Time Is Not On The Side Of Ethnocentric French Language Nationalism

How many nations does one country need?

A French Community newspaper (La Vision) in the “Franco Ontario Triangle” that includes the Townships of Russell, Clarence Rockland, La Nation, Casselman, North Glengarry, Alfred-Plantagenet, Champlain, East Hawkesbury and Hawkesbury has quoted Ontario Provincial Member of Parliament Jean-Marc Lalonde that Franco-Ontarians constitute a “nation” that deserves official recognition.

How many nations does one country need?

Even though Quebec wants nothing whatsoever to do with the rest of Canada other than the enjoyment of having a free ride, the rest of the country nonetheless panders to Quebec, to the point that national elections are won or lost depending almost exclusively upon how the ethnocentric society of Quebec decides to vote.

What is most curious about Quebec is that it is in most ways a failed province. Yet this failed province is the tail that wags the Canadian dog.

Without charity from the rest of Canada through grants, gifts, federally forced relocations of industries, interest free loans for Quebec industries and the all-mysterious transfer payments which steals from rich provinces (historically Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia), Quebec would be a third world society.

Somehow though, we Canadians throughout the rest of the country have accepted the canard that Quebec is vital to the future wellbeing of Canada, while in absolute fact, NOTHING can be further from the truth.

We have also bought the gargantuan lie that Canada is somehow a bilingual country, when every report including the last Stats Canada demographic census and national profile shows that bilingualism in the rest of Canada has actually declined by a percentage point since the last general census, and in Quebec amongst French speakers, bilingualism is in freefall.

Yet, contrary to all evidence, our politicians still push this incredible lie concerning bilingualism within Canada, to the point where English speaking Canadians CANNOT hope for a decent job in their own civil service they in fact pay for.

What is most galling to me, is the shame-factor forced upon English speaking Canadians who are not bilingual, as if an English speaking Canadian is somehow less Canadian and less of a person if he or she cannot speak French.


Most of the world does not speak French. And of the countries, which consider themselves to be French speaking, there is not one amongst them with the exception of France that is a country any of us would want to live in. And even France is a country I wouldn’t trade for either Canada or the USA.

The word FAILED – best describes most facets of any of these French-speaking countries.

At this past weekend session of the Francophonie in Quebec City where France’s President Sarkozy visited just long enough to say that he was there, their most serious concern wasn’t their collective financial demise, but rather the demise of the French language, not just on a global scale, but within their own societies.

It seems to me, that we in Canada have become so conditioned to believing the lie about the French language and bilingualism within Canada, that anyone such as myself who says the Emperor Has No Clothes is called a racist, bigot and anti-French.

BUT I DON’T CARE! In spite of whatever they call me, the truth is what it is.

What I do care about is ending the lie.

I care about stopping French Affirmative Action that discriminates against Canada’s English language speakers, to the point where English speakers are denied the RIGHT to work and progress in their own country.

There is just one solution to this mess: SHOW QUEBEC THE DOOR.

Canada will be a far better country without having to pander to a racist province that has been an anchor around the neck of a country that should have been the most incredible country of the 20th century.

Once Quebec is gone from Confederation, we should declare English to be the ONLY official language of Canada without discriminating against any other linguistic group, and get on with building one nation for all people.

But, as long as Quebec is part and parcel of Canada, we will continue to be dragged down by Official Bilingualism that discriminates against 97% (excluding the nation of Quebec) of Canada’s population.

As long as Quebec is part of Canada we will continue to bear witness to Franco Ontarian Flags that define a tribe rather than a country, and by French language institutions in Ontario that exclude the English speakers who actually pay for them.


For Canada to succeed, Quebec has got to go. For Quebec to go, Canada has to wake up. The alarm clock is beginning to ring.

On Saturday, October 26, 2008, I will be in Shelburne (Northern Ontario) at the Ontario Land Owners Association meeting where I will have the opportunity to speak about the cost of Quebec and Official Bilingualism to the country as a whole.

People from coast to coast are beginning to ask questions that have never been asked before. And they want answers.

I’ve always stated clearly to the French Media, that the moment English speakers from across Canada begin not caring about what Quebec wants or what Quebec has to say, it will be the beginning of the end of French language nationalism and Quebec’s future within Canada.

Listen carefully and you can hear the faint ringing of the bell.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard: As usual, this is a great editorial.

    “THE RATS ARE DESERTING THE SHIP”———-This comment says it all! Let’s hope that people vote conservatively in November because the Liberals have lead us into DISASTER. Of course, there will be many FRAUDULENT votes, but we hope that the LEGITIMATE votes will supersede them.

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