Her Name Is Governor Palin

So what’s with this sexist elitist crap the media has with Governor Palin?

Why are they called Senators Obama, Biden and McCain, while she is called just Sarah, or just Sarah Palin?

Why isn’t she called Governor Palin or just Governor?

Not to refer to her by her proper title is not just insulting and demeaning, it is also horribly dishonest. Even past governors such as Huckabee and Romney are still referred to as Mr Governor when spoken to or introduced.

Rudy Giuliani is still called Mr Mayor. And he hasn’t been the Mayor of New York for almost 2 terms.

When the ‘BOYS’ speak and debate about their experience to run the USA, not one of them can hold an administrative candle next to Governor Palin, since not one of them has ever really administered anything.

When they speak about the ‘experience’ that gives them approbation to sit in the White House, what experience are they talking about?

Not one of them has any experience that qualifies them for the office of the President of the USA.

The ONLY person to have real Presidential experience is the person who has already been in that office.

So what does it really come down to in terms of choosing a US President?

It comes down to real experience, character and the ability to lead. McCain has two and a half out of three. Biden and Obama have zero out of three combined.

Governor Sarah Palin has a strong two out of three. As a matter of fact, based upon a REAL track record and experience, the Governor is far more qualified to be the President of the USA than Obama and Biden combined.

Just about the entire mainstream media, with the exclusion of FOX News has swamped the Governor’s home State of Alaska trying to find any dirt they could on her, and came away with nothing.

They delved into her personal and family life and once again came away with nothing.

But what none of them did was focus on her Gubernatorial style and success. They never asked why a rookie Governor in her second year of a four-year term has an approval rating of 85%.

They never asked how the Governor was able to balance the books, reduce taxes and return a substantial amount of money to her taxpayers. Or how she managed to clean up so much political corruption.

They never delved into the deal she brokered that made it possible for the oil and gas companies to pony-up $40 BILLION to create a gas pipeline that will feed the energy thirsty lower 48.


The media has had a field day with her $150,000 wardrobe. So what? What’s the big deal? I for one liked the way she looked. How much her Party spent to dress her up to make her look good is not an issue.

Maybe the media scrags are just jealous of her sensational good looks?

How many questions have ever been asked about Nancy Pelosi’s wardrobe? Or the wardrobe costs of Hillary Clinton to hide her big ass?

But why stop there?

Obama’s clothes don’t look like they’ve come off the racks of Wal-Mart. And neither do the clothes of Biden or McCain.

So what’s with this sexist elitist crap the media has with Governor Palin?

Governor Sarah Palin is the ONLY bright spot in this entire campaign, especially if you’re a Republican.

In Governor Sarah Palin there really is a breath of fresh air. Here is a person who is absolutely capable of doing anything the BIG BOYS can do and more, since not one of them has ever had to do what she’s done as an Executive Administrator.

And now that she has the taste for Presidential Politics, and has shown that she can stand-up to the very worst a horribly biased, unfair and vicious press can throw at her, she has been fully vetted for 2012.

If Senator McCain wins and Governor Palin becomes the country’s first woman Vice President, she will shine, and eventually she will be catapulted to the Oval Office.

But, if Obama wins, as is more likely than not, in four years time, the people of America will be begging for Governor Sarah Palin to undo the mess Obama will make of the world’s greatest country.

Her name is Governor Palin. In four years time it very well might be President Palin.

I don’t support many of her social issues, which include her anti CHOICE and anti-GAY rights policies, but I can live with them knowing that the majority of the people of the USA will never step back to the way it used to be.

As for her other policies on the economy, world affairs, a clean lean government and the RIGHTS of the INDIVIDUAL, Governor Palin would look real good behind that big desk in the Oval Office.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Shana Tova Howard to you and yours, for health, happiness and prosperity. And may Eretz Israel be blessed with peace, prosperity and always be a safe haven for Jews and any person who wants to reside there. As always, keep up the good work. A strong voice for what is right and to expose what is wrong is always needed.

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