November 4, 2008 America’s Modern Day Of Infamy

I am not looking forward to watching the swearing in of America’s greatest domestic enemy.

This is the big day (November 4, 2008), or perhaps better phrased, it will be the hour of reckoning when all the questions will be answered, and we will know what the future holds for the USA and the rest of the world.

As much as I would like to believe that John McCain has a chance to win, it is far more doubtful than not.

I might not be the best person to give election advice on how to win, since I can’t get myself elected to any political office if I was the only person running. But I do understand a thing or two about marketing.

The moment John McCain crapped on some of his more zealous supporters at the outset of the campaign for aggressively criticizing Obama; it was the beginning of the end for the people he needed most if he hoped to get the street-grinders to do what they do best.

McCain not only publicly distanced himself from their remarks, he went on to belittle and treat them the way he should have been treating Obama.

McCain never had to make anything up about Obama’s terrible associations with anti-White, anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, ANTI-AMERICAN and extreme Left of Center Demagogues.

They were all there for everyone to see. They are still there!

McCain didn’t have to stretch the truth even a little bit about Obama’s shady deals with a fraud artist like Egyptian born Tony Rezko who helped to financially launch Obama’s political career.

Even when Obama was laying all the financial mess at the feet of McCain, because of McCain’s Party association with President George W Bush, McCain NEVER once made it clear that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were both creations of the Democrats starting with Jimmy Carter.

McCain NEVER really pointed out that as far back as 1999, Republicans were warning Clinton about the financial disaster that was lurking not too far into the future because of the unregulated Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac.

Several years ago, McCain and other Republicans forced a vote to rein in Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac, only to have it voted down by all the Democrats INCLUDING Barack Obama.

Why didn’t McCain lay this financial debacle at the feet of Barack Obama, the way Obama (dishonestly) laid this disaster at the feet of the man who tried to keep the debacle from happening?

Why didn’t McCain continue to drive home the words of Michelle Obama who wants to be the FIRST LADY who said: “It was the first time in her adult life that she was proud to be an American” in reference to her husband winning the Democratic Primary?

Was there no reason for her to have ever been proud to be an American before that?

McCain could have made the argument that his beautiful wife Cindy who would make a fabulous First Lady has always been proud to be an American in good times and in bad times.

When Michelle Obama said that: “in the year 2008, America is a downright mean country”, why didn’t McCain keep on repeating her words? And what did the wife of the man who wants to be President mean by “in the year 2008, America is a downright mean country”?

Some of you will write to me and say this election has nothing whatsoever to do with Michelle Obama, AND YOU WILL BE WRONG! It has everything to do with the entire Obama package of lies, deceit and dirty tricks.

The first time McCain addressed a totally Black audience at the beginning of the campaign, he whispered into the microphone, ‘cutely’ pretending no one can hear him but the thousand or so people he was speaking to over the microphone, that Barack Obama is an incredible human being etc.

He didn’t have to do that. Why give any praise to the man you want to beat? Especially when this man will be toxic for the USA and the rest of the world if he wins?

At one of McCain’s rallies, someone yelled out that everyone should be scared if Obama should win. McCain’s response was to chastise the person who said this, and continued on to say that if Obama should win, there would be no reason to be frightened.

How much more wrong could have McCain been?

If Barack Obama wins the Presidency today, as I’m quite positive he will, it will be in spite of his zero record of achievement and his horrible record of associations.

It will be more about how John McCain lost it because he wouldn’t take off the gloves and fight as if it was a back-alley no-holds-barred street brawl.

As I say as often as the moment merits: Most of us get the government we deserve. But not all of us deserve the government we get.

This will surely be the case with the man and his wife, who together with their Leftist self-hating American supporters will stab a dagger into the heart of the American Dream.

I am not looking forward to watching the swearing in of America’s greatest domestic enemy.

But, maybe I’m wrong, and maybe there will be enough Americans who will be able to see beyond the smoke and mirrors of the Obama campaign and McCain will be the one to be sworn-in.

That’s a wish – But if wishes were horses beggars would ride.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. We have yet to see a leader in Canada or The U.S.A., who enunciates, in simple terms,
    the overall objective for the people that he or she leads.

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