After The Drunken Obama Party

The economy is NOT grown from the bottom up.

Have you ever gone to a party where you drank so much that in the morning you woke up and found yourself in someone else’s bed with someone else’s wife or husband, and there’s a used condom at the foot of the bed?

And the only thing you could possibly say was: What the F–K did I do?

I’m not speaking of any personal experience. But, just like you, who might also have no such personal experience, I’m certain you can imagine the feeling.

If you’re a thinking American, who has a reasonable grasp of economic and social reality, but for some unfathomable reason decided to vote for the great orator Barack Obama, this is how you will find yourself the day after.

I’m gong to make this real easy from personal experience:

Without any business or management experience, I incorporated my first business, an electronic communications company when I was 25 years old.

Anne and I got married when I was 23 and she was 22. Neither of us had it easy growing up, but neither of us felt sorry for ourselves. We both understood from the very start that there are no free rides in life, and we expected none.

By the time I was 27 (1977), I had lost a great deal of money, and saw my company go into bankruptcy. Anne worked as a head teller for the Bank of Commerce, which kept us barely going on her very small salary.

And even though we were really down, we never counted ourselves out, and had no expectation whatsoever of being bailed out by anyone; especially the government.

As time progressed and we got ourselves back on course, I worked for the Sunday Express Newspaper in Montreal selling ads. But I also wrote product editorials and established my very own American section in the paper.

By 1979, I began the process of giving-up this well-paying job, and incorporated the advertising agency which I sold to Anne for a dollar about a dozen years ago.

In 1989, Canada fell upon seriously hard times, which was a huge problem for our clients who were struggling just to stay alive. Their cash crunch became our cash crunch simply because they could no longer afford to advertise.

As things became tougher, Anne and I found ourselves facing the most difficult choices we had ever had to make. What do we do with our staff who were dependent upon us for their livelihood?

How can we layoff people who need their paychecks to pay their rent, car loans, and to put food on their tables?

We hung in there. We didn’t let anyone go. We spent our company’s money to keep them salaried. When the company money ran out, we spent our personal money to keep them salaried. And when we no longer had any personal money left, over time we borrowed a little more than $80,000 on our credit cards just so we wouldn’t have to tell our employees that they were unemployed.

Then, on one Friday, my sales rep who worked on a draw against commissions came looking for a larger draw. I told him not now. First we’ve got to get more business into the company. But he didn’t care.

What he didn’t know, was that a few hours previously, Anne and I went to the bank to withdraw funds from the cash machine to make the payroll, so he and our other employees would have a paycheck to take home at the end of the day.

But our credit card was rejected. So we took a cash advance on the last working credit card we had.

He looked at me and said: “How do you think I feel working my ass-off to feed your horses?” With that; and this is no word of a lie, Anne physically pushed him out the door of my office where he was standing, and told him to get his sorry-ass off our property.

The reality is that this sales guy wasn’t very good at what he did, and never really earned his keep. But he was just sort of good enough to keep around. Our other employees weren’t all that good either.

Our artists had real talent, but unfortunately, they spent much of it using our expensive supplies to do work under the table for their own freelance jobs, while we paid their salaries.

Anne and I closed the office early that day and went home buried under a cloud of extraordinary worry. We spent the weekend wondering what we should do until we both came to the conclusion that we were out of choices.

On Monday, we called a meeting of all our staff and announced that as of now, everyone was laid-off. And with the last money we had, we paid their severances, and continued to manage our company as we did from day one – just the two of us.

It took several years and a lot of pain until we made it back again.

But this time, we are that much smarter and that much harder. We will never again jeopardize what we have because we don’t have the stomach to do what has to be done.

I’m telling you this story so you will understand what the future holds for people who think the economy is grown from the bottom up as Barack Obama says it is. IT IS NOT!

Or to the people who think those who work for companies, are just as important as the companies they work for, or that a job and salary are a right rather than an earned privilege.

No one can make me own a company, manage a company, or maintain a staff. NO ONE! So, if I find myself in a situation where I’m working to change four quarters for a dollar, or simply to keep my staff employed, I will not do it.

I will employ less people – And if necessary no people.

Anne employs several personal assistants throughout the year. I employ full-time part-time stable help year round. And in the summer, on average, I employ 4 people to work on the Equestrian Center.

These are jobs that have NOT been created at the bottom. Anne and I created them at the top. These are not people who have employed us to be there bosses. These are people we’ve employed to be our staff.

And for our advertising business, all the jobs we used to pay for are now subcontracted to people who get paid only for the work they do.

When Barack Obama and his Leftist supporters begin to make life difficult for employers and job creators, as I’m certain he and they will do, employers will do what Anne and I did when we let our sales guy and the rest of our staff go.

Take my word for it. This is what the future will hold for workers in the USA because of all the people who are having a drunken political bender drinking up an excess of Barack Obama.

When they wake up and see what they’ve done, they too will say: WHAT THE F—K DID I DO?

A SIMPLE FACT: Virtually every new job in North America is created by a small business. Small businesses cannot afford Barack Obama.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. BRAVO, Howard, you truly outdid yourself today. Just one other comment: Obama is much more than a Muslim sympathizer, he still IS a Muslim himself, schooled in the madrasses of Indonesia through his stepfather Soetoro. Remember that extraordinary picture of him bowing at right angle to the King of Saudi Arabia. He pretended having become a Christian, by attending for over twenty years the blasphemous anti-American sermons of Wright…
    Shana Tova to you and Anne.

    Louise Zizka, Vancouver, BC

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