The Most Important Election In My Lifetime

Here is the bottom line with Obama. If he wins, it will be for several unbelievable reasons.

We’re less than two weeks away from the most important election of my lifetime. And depending upon your age, probably your lifetime too.

On November 4, 2008 the American people will be voting for the President of the World. I know, many of you who are reading this, especially amongst the Left in Canada are rolling your eyes.

So what? If you don’t understand how important this ‘American’ political decision is going to be for the entire planet, you should go back to sleep, or continue watching mindless reality TV that has no bearing on reality.

Or – you can continue to read Left Wing Blogs, Left Wing Newspapers and Magazines, or watch Left Wing Television News Programs in the names of CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS and CBC.

Or – you can listen intently to every spoken word of some Leftist Performer (Actor, Singer, Producer and Writer) who can pull himself or herself away from his or her latest indulgence just long enough to make some earth shattering proclamation that everyone should take to heart.

In the last of six election debates that I participated in, the candidate for the NDP (socialist who received twice as many votes as I did), Darlene Jalbert opined at how happy she was that Barack Obama was probably going to be the President of the USA.

If Jalbert, the NDP Socialist paid any attention whatsoever to the things Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House) and Harry Reid (Majority Leader in the Senate) are saying, she would cringe at the prospect that Obama might become the next President of the USA.

His publicly stated policy is simple: If he becomes the President of the USA, he will cancel NAFTA which gives Canada open access to a market that is more than 10 times our size and represents almost 100% of our entire trade surplus.

Obama, Pelosi and Reid are not FREE-TRADERS. What they are, are protectionists who want to construct a Trade-Wall around the USA.

A Socialist like Jalbert who hopes for an Obama victory shows how incredibly naïve she is at best, or politically stupid at worst. In her case, I suspect both. And that’s the problem.

The people who are supporting Obama are very much like Jalbert. They are not paying attention.

These are the something for nothing bunch or the wealthy loony-Left who love his great fiery speeches that say nothing, and the Robin Hood promises of taking from the rich to give to the poor.

They wildly applaud Obama’s stand on the environment and his absolute resistance to drill for oil and build new nuclear energy plants as if they don’t drive cars and have any need for electricity.

The Hollywood and media crusaders who’ve made their excessive wealth by acting, directing and producing, adore this man because in him they see their own perceived keen sense of social fair play.

The reality is that these phonies spend more in a day on personal indulgences than most families earn in a year. So much for fair play.

In Obama’s own way, he is no less a wealthy actor and performer than any of them. And like most of them, he has done nothing in his life that is in any way exceptional other than how he has promoted himself.

If Obama was a white man in a centrist society where color would have no political effect, he would never have made it into the Democratic Party Primary let alone win it.

Being a sensational Black orator amongst White Leftist Americans has become his number-one stock in trade.

Being Black has become such a positive issue for Obama in this campaign, that anyone who will speak out against him is called a racist, even though Obama spent two decades in a Black Liberation Church that has a known visceral hatred towards America, Whites and Jews.

Here is the bottom line with Obama. If he wins, it will be for several unbelievable reasons.

1 – He’s Black.

2 – People are not listening to what he’s ‘not’ saying.

3 – No candidate has ever received such pro bias Press.

4 – All of his unsavory relationships are meaningless to his supporters.

5 – There has been massive pro Democratic voter fraud.

6 – And people who have no idea what they will be voting for are going to be voting in record numbers for nothing more than a smoke and mirrors candidate.

If Barack Obama wins, and if the Democrats increase their numbers in the House and in the Senate to be filibuster proof, the world will be in for the greatest shock since the rise of Communism and the beginning of the Second World War.

Barack Obama isn’t just another politician who wants to reach beyond his grasp. He is an extreme Socialist who wants to bring America to the Leninist philosophy of Supply Management, Redistribution of Wealth, and Government Control.

If Obama wins there will be nowhere to hide. And the World will not be a better place for it. He in fact will make the Carter Presidency look not half as bad as it actually was.

I wish I had a vote.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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