a prominent unrepentant member of Yasser Arafat’s TERRORIST PLO.

I will not be surprised if Obama IMPOSES his vision of a Peace Agreement on Israel, that will see Israel lose all of East Jerusalem, lose the so-called Jerusalem area Settlements that are entire communities housing a quarter of a million Jewish people. And see some form of the Right of Palestinian Return.

That doesn’t mean Israel will accept his terms. But it will mean that Obama’s White House will become an enemy and a threat to the safety and viability to the State of Israel.

I can see Obama’s State Department imposing freezes on American weaponry, military parts, and exchanges of critical Intelligence if Israel doesn’t acquiesce to the “Peace” demands of President Barack Obama.

Obama’s Presidency might very well be the GREEN LIGHT Israel’s Arab enemies have been waiting for to deliver what could be their hoped for final blow to the Jewish State.

And for some of the Canadian readers of Galganov.com who have been so critical of me spending so much time writing about this US election, here’s an acrobatic trick you might want to practice.

1 – Spread your legs at least 2 feet apart.

2 – Bend over forward holding onto your ankles.

3 – Reach as far under your legs as your head can possibly extend, and kiss your sorry ass goodbye.

One of the promises Obama will keep, will be to take apart NAFTA, which could leave hundreds of thousands of Canadian workers unemployed since the USA represents about 100% of Canada’s trade surplus.

This would be a terrific irony for Canada, since the vast majority of the West Coast and Central to Eastern Canada have a love-on for Barack.

They love the guy who’s got the knife to the throat of the Golden Goose that continuously lays Canada’s eggs of prosperity. No shock there.

Wright got his wish, and God has Damned America.

Now what?



Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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